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“Here, put on this blindfold.”

Ted the Animator: “…I’m sorry?”

Carl the Animator: “Don’t be. Grab this dart, I need to pick a color.”

Ted the Animator: “I’m so confused.”

Carl the Animator: “Dartboard in place. Ready?”

Ted the Animator: “No! There’s nothing more dangerous than ‘sharp objects you can’t see’ plus ‘Carl telling you to do something.’”

Carl the Animator: “I moved at least 70% of the fragile things. Just throw it.”

Ted the Animator: “…oh, goodness, here goes…”

Ted the Animator: “…did I hit anything?”

Carl the Animator: “Beautiful! Narrowly avoided Lime Green, and barely hit the edge of Bright Blue. Blue it is, then.”

Ted the Animator: “I’m afraid to take the blindfold off.”

Carl the Animator: “Aaaaaaaand done. It’s beautiful, fear not.”

Ted the Animator: “…what.”

Ted the Animator: “What… what is… why….”

Carl the Animator: “Good choice, that. Lime Green would have looked weird, blended in with the hands and all that.”

Ted the Animator: “…why is the pig blue.”

Carl the Animator: “Maybe we should get creative on the chickens, too….”

Ted the Animator: “WHY IS THE PIG BLUE, CARL.”

Carl the Animator: “The same reason this scene has a bank executive dressed up as a green monster with purple hair in a business suit chasing chickens and teenagers while riding a pig through a rentable-for-dances barn.”

Ted the Animator: “…which is?”

Carl the Animator: “Because it can.”


A Month of Spook - (17/31)

↳ What’s This? - Fall Out Boy

Title: To Catch a Virgil Under the Mistletoe
Pairing: platonic moxiety and heavily implied mutual pining analogical. not even implied, it’s right there. they loooooove each other. but this is about patton. i think.
A/N: IT’S CHRISTMAS, YA SCROOGES! *throwing tinsel and garland around like a mad person* HALLOWEEN WHO?

Patton was determined to catch Virgil under that darned mistletoe.  He’d already caught Roman and Logan under it several times, happy to kiss their cheeks every time, but Virgil was quick.  Ever since they’d put the plant above the doorway to the kitchen, Virgil had adopted a sprint to get himself out of their quick enough. He’d be up the stairs and in his room before Patton could even get out of his chair!  No fair!

Patton pouted about this to Roman, who’d happily planted a kiss on Patton’s cheek not ten minutes earlier when he came downstairs for breakfast. Virgil snuck in not a moment later to get a cup of coffee.

“Morning, Mr. No Kisses!” Patton greeted.

Virgil gave a small wave and took a sip, “Gotta go,” he said before quickly making his way to the door, only to be stopped by Logan.

Right under the mistletoe.  “U-um…”  Virgil looked around, blushing when he saw how Patton and Roman looked at the two of them. Before Virgil could say anything else, however, he felt a pair of lips on his cheek.  Quick as they were there, they pulled away, leaving the anxious side blushing like mad.  “OK, see you later, I guess, maybe, uh-!” Virgil stuttered and stumbled as he pushed past Logan, stumbling over his own feet as he scrambled up the stairs cursing about the coffee on his hands.

“Well, that was unexpected…” Logan mumbled, pushing his glasses up to hide his face as he stepped into the kitchen.

“No fair that you caught him first!” Patton whined, throwing his head back.  “You weren’t even trying!”  

Roman snickered off to the side, teasing and poking at Logan, who swatted him away.

It was two days before Christmas, and Patton still hadn’t caught Virgil under the mistletoe.  Logan had caught him twice more, and even Roman had gotten him once. Oh, it was absolutely adorable to watch, but Patton couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous.  

“What are you doing up, Pat?” Virgil asked as he came in the kitchen.  Patton looked up from the presents on the table and gave a yawn, looking up at the clock on the wall.  Yikes, midnight.

“Wrapping…why are you up?”

“I just needed a drink…” Virgil said, reaching up in the cabinet for a cup.  He poured a glass of milk and sat down across from Patton, popping his bare feet up on the table.  “Wrapped mine yet?” he teased, lifting the paper up.

Yes,” Patton said with a giggle, moving the paper out of the way.

“What’dja get me?”

“Not telliiiiing!” Patton snickered and pushed Virgil’s feet off the table.  “Have you and Roman gotten Logan’s Santa present done?”

“Yeah, it’s in Ro’s room since he’s less likely to go in there,” Virgil said, taking another drink.  Patton giggled and shook his head, still finding what they were doing to poor Logan mean.  Virgil squirmed a bit, looking back at the clock as he sighed.  “I should probably go back to bed…”

“Yeah, I need to hit the hay, too,” Patton said.  The both of them got up and headed for the doorway, and it hit Virgil first.  


He needed to knock that darn thing down, this was ridiculous. But, judging by the noise Patton was making, Virgil didn’t have a way out of this.  Quick as a flash, Virgil pressed a kiss to Patton’s cheek and bolted up the stairs.  “Merry Christmas, Dad!”

Patton grinned goofily, tongue jutting out just slightly. Virgil was so cute!  He could see where Logan was coming from!

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Mr Ambrose: *exists*

Lilly: What, what is it man? You think you’re better than us? You think you’re better than us just cause you’re tall? Whoa, congrats man, you’re tall! Wow, it’s incredible! What, you want a trophy for being tall? You wanna…we should just give trophies to tall things and every tree and building will have a trophy. That make sense?