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aesthetic: masculine, action heavy dramas that turn suddenly, permanently diverse and seeing all the sexist dudes who watch them get completly thrown off while the writers laugh

What I love about this scene, is that while Nasir says these words, that if Agron calls him little man again, that the Gods would turn from him, and though he says it with teasing, smiles, and the two of them laugh about it … you can tell that Nasir genuinely doesn’t like being called little man. After this moment, we never hear Agron call him little man again. Even though Agron said it in teasing, he knew Nasir did not like it so stopped referring to him as such, respecting Nasir’s wishes. 

My Nagron Commentary (2 / ?)

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Sportacus without his hat on!!

Redraw of [this] because it needed some serious improving!

(Steven Bomb 5 spoilers)

Man I remember the excitement when we finally got explicit confirmation of the whole gem types thing back when Peridot went on about how there’s “hundreds of pearls”

and now in one episode we have






That Nagron scene in 2x08, when they’re supposed to guard Illythia, but they decide to make out instead, will always be my favourite, always and forever. Because Dan and Pana were told to just ‘go for it’, so the hottness of it (or the lip bite) wasn’t scripted and then they just started to giggle because they didn’t expect to turn out so hot and when Mira catches them, it’s not only Agron and Nasir giggling, blushing and stumbling over their words, it’s also Pana and Dan giggling, blushing and stumbling over their words and I think this is what makes that scene so beautiful and also it makes it feel so natural to me. And then Agron/Dan tilts his head with that adorable smile and