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Last week I put out a theory about Taryon Darrington - that he is essentially the entirety of Vox Machina rolled into one person. After another session, we have more information, so I feel like expounding upon that theory. 

I think it’s safe to say that before his emotional outpouring of daddy issues, he was loud, full of himself, and rather condescending (”Jumbo” and “Little Elf Boy” being examples). Some of that during his introduction was played up. The group had just lost Scanlan and Sam had to go big; the rest of the crew got so wound up that everything was big and loud and extra. However, the bulk of our first impression remains behind - as a mask. 

His bravado and confidence is entirely a mask to hide behind. He is frightened and new to the adventuring world. He has been motivated to go into this big scary formerly-dragon-filled world because his father does not approve of his interests. 

Which is basically exactly what Vox Machina is. Every single one of them had/have their problems - their “daddy issues” as Vax put it. Their problems are what pushed them out into the world. Only just recently have some of these problems been resolved, while others remain a problem. 

And what do they all use as their shield? Their bravado. Their accomplishments. They are loud; they are inconsiderate. There’s a reason Cows and Consequences happened. Heck, Vex introduced VM the same way Taryon introduced himself. “You’ve never heard of Vox fucking Machina?” They use their name and their accomplishments more often than strictly their personal charm and abilities at this point. 

I have a feeling that Taryon Darrington is more than just a reflection of Vox Machina. I think he’s going to be the thing that brings about the humbling of Vox Machina. The thing that will remind them that they are still members of a world that is hurting just like they are. 

My favorite thing about Grog and Scanlan’s friendship is that Scanlan doesn’t patronize him??? So often the rest of VM (especially the twins) treat him like a child, albeit one who is really good at killing people, but Scanlan just… doesn’t?

He talks to Grog like an equal and asks and respects his opinion on things (and actually uses logic and reasoning to try to change his mind when they disagree!) and chooses him to go on diplomatic missions and he gets exasperated when Grog acts like an idiot, yeah, but he doesn’t just dismiss him or act like he’s useless aside from his physical strength.

Like no wonder Grog loves the gnomes so much. They respect him as a person more than a weapon of mass destruction.

☆— [ 《You are here》 ] —☆

Elaine estaba emocionada de volver a ver a su amigo, la idea de que estuviera en Hawai al mismo tiempo que ella era algo que nunca se hubiera esperado, pero que sin duda la llenaba de alegría, Pascal era un chico muy agradable, la manera en la que se conocieron tiempo atrás era muy divertida y para nada común. Después de mensajear con él se dedicó a terminar sus labores antes de la hora de salida, no iba a negar que si se sentía algo triste por la partida de Tessa, pero tenía la esperanza de que volviera en algún momento. Al dar la hora de salida, la joven de cabellos oscuros se arreglo un poco y terminaba de arreglar su lugar de trabajo cuando escuchó que alguien se acercaba [@pascal-vm​ ]

Te quiero

não quero só pó teu físico por perto
quero que seja sincero comigo
e que tu seja além de amigo
que tu me diga o que é certo
e que possamos discutir sobre o que é incerto
eu quero sentir teu amor
quero estar contigo na dor
presenciar teu calor
não te quero longe
te quero só pra mim
quero ouvir um bom dia
me pergunte se estou bem
diga que se importa também
diga que sente falta
diga que me quer aí e me chame de “meu bem”
me fala que não vê a hora de sentir meu cheiro de novo
que não para de pensar em mim
que não consegue imaginar o nosso fim
sinta ciúmes, me chame a atenção
me fala que tu quer pra só pra tu
o meu coração
porque eu quero o teu
porque eu quero ser tua única paixão.