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i doubt im the first person to make this connection but i was talking like a month ago on twitter and then to friends about how a hercules au fits these 2 really well so! here we are i actually had a lot of fun working on the first 4 pics!!!

akiras 0 to hero transformation is he stops wearing fake glasses

also! heres like the doc if you wanna see my ideas on whos who but warning it does get into late game stuff

july 23, 2017    ll     i took some notes about the french revolution today, i am nowhere near done yet lol 

also i wrote the title and lost my brush pen i used oops,, and my light gray pen ran out halfway through.. this was a fun experience.


an acoustic cover of “honey, this mirror isn’t big enough for the two of us” in honor of the 15th anniversary of bullets! happy birthday to the first mcr album from this emo!

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"I don't think this is going to work out" Luke grumbled under his breathe. "Why not" You snapped. "Because I'm in love with you"

You stared at him with round, big eyes and mouth agape in astonishment.

You were supposed to be undercover, you were supposed to act all lovey-dovey with each other for the sake of the case, you were supposed to be able to pretend everything was fine and back to normal once the team got on the jet to go back home.

What you were not supposed to be doing was hiding in a restaurant’s bathroom stall discussing this in the middle of a delicate mission with a murderer on the loose and innocent civilians milling around unknowingly.

“Luke, this is neither the right time nor the right place,” you whispered, doing your best to cover the microphone hidden on the inside of your watch and so did he, the reality of what he had just done catching up to him and making him look at the floor, his eyes shadowed.

Luke cleared his throat and raised his eyes, determination taking over the mortification from a second ago, “Let’s catch this bastard so that we can get out of here.”

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Wanted. Ch 21

Chapter Title: Staying Out Of It
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The next morning when Mikayla wakes up she looks to her right seeing Cas gone. She smiles thinking about the night before. Her phone starts ringing and she flips over onto her stomach and reaches out to her phone to see an unknown number. She ignores it and climbs out of bed stumbling and tripping into the bathroom. She does her normal routine of sitting on the counter her feet in the sink doing her makeup. She strolls through her contacts to call Regan but stops at Bobby’s name. She hasn’t seen or spoken to him in months and thinks it’s time for a visit.

She decides it’s best to pop in with a home cooked meal of her famous spaghetti and meatballs and some garlic beard. She pops in at Bobby’s with the food and ice cold beer. She sets the things in the kitchen and suddenly hears a shotgun cock from behind her. “Stick em up.” Mikayla lifts her hands up slowly by her head and turns around. “God damnit Mikayla give me a warning when you pop in.” He scolds realizing it’s her. “I wanted to surprise you, I cooked your favorite!”

“Your spaghetti and meatballs?” She nods smiling, he beams and joins her at the table. “Why in world haven’t you called or visit me for nearly 6 damn months!”

“I’m sorry I’ve just been busy, with work.”


“Deals and stuffs?”

“You’re working for Crowley?”

“Working with. I don’t take orders from no one.”

“That’s my girl.” He chuckles as he takes his first bite leaning back humming. “I missed your cooking.”

“Any time you want me to cook something just give me a call.” Once they finish eating Mikayla helps Bobby take calls for other hunters. Bobby disappears for awhile while Mikayla stays around and cleans up around the house. After a while Bobby comes back seeing the his house clean and Mikayla taking calls. “Alright Joe, good talking to you too. Remember make sure you get the lamb blood and the sage. Okay bye.” Bobby stands there looking at her sitting at the table filled with lore books. “What?” She ask seeing Bobby looking at her. “You come here after being gone for half the year and surprise me with my favorite food, cleaned the house and is taking calls, you hate taking calls. You’re hiding something, trying to get me in a good mood so spill.”

“W-wh-what are talking bout? I can’t come back home to my uncle who I consider my second father and treat him and help around the house.” Bobby crosses his arms and frowns down at her giving her that same face he’d give her when she was little anytime she was hiding something or did something wrong. He would stand there until she couldn’t handle it anymore and she’ll spill. “Ugh fine. There’s something I need to tell you but you’re not gonna be happy.”

