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audreybidwell replied to your photoset: This scene, apparently, has caused a few people…

Plus… She’s a criminal. Age, gender, anything really, doesn’t change that. If Red had walked into that room, into a room with a known criminal and an unpredictable situation, as you said, with a gun pulled, nobody would have batted an eye, despite their age. Tom gave her the a chance to tell him the truth before pulling a gun, for as much of his protection as answers, after she resisted. Meera, Liz, and Ressler have all used some sort of “persuasion” before in interrogations, (cont.)
(Also Samar.) So it’s nothing new on the show. And in the end, Tom didn’t kill her. I have no doubt that if it was Red in the situation, he would have. Look at Diane Fowler. You could say she threatened his life, but so did this woman, by taking money in exchange for faking his death to cover up his abduction, when he was /a defenseless child/. It’s all just double standards, considering none of this is new to the show, //which is about criminals in the first place//, in my opinion.

I 100% agree with you about Red. We’ve seen him kill and threaten with force many times without discriminating based on age, gender, or anything else. If the person is a threat, they’re  dealt with. Sometimes in a very definite way, such as Fowler, and sometimes to make a point that it’s an option so that he can neutralize a threat. We’ve seen Red do this with relatively innocent parties (such as the wives of people he’s interrogating) and not-so-innocent people alike.

And that’s an excellent point about Meera, Liz, Samar, and Ressler. Those four are/were on the right side of the law (for the most part), yet they’ve all been known to be willing to use the threat of force (and sometimes actual force) to get to the goal.

I think that my biggest issue is that Lucy Game is anything but innocent. As you said, Christopher Hargrave was a defenseless kid, and her action put him in terrible danger. Personally, I thought Tom treated her incredibly well after what she’d done to him, and that says a lot about how far his character has come.