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I live essentially
in darkness. You are perhaps training me to be
responsive to the slightest brightening … This afternoon
in the physical world to which you commonly
contribute your silence, I climbed
the small hill above the wild blueberries …
As you anticipated,
I did not look up. So you came down to me:
at my feet, not the wax
leaves of the wild blueberry, but your fiery self, a whole
pasture of fire, and beyond the red sun neither falling nor rising—
I was not a chid: I could take advantage of the illusions.

Louise Glück, from “Vespers,” The Wild Iris (Ecco, 1992)

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For those who ship Caryl;

 When did you start to really ship them? 


 Who do you think started to have feelings for the other first? 

 For me:

At the prison when Carol suggested to “Screw around?” To me his reaction was never ever a reject, more like a “whoa, really?” It was super cute.

I think Carol started to have feelings as far back to the farm, ultimately when Daryl brought back Sophia’s doll. “You’re every bit as good as them, every bit.” I’m on a rewatch now and this has me right in the feels. Daryl I believe on the other hand, started to realize when Carol got banned, and -ultimately- when they reunited at the Terminal.

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Theory Time

So, this just came to me:

At the beginning we knew something was up that caused Markus to feel the need to go to this island (now known to be a tiefling battle royale call).

Now, their is several ideas as to what the beast chasing the Alm really is. 

MY idea is that maybe, just maybe, Alm souls are similar to demon souls.

Hear me out.

The original reason Demons agreed to turn humans into Tieflings is so they could devour them once they had matured correctly, so they could obtain the skills and become more powerful. 

The reason the Awakening exists is so that Tieflings who have reached that point can do a similar thing to get strong enough to survive.

Astra said that thing gains the powers of those it consumes and is able to somehow target these specific advanced individuals.

Sounds familiar, right?

So i believe that maybe, just maybe, This “Impractical” monster is a demon. The main reason i come to this conclusion is One’s new design

His Wings are Upside Down and have those smaller wing protrusions, I’m not an anatomy or…Biology… genius so correct me if i’m wrong, but THAT doesn’t seem terribly efficient to me. 


Some strange new lovelies I acquired recently. 

Now it’s survival of the fittest: see who can make it through the San Francisco winter on a northeast facing ledge. 

Variables in my favor: 

  • they are covered from rain by my building’s cornice, 
  • downtown San Francisco is a bit of a heat island and only rarely dips below 40f (5c), 
  • the more typical winter lows are around 50f, and 
  • the position gets 2 hours of direct sun each day, and several hours of bright reflected sun from the glass on the building across the street.

Against me:

  • at least some of these plants are rather difficult to grow, specifically the mesembs and the Bulbine (5, top left). These are “schedule” plants that have very specific seasonal watering calendars.
  • All of them would probably love at least a little more light. Some really need significantly more. Again, I’m looking at the mesembs, the Bulbine and the Anacampseros rufescens.

I picked up most of these at the November meeting of the SF Succulent and Cactus Society from featured growers Dana Gardner and Russell Wagner. It always amazes me how generous the expert growers in the Society are when they sell plants. 

I’ll do proper entries with species names later when I pot them up for presentation.

Okay, so I might have made a post about this before but I’m listening to it again and this always really bugs me:

At the end of the first (official) day of the heist in Skin Game, Harry arrives at Karrin’s house and sees Butters for the first time in a year. They exchange a pleasant, friendly greeting, but Harry mostly stays quiet on account of how he’s just been shot and is still bleeding, though he does find time to make a joke about the tux he’s wearing. Harry asks about how Butters’ relationship is going, but Butters just tells him to be quiet and stay still because he needs to focus. Harry passes out while Butters is sewing (well, gluing) him back together.
A little while later, Harry wakes up, and they chat for at least a minute, probably more like two. Not really about much, but still.
*THEN* Harry gets around to the matter of repaying his debt to Bob. This is a *huge* thing, admittedly Butters may not know about the details (i.e. that Bob is a target for literal gods and wanted this backup vessel because he’s scared they’re going to try and destroy him, especially after helping Harry the year before), though also he might know, we have no idea what Bob told him, but Harry tells him that it took him 4 months to make. *4 months* And given Harry’s situation, that could have very possibly been with him working like 60 hours a week (and it may or may not have included the month it took him trying and failing to carve the shape before he got it right), none of which would have been easy or routine for him because this was a huge stretch for him.
Pretty much immediately afterwards, Harry notices that Butters is disquieted/acting off, so he asks how he is, and pushes (gently) when Butters tries to brush him off.
And after all this, he caps off his story/explanation by saying “And when you sit up from being sewn up, what’s the first thing you do? ‘Hey Butters! How’re you doing, Butters? Sorry about beating up your girlfriend, uh, didn’t mean to wreck your computer room man!’ No, the first thing you start talking about is paying off a debt.”

And that just always bothers me because it’s so… Not what happened? I mean, it wasn’t the first thing, it wasn’t even in the first three things they talked about after he woke up (which, you know, he’d just woken up from surgery to help with the fact that he’d been shot with an assault rifle about an hour before). They’d already greeted each other, Harry had made a joke, and Harry had asked about his personal life *while he was bleeding from a bullet wound* before they got around to the surgery, and Butters had actually been kinda stand-offish about that. As for the apologies; he apologised and explained to Andi as soon as it happened, and (if I recall correctly) gave Butters a brief explanation as soon as he saw him (you know, like a year and a half ago). They didn’t really get much time to talk that day, but after all that had happened Harry saved Butters from the warehouse. Like, that issue should be well and truly settled and beyond any need for any further apologies by now, unless Butters is taking it *really* badly.
But the part that bothers me *most* about it is… This whole rant from Butters was prompted by Harry literally asking Butters how he was, less than five minutes after waking up, directly after the debt thing, because Harry noticed that Butters didn’t seem okay and he was concerned about his friend.

Butters had a whole bunch of issues/concerns with Dresden that he expressed in that rant, and most of them were either fair or at least understandable (mostly the latter tbh), but that final part really, really annoys me. It’s almost as bad as Thomas’s guilt trip during their reunion in Cold Days

My sister and I were watching Strange Magic last night, and one thing struck me:

At the beginning, we get Marianne singing ‘Only Fools Rush In’ as she prepares for her wedding to Roland.

At the end, when the Bog King is trying to confess to her, he starts singing Fools Rush In to her, before she cuts him off with ‘Wild Thing’.

Which really fits with their situation, because both of them gave up on love because they mistook infatuation for the real deal. Fools Rush in is ‘some things are meant to be’ whereas Wild thing is ‘I think I love you, but I wanna know for sure’.

In other words, neither of them are foolishly rushing in, this time, even though they both really like each other - they’re investigating these fabulous feelings of theirs, not relying on fate or a sense of destiny to guarantee them a happy ending with each other. They both know that love might not be fated for them, in fact, up until recently, they were both convinced it wasn’t, so when the Bog King tries to follow the previous format with his confession, Marianne has to stop him, because that’s not them.