by migu

bosswooper  asked:

I just wanted to update you on the mimikyu situation; I've acted more willful and "dominant" in the house, and while it upset him at first, it's really starting to pay off! In addition, I've reserved a corner of the house specifically for Migu (the mimikyu), and respect it as his property; I don't take anything from it without asking, and strangers are not allowed to go in there without Migu's permission. He's still a handful, but it's really looking up! Thank you so much for your help!

I’m glad you and Migu where able to find a solution!

Truth be told, I was afraid I was too harsh with my reply. I really love it when people can get along with their little monsters. But to do so, as you have seen, takes a lot of time, research, and a willingness to change. I love the private corner solution. I may try that with a future…endeavour of mine. If things with the breeders work out.

Day 5 (03.24.17)

Doing very late night laundry after opening a box of older clothes I put into storage.

In my house in Zimbabwe, my closet had slatted folding doors (painted white), and I was able to fit myself inside of my closet and slide it closed even into high school, and once I was curled up under the hanging clothes, the light outside would be visible only in narrow horizontal lines. Sometimes, going in, I would slide my face between my shirts and imagine coming out on the other side like in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It was nice and quiet in there, and the floor was always nice and cool, and it smelled lightly like dryer sheets. Going in there wasn’t really an escape from anything, but it was always very refreshing and calming for me.