“What is it?” He says trying to be calm. “Wait you’re not pregnant are you?” He blurts out.

“What no? Why would you assume I’m pregnant?”

“You seemed to have gotten—

“I’ve been stress eating!” She whines defending herself zipping up her hoodie.“Okay good, what is it then?”

“Promise you won’t scream at me?”

“I’ll try.” He says calmly.

“Okay, so uh when I died the first time and Lucifer raised me, you know I turned into a demon and went awol with Lucifer..”

“Uh huh.”

“I don’t remember how it happened really because Lucifer took this memory away from me a—”

“How what happened?” He interrupts. She exhales before blurting the rest out. “Before Lucifer brought me back, we did this ritual that souly bonds us together thus making me the Queen of hell and—

“YOU GOT MARRIED TO THE DEVIL!!!” Bobby screams. “You said you wouldn’t scream at me!”

“Yeah, because I didn’t think it was gonna be this bad!” He starts pacing and Mikayla gets up ready to leave until he holds his hand up. “Young lady don’t you dare leave right now.”

She quickly sits back down in the chair with her head down while Bobby paces and curses under his breath just like he always did when she was a child till now. When one of the phones rings Bobby answers it with an attitude. 

“WHAT?!” He answers and tells whatever hunter that is calling the instructions to kill whatever and slams the phone back on the receiver causing Mikayla to flinch. “What have you’ve been doing for that past year?” He ask her in a calm voice.

“Well at first I was just hunting, then after I stopped and just hung around Nick’s or my house you can say and then I came into contact with Cas. Then I uh starting working with Crowley.”

“Now Crowley works for you.”

“No, Crowley still the king of Hell, I’m just learning all the aspects on how hell works now.”

“What did you get in contact in Cas for?”

“Well, I wanted to check up on him, it’s pretty crazy up there right now and Cas and I are kinda together now.” She mumbles putting her head down. “What was that?” He ask stepping closer. “Cas and I are dating.” She blurts out. She watches as his face frown softens which throws her off guard and he stays quiet. “Bobby?” She calls out not sure if he’s about to scream again. “I didn’t think it’ll happen this fast.” He says more to himself.

“Wait what?” She questions.

“Sweetheart you don’t think I noticed how you would always look at him and the dumb smile on your face whenever someone mentions him or how you talk about him?”

“Not really.”

“Well I did.”

“You’re not mad?” She questions. “Of course not. As long as he makes you happy. And treats you right. Does he treat you right?”

“He’s an angel.” She laughs. There’s a knock on the door making them frown. “Expecting someone?” She ask and he shakes his head. Mikayla continues with some of her work folders for deals and stops when she suddenly hears a female voice. “Oh, Iove scary movie. Hey, have you seen Drag Me To Hell?”

“Trying to avoid it.”

“But it’s fantastic.” Mikayla gets ups and goes to the door. “Oh hello who’s this?” Mikayla ask.

“This is Marcy. Marcy this is my niece Mikayla.”

“OOO peach cobbler.” Mikayla smiles sniffing the dish as Bobby passes it to her. “I’ve heard so much about your around town, I’m surprised we haven’t bumped into each other yet.”

“Oh I uh go back and forth between Bobby’s and my place with my boyfriend. Gotta check up on him can’t leave him all by himself.” Mikayla jokes making Marcy laugh. “But it’s was a pleasure meeting you.” She shakes her hand and goes back in the house setting the clobber in the kitchen. She sits at the table texting Cas to check up on him and over hears Marcy inviting Bobby over her house for a movie night, but Bobby declines. A minute later Bobby comes into the kitchen. “Bobby, I know you didn’t just reject the poor women.” Mikayla scoffs. “Marcy?”

“She really likes you, you know?”

“We both just met her how would you know?”

“Because she has that look in her eye. And women don’t come around giving dessert to any guy.” She explains dipping her finger into the clobber. “Whoa that’s good. Want a piece?”

“Later.” Mikayla hops off the counter and puts the clobber in the fridge. “Well, I’m off.”

“But you practically just got here?”

