by meow


I’m headed to the UK today guys! So in honor of that, here’s a USA rave kitty just trying to have a good time but maybe feeling a little overwhelmed. We’ve all been there right?

Any suggestions for places to check out in London? I’ll take em! Slide into the DMS! <3

Totem Tuesday

Nocturnal Wonderland, 2017

[Sorry I left for a few days without really saying anything! My motivation, especially for Morgana, hit rock bottom for a while there and a couple of things IRL weren’t really helping matters. I’m trying to work myself back up to writing again, so I’ll probably attempt some drafts tonight. I’m sorry everything’s going to be so late back to people!]

After giving it like… a ton of thought, I’ve decided on the neutrois label for my gender!! Its the closest thing to my gender that I could find that made sense to me. Plus neutrois was coined in 1995 which is my birth year so heck yeah x)