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The SpikedTaffy kids meet the SugarMelon kids! :D

Ah, we’ve been waiting for these little ones to meet each other for so long. :D (All the children are aged 5 in here, but keep in mind that the SpikedTaffy trio are a few months older.) Lizzie, Key and CD consider Sugar and Melon their honorary uncles, while Cotton, Berry and Fika feel likewise towards Taffy and Spikey. 

Sugartale © @sugartalesans
Fruittale © @missladytale 

Friendships and other stuff below (it’s a lot, so careful):

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One does not even need to stan Kim Seokjin to realize how undeniably beautiful he is. I mean,





G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. (๑♡⌓♡๑)

Congrats, I guess, to BTS and their Melon roof hits for “Blood Sweat Tears”, but I really, really wish the fandom did not use “#downwithballads” as their hashtags because as someone who loves ballads, it saddens me that many people think ballads are boring/not worthy to listen to and that many ARMYs don’t acknowledge Park Hyo Shin as one of Korea’s top male singers (and it’s clear they were making a jab at him with that hashtag because Park Hyo Shin was no. 1 on MelOn before BTS dropped their comeback album, and everyone knows that PHS mainly sings ballads).


Sorry I worked less in this one, I have a terrible backache and I wanted to finish this as soon as posible D;

Featuring candys: Luna (@mclovelies) Delasa (@candydelasia) River (@le-candy) Ruby (@itsonlyruby) and Leo (@mcl-rando)

Hope you like this girls!!


It might interest you to know that CW23, formally KTMA, has put some of the old stuff up online–specifically, two 1980s Kevin Murphy projects, news-spoof 15 Minutes and the New Years’ Melon Drops, both of which he starred in as Bob Bagadonuts.

15 Minutes: Episode 1:  Martians

15 Minutes: Episode 2:  The Wall - Rudehaven - Airport Noise

Melon Drop 1987

Melon Drop 1988

Melon Drop 1989

Melon Drop 2015 (whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

Меня часто спрашивают, как я так рисую, просят научить рисовать. В ответ на все эти просьбы и запилила вот такой вот простой и понятный туториал для всех начинающих и не очень

Надеюсь, вы оцените. Не забывайте ставить лайки, рассказывать друзьям, подписываться на мой канал!