“Sorry Bibi but I got business to take care of down below earth.” There’s a sudden knock on his side door and they frown and he goes to answer it seeing it’s Rufus. “Oh good you’re home! I need you to help me bury a body!” Rufus blurts out and Bobby let’s him in. “Mikayla!”

“Rufus!” She runs giving him a hug. “You are so big now! I can’t believe it. Bobby you raised a beautiful women.”

“Well thank you Rufus!” She beams. She stays for a few minutes before leaving going back home then back to the asylum to help some Demons out.

Three days later Cas pops in the house as Mikayla’s taking a nap. “Mikayla.” He calls out awkwardly standing next to the bed looking at her sleep on stomach still fully clothed with her hair all over the place. He puts a hand on her back and shakes her awake. “Hmm?” She questions not opening her eyes. “Mikayla.” He calls again. She huffs turning around on her back seeing her angel boyfriend. “Cas?” He grabs her arms pulling her up in a sitting position. “Something wrong?” She ask.

“Dean informed me that he knocked your brother out. Sam’s been different since getting out the cage and I want you to come along so we can figure this out.” She sighs and gets up out the bed. He snaps his fingers ready to take them away but she stops him. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” She says. “I don’t think so?” He frowns. She chuckles shaking her head. “Cas remember what I told you what couples do when they greet each other?” He stands there for a moment and nods smiling. He hovers over her burying his hands in her hair and gives her a deep kiss. “Hello.” He whispers. “Hi.” She smiles. He zaps them to a motel room and sure enough Sam is tied to a chair and Dean is sitting patiently on the bed.

“Mikayla.” Dean starts but Mikayla stops him. “Not now Dee.” She interrupts as Sam starts to wake up. “Cas?”

“You did this?” Mikayla ask Dean pointing a finger to Sam. Cas grabs Sam face opening his right eye to check him out. “Has he been feverish? Cas ask.

“Have you?” Dean ask next. “No. Why?” Sam answers. “ Is he speaking in tongues? Are you speaking in tongues?”

“No what yo— Are you diagnosing me?”

“Better hope he can.” Dean replies.“You really think this is—?”

“You think there’s a clinic out there for people who just pop out of hell wrong? He asks, you answer, then you shut your hole. You got it?” Dean scolds. Mikayla looks at Sam as he has that defeated little brother look on his face. “How much do you sleep?” Cas ask next. “I don’t.” After a few questions and painfully digging into Sam’s chest they find out he doesn’t have a soul. Mikayla then pops to the asylum seeing Crowley. “Haven’t seen you in days where you been?” She ask.

“Been busy little one.” He answers. Hours later Crowley comes back in the room and seeing Mikayla finally finishing up the folders. “How about you come on a little business trip with me?” He ask. “Ooo a field trip I’m in.” She says hopping off the throne chair. He pops them to an abandon place. She stands next to Crowley seeing Sam, Dean and their grandfather Samuel along with the alpha vampire and some demons and snaps them away. “What are we doing here?” She questions but he doesn’t answer her.

“Well that was dramatic.” Crowley’s says after his slow hand clap. “Crowley?”

“Hello, boys.”

“Mikayla?” Dean questions. Samuel glares seeing them both. “Bring Christian back now.”

“I’m sorry?” He questions. “My nephew. The one you just crammed a demon into.” He says. Crowley looks at Mikayla to answer. “Oh, I had possessed ages ago.” She answers her brothers look at her frowning. “I keep an eye on my investments.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, you three know each other?” Dean questions. “Not in the biblical sense. more of a business relationship, I’d say.” Mikayla does a small gasp. “You’re Crowley’s bitch.” figuring out why Crowley’s been gone so much. After they discuss what’s been going on. Sam turns to Mikayla. “Did you know? About all of this?”

“Not about purgatory but I knew that Crowley was working with a hunter didn’t know it was Samuel though.”

“You had his nephew possessed?” Dean chimes in. “I only did it because Samuel tried to kill me.”

“Wait what?” Dean ask coming closer. “I was out with some demons and Samuel and his little group ambushed us. I got away but not without a little knick in the chest from your dear old grandad.”

