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Happy Sunny Day! Happy Birthday,  이순규

Sunny-ah, you have shown us that you excel in many ways. May it be doing aegyo or killing all of us with your sexiness. All your hard work has been seen by us and we know that great things will come along your way. We wish you all the best that you truly, truly deserve. Keep shining. Be happy, our one and only Aegyo Queen

Sandra Mae Frank Gif Hunt!

Underneath the cut are roughly #125 small/medium, textless gifs of the very talented 25-year-old actress Sandra Mae Frank, known especially for her role as Wendla Bergman in the recent revival of Spring Awakening! She is Deaf, and many of these gifs have her using American Sign Language, so please keep that in mind if you are using her as a faceclaim! I hope to be updating this regularly as I create/find new gifs!

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