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tatsun2 replied to your post “sorry but kino is back on my shit list; how dare he do this to yuri”

What did he do ? Tell meeeeeeeeeeee

Throwing things at him, doing the whole ‘well ur a ghoul so ur pretty much useless anyway’ bs, ‘don’t think for yourself yuri that’s what i’m here for’, ‘the reason yui won’t say she likes me is because you said something isn’t it yuri’, ‘everything is yuri’s fault’, ‘the plan isn’t ours, it’s mine. everything is for my sake yuri it doesn’t concern you’, ‘you just have to watch the plan go through don’t bother giving your opinion’, ‘get out immediately it’s a bother having you by my side’ (some of those are out of order from the story part I’m up to, but yeah, Kino’s a jerk)

And Yui’s there like ‘apologise!’ but constantly gets told to shut up. Yuri leaves, and Yui asks if Kino’s going to go after him, but hahahaha nope ‘he always comes back because the only thing he can do is be by my side’ ᶠᶸᶜᵏᵧₒᵤ

Yui runs after Yuri instead and now Kino’s bitching that she’s more concerned about Yuri than him even though he’s her ‘master/owner’ now. Duuude, you just hurt your only friend, god damn…“o(▼皿▼メ;)o”

  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she means: kit and ty have only just met and they are visiting beach and ty is laughing and kit is just staring at him contemplating about how his grey eyes glow like the moonlight on the water and how his arrow-straight black hair is tangled from the salt air and is just slowly falling in love with him.

Family Feud Questionnaire
A poll with various questions for Family Feud, anime edition!

Hey guys, I’m running a panel next year at a con and was wondering if you all could help me out by filling out and/or reblogging this questionnaire about anime and video games! It’s not very long and I’d really appreciate any help I can get! Thanks in advance if you do fill it out!

cute things about nadim namaan’s raoul:

  • raoul was so cute and smiley watching christine perform in ‘think of me’ and someone had to tap him to sit down after his lines 
  • he hugged her a LOT, lots of small arm rubs and cuddles and general supportiveness 
  • kissed her hand tenderly after the ‘five minutes….little lotte’ line (aww)
  • called out to christine ‘i’m with you’ (or something similar) when it was announced that she would be playing the role of the countess and she looked up at him in the box all worried
  • cutely tilted her chin up during the roof scene
  • smiled and nodded when she said ‘you’ll guard me and you’ll guide me’ 
  • literally saved christine’s life and pulled her out of the way of the falling chandelier 
  • dove off a bridge into the lake to swim to the lair (you see him actually jump and disappear and i can’t remember if this is a normal thing or only for the west end??)
  • looked away when christine kisses and comforts the phantom (i felt like it was him watching her sacrifice her freedom for him and he just looked so heartbroken)
  • walked out of the lair with christine’s support and didn’t stupidly try and fight the phantom again (probably because he had just almost died ofc) and still found the strength to be the one to row the boat away from the lair afterwards.

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