“You were part of that group?” Sam asked remembering the story. “Samuel could’ve cared less.”

“Are you working with Crowley to do his master plan.”

“What Crowley does is his business not mine.” She says before disappearing.

Weeks later Mikayla stands against the wall watching Crowley torture a shapeshifter that looks like him. “This is oddly satisfying to watch.” She says tilting her head watching as Crowley cuts the shifters head off. “Guess I kinda lost my head.” He jokes looking at her. Hours later when she’s home she hears Sam pray for her. She pops in on a street seeing Sam. “Sam?” She questions seeing no one around. “We need to know what side you’re on?”

“I’m on no ones side but my own. Sam I really don’t want to be involved.” He goes on explaining their plan.

“At least help us get inside, then you can leave.” She stands there and sighs. “Fine, but after that I am out.”

“Thank you.” She tags along and they ride to the prison Crowley’s in. “Mikayla and I will meet you at the side door.” Cas informs them. When they get inside and walk the hallways they see the prisoners held in cells and continue to walk until Castiel stops. “Wait.” He says. They all go quiet hearing growling. “Hellhounds.”

“Go.” Dean says and they make a run for it but the two demons get caught and dragged back and they run closing the next door behind them and salt the door. “I knew this was a trap.” Dean grunts. “What do you want a cupcake?” Meg teases. “How many of them are there?” Dean questions. “Lots.” Mikayla answers. They discuss what they can and Mikayla stops them. “You guys go I’ll take care of the dogs.”

“How are you gonna do that—?” Dean begins to question stopping when Mikayla turns to Cas and grabs the back of his neck pulling him down and starts kissing him but grabs for his angel blade. They break apart and don’t break eye contact. She watches Cas blue eyes darken in lust. He grabs her and turns her around against the wall and buries his hands in her hair deepening the kiss feeling his tongue slip into her mouth. Her brothers stand there in shock and Meg impressed.

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Cas breaks the kiss losing himself for a moment. Mikayla stands against the wall breathless. “What was that?” She ask. “I learned that from the pizza man.” He answers. “You need to bring that heat in the bedroom next time.”

“What the hell just happened?” Dean ask looking at Sam who just shrugs. “Go, now!” She commands. She turns to the door and gets herself ready. The hounds bust through the doors and starts chasing her down. She goes around to a corner going to more cells and stops at an open one.

She hears them round the corner and then turn in the cell. The hounds bend down ready to launch at her. “STATE!” (Halt) She shouts in latin and her eyes flash red and the hounds stop and bow down to her. “Videamus an venial Helias!” (Now leave) She commands. They leave and she goes around to find her brothers. She hears some voices and stops realizing it’s Samuels. She concentrates and focuses on making herself not visible to them so she can stand right next to them. She being invisible is something Cas taught her.

She walks slowly just in case and it he doesn’t seem to notice her so it worked. She frowns seeing her brothers in cells. “My daughter. Don’t come at me like I sold you out. You sold out your own mother. It was her or Sam..and you chose Sam, plain and simple.”

“Oh, that is such crap. You wanna know what really happened? You chose a demon over your own grandsons.” Dean argues. “See it how you want. I don’t even know what Sam is. And you want me to protect him? And you? You’re a stranger. No, really, tell me. What exactly are you suppose to be to me?”

Mikayla frowns at this wanting to kill him right then and there for even saying this to her brothers face. “I’ll tell you who I am. I’m the guy you never wanna see again. Because I’ll make it out of here, trust me. The next time you see me, I’ll be there to kill you.” Mikayla smirks and walks away. “Cas, Sam and Dean are locked in cell where are you?” She prays. He appears with a sack in front of her. “Go home Mikayla.” He orders. “Why Cas what’s wrong?”

“Do you trust me?”

“Of course I do, with my life.” He comes closer to her wrapping one arm around her and gives her a slow kiss. “Then go, I don’t want you involved. Don’t worry I’ll get your brothers.”

“Please be careful.” She kisses him once more before disappearing.

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