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officiallysad  asked:

What's you favourite thing about playing your character?

My favorite thing are the scenes where Lito gets to play the actor for the sensate and he gets to overact but people believe in him.


I like that Amanita is a free-spirited, new age, urban hippie who celebrates all love, life and flesh. She’s totally open and it’s refreshing to portray someone like that.


magnetosturtlenecks  asked:

If you were actually telepathically connected IRL, which of your skills would come in handy for helping each other out in a pinch?

My makeup skills come in handy all the damn time - Jamie

I would like to be connected with Meryl Streep so that I can perform like she does – always effortless - Miguel

I can write with both hands, so if they break one, they’ve got mine - Freema

Day 17 (04.05.17)

I have brought all of my sweet chlorophyll children outdoors so that they can bask in some long-awaited natural light and warmth. I shaped and put up a basic wire cage around them, but I have yet to nail it in place and add a removable top. I hope this will protect them from anything that might want to nibble on them…it will also be a good structure to drape cloth over in case there are any unusually chilly nights (which there are supposed to be this weekend here in PA). I hope to re-pot my spider plant in a hanging planter as it gets bigger! I cleaned up fallen/dried leaves with my tweezers today too. The contact lens solution bottle between the beaver tail cacti is there to keep them from leaning inward too much (they keep trying to hug each other).

bosswooper  asked:

Hey, it's me with the Mimikyu (Migu) again. Things have been getting MUCH better, and I'm planning to build a semi-competitive team and start travelling with Migu. However, someone told me Mimikyu don't get along with the pikachu line, and it got me wondering if there's certain pokémon I should avoid having on the same team. I'd like for Migu to be the "alpha pokémon" of the team, but is that a bad idea? I really hope you can help me!

The “alpha Pokémon” concept is mostly a myth caused by faulty studies. True, every team will have individual Pokémon that are more dominant than others. However, if Pokémon A is dominant to Pokémon B and Pokémon B is dominant to Pokémon C, Pokémon A will not necessarily be dominant to Pokémon C. Much like humans, relationships are a little more complicated than labels.

That said, it’s a good idea to make sure your team is not going to gang up on one Pokémon or vice-versa. While Mimikyu are notorious for not cooperating with the Pikachu line, other rivalries, such as the Arcanine/Mankey, Zangoose/Seviper, and Corsula/Mareanie exist. When you start looking at building your team, just do your research. Along with dietary, exercise, and social needs, most resources will list Pokémon that may clash with your potential teammates.

anonymous asked:

Can you link me to any of Tao's new shows eng sub? (:

**UPDATED 3/27/17

Here are the shows/interviews that have been eng subbed:

170327 Super Boy 2017 Promo Trailer

170323 ZTAO x New Balance 247 CF

170321 MangoTV Super Boy 2017 Interview

170323 Super Boy 2017 Press Interview

170323 Super Boy 2017 Press Conference CUT

170309 ZTAO x New Balance 247 Livestream FULL

170224 ZTAO Instagram Livestream

170223 Super Famous Club Interview

170214 ZTAO’s Valentines Day Message

170207 Valentines Day Q&A

170207 The Game Changer NG

170203 YOHO!Girl Q&A

170120 HZT App Video Chat

170119 Takes a Real Man Ep14 FULL

170116 Weibo Night 2016 BTS Interview

170116 Weibo Night 2016 ZTAO CUT + Interview + Underground King Perf.

170113 Takes a Real Man Ep13 FULL

170112 The Amazing Idol Interview

170107 The Game Changer Trailer - Fangie Edition

170106 Takes a Real Man Ep 12 FULL

161230 Takes a Real Man Ep11 FULL

161229 NTES RRT Interview

161228 Tencent RRT Interview

161227 iQIYI RRT Interview

161224 Happy Camp RRT Cast FULL

161223 Sina RRT Interview

161223 Takes a Real Man Ep10 FULL

161218 The Game Changer New Trailer

161218 People (in) News Interview

161216 Takes a Real Man Ep9 FULL

161211 Railroad Tigers New Trailer

161210 Tencent Star Awards + Perf.

161209 Takes a Real Man Ep8 FULL

161208 The Game Changer Press Conference

161208 Railroad Tigers Press Conference

161208 Railroad Tigers Theme Song

161202 Takes a Real Man Ep7 FULL

161126 Baidu Fan Appreciation Event

161125 Takes a Real Man Ep6 FULL

161121 Yizhibo ZTAO Haunted House Livestream Pt2

161121 Yizhibo ZTAO Haunted House Livestream Pt1

161118 Takes a Real Man Ep5 FULL

161117 Takes a Real Man - Communication Training BTS

161117 Takes a Real Man - Honor Guard BTS

161116 A Chinese Odyssey Trailer

161116 LeTV A Chinese Odyssey Interview

161114 A Chinese Odyssey - Documentary

161111 Takes a Real Man Ep4 FULL

161105 Happy Camp Takes a Real Man Cast FULL

161104 Takes a Real Man Ep3 FULL

161028 Takes a Real Man - ZTAO BTS

161028 Takes a Real Man Ep2 FULL

161025 Railroad Tigers Press Conference

161021 Takes a Real Man Ep1 FULL

160925 Kevin Hours Interview Pt2

160924 Kevin Hours Interview Pt1

160904 BAAZAR Charity Livestream

160825 Happy Camp “Secret Garden” CUT

160825 Rules of Our Own (LOTJ) Ep12 FULL

160822 “The Road” Documentary

160820 Rules of Our Own (LOTJ) Ep11 FULL

160820 快乐大本营 Happy Camp Pt2 CUT + Black White (AB) Perf.

160813 快乐大本营 Happy Camp CUT

160813 Rules of Our Own (LOTJ) Ep10 FULL

160806 Rules of Our Own (LOTJ) Ep9 FULL

160730 Rules of Our Own (LOTJ) Ep8 FULL

160727 “Talking to Hollywood” Interview

160723 Yaya Concert (Ment + All Perfomances) CUT

160723 Rules of Our Own (LOTJ) Ep7 FULL

160716 People (in) News Interview

160716 Rules of Our Own (LOTJ) Ep6 FULL

160709 Rules of Our Own (LOTJ) Ep5 FULL

160702 Rules of Our Own (LOTJ) Ep4 BTS

160702 Rules of Our Own (LOTJ) Ep4 FULL

160701 Gogoboi Interview

160630 The Game Changer Livestream

160625 Rules of Our Own (LOTJ) Ep3 FULL

160618 Rules of Our Own (LOTJ) Ep2 FULL

160618 Sohu Q&A @ MFW

160618 Grazia Livestream @ MFW

160618 GQ Interview @ MFW

160618 Haibao Interview @ MFW

160617 Edge of Innocence - Taking Risks Special

160612 Rules of Our Own (LOTJ) Ep1 FULL

160612 Edge of Innocence Roadshow - ‘Diary of Growing Up’

160611 Rules of Our Own (LOTJ) ZTAO Prologue

160608 Rules of Our Own (LOTJ) Promo Trailer

160607 Edge of Innocence Trailer #2

160607 Railroad Tigers Trailer

160601 Rainbow Music Interview

160520 Rules of Our Own - Love Special

160518 Edge of Innocence - First Love Special

160510 Sina Interview

160509 Edge of Innocence Trailer

160501 The Road Concert in Nanjing FULL

160428 Edge of Innocence - Special Birthday video for ZTAO

160330 Yesterday Concert VCR

160213 Charming Daddy Ep 12 CUT

160206 Charming Daddy Ep 11 CUT

160203 Charming Daddy Ep 10 CUT

160130 Charming Daddy Ep 9 CUT

160123 Charming Daddy Ep 8 BTS CUT

160123 Charming Daddy Ep 8 CUT

160116 Charming Daddy Ep 7 CUT

160109 Charming Daddy Ep 6 CUT

160102 Charming Daddy Ep 5 CUT

151219 Charming Daddy Ep 4 CUT

151212 Charming Daddy Ep 3 CUT

151205 Charming Daddy Ep 2 CUT

151130 Charming Daddy Ep 1 BTS CUT

151128 Charming Daddy Ep 1 CUT

151107 People (in) News Interview

151106 Toggle SG Interview

151105 iQIYI Fashion interview at Ports Shanghai

151029 ‘I Am Sovereign’ Press Conference

151024 “I am gamer” 我是玩家 Interview

151010 Muse Dress CUT

151009 KUWO Interview

150922 iFeng interview @ LFW

150918 Real Hero Ep 4 CUT

150911 Real Hero Ep 3 CUT

150906 Netease Interview

150906 Challenge Impossible CUT

150824 See You Monday

150811 & 150821 Real Hero Ep 1 & 2 CUT

150820 Kugou Music Interview

150814 Day Day Up CUT

150812 Sohu Interview

150810 Sina Interview

150809 Challenge Impossible CUT

150725 New Generation Sound of China CUT

- - -

Here are the shows/interviews/appearances/MV that are not subbed:

170326 ZTAO Singing & Playing Guitar

170122 The Game Changer Press Conference

170107 RRT BTS - Dahai Edition

161209 CF Anniversary Celebration Event

161122 Adore - Concert Edition

160718 Black White (AB) MV

160714 Rules of Our Own (LOTJ) Ep 6 Preview - ZTAO’s injury

160615 I-SIFF Gala Night, EOI ‘19′ Performance

160616 The Game Changer Trailer

160604 AHTV Super Show FULL

160512 十九岁 (19)

160508 Hello Hello ft. Whiz Khalifa

160505 Underground King (Official Audio)

160504 Rules of Our Own (LOTJ)(Premiere + After Party BTS)

160428 The Road MV

160221 M.O.M Performance CCTV1

160104 Grazia Promo Video

151207 Grazia Photoshoot BTS

151205 Migu Music Awards (Perf. + Award + Interview)

151127 Charming Daddy MV

151116 I am Sovereign MV

151023 Reluctantly MV

150928 Hunan TV Mid Autumn Festival Interview

150910 Crown MV

150904 The First Lesson CUT

150823 ZTAO Mini Concert in Beijing FULL

150822 Who’s the Singer FULL

150821 Tencent Interview

150723 T.A.O MV

- - -

The Real Hero Ep’s below are FULL/RAW, SUBBED is only Tao’s CUT:

150811 Real Hero Ep 1

150821 Real Hero Ep 2

150911 Real Hero Ep 3

150918 Real Hero Ep 4

- - -

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ZTAO Official YouTube Channel

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BaiduPreciousZTaoBar Channel 1 百度黄子韬吧

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bosswooper  asked:

I just wanted to update you on the mimikyu situation; I've acted more willful and "dominant" in the house, and while it upset him at first, it's really starting to pay off! In addition, I've reserved a corner of the house specifically for Migu (the mimikyu), and respect it as his property; I don't take anything from it without asking, and strangers are not allowed to go in there without Migu's permission. He's still a handful, but it's really looking up! Thank you so much for your help!

I’m glad you and Migu where able to find a solution!

Truth be told, I was afraid I was too harsh with my reply. I really love it when people can get along with their little monsters. But to do so, as you have seen, takes a lot of time, research, and a willingness to change. I love the private corner solution. I may try that with a future…endeavour of mine. If things with the breeders work out.