by megan

Megan LeCrone in Serenade, New York City Ballet, May 2016. Photograph by Paul Kolnik.

A curtain rises on 17 women standing stock still in icy blue tulle skirts, their right arms up to the sky, palms out, as Tchaikovsky’s “Serenade for Strings” cascades down. Ballerinas wrap their arms around one another’s waists, hold hands and huddle in circles. Their full-bodied sautés have something of Isadora Duncan’s abandon to them – a rapturous, pagan celebration of pure music.

hi friends

im going to be deleting all of the photos off of my photography blog today + then re-uploading them as individual images (in order) (instead of some being in photo-sets) so that they can be browsed in a cooler way!

(you’ll be able to browse them normally as a blog or by a tag e.g. doors, liminal spaces, texture, by location e.g. london, wales, greece etc etc 

im a little nervous but whatever the end result will be super cool stay tuned

anyway i have to save all the photos first so leave a reply on this post if you think its a bad idea ?