by megan

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my friend was going to see Hamilton and she is so short people don't even notice her half the time, so she crashed into someone and told them to watch where they were going, like really sAssily and then later on, their friend was like "yknow you walked into daveed diggs right"

Oh my god! That sounds like me though

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i want to move out soon but im afraid it will be too stressful on my cats! was moving hard to do for your kitty & did it change him at all? my cats mean everything to me & help w my health so I've avoided moving in case it's too hard for them but it's getting very stressful living with my parents

oh gosh honestly i cant help here at all because our cat is a stray that started visiting when we moved in in september! hes visited everyday since and we’ve started feeding him and he sleeps here and spend 90% of the day here now but we dont actually technically own him yet + we’ve never moved with him! (we’re getting him checked + a microchip next month!) 

does anyone else have any experience with this?