by megan

So yeah, I was bored as all hell so why not make shitty fan art, and since Megane is art goals, why not draw Megane?

I’m just a smol 11 year old which explains why the picture looks like crap, and I spent like a whole hour trying to get the hair correct… i just stared at it for a whole hour.

luv from the Philippines, bro!

WTF?! YER 11??? JFC DUDE!! when i was 11 i couldn’t draw nothin’ but crash badicoot :’‘‘‘‘D what the fuck is wrong with me..

anyways you did a great job on this bro! thank you and keep up the good work!

“Highlight Megan Rapinoe”

I was gonna try to post something else, I have plenty of pieces on the burner that I want to share, but this moment was far too good to not earn my immediate attention.

This card style is brand new for the new season, and they’re called “Highlights” and they do what it says on the box: Celebrate special events or moments in recent matches. With that said, I give you:

Highlight Megan Rapinoe

I literally freaked the fuck out when she scored. My favorite player, back from injury in a massive way while I’m at home injured, myself. It was a dream come true, honestly, and I had to hop into the lab as quickly as I could to commemorate the moment. That description was hard to word cause, “First match back from long-term injury… but also, like, she was in the Olympics and stuff, but that doesn’t really count in context, so for all intents and purposes, I consider this her first match back, don’t question me” wasn’t exactly working at peak conciseness. I fell in love with these cards as soon as they came out, and I think having the right picture come up immediately and having all of the elements and resources work exactly as I wanted them, is nothing short of serendipitous.

There ya have it! Per usual, I hope you like the work. If you care to let me know, I’d love to hear from you. If you have any requests for any team, player or card style, I’d love to hear from you too (The requests I have gotten are almost complete, just require a bit of tweaking after a long absence). As always, thank you for stopping by if you do, and keep doing what you love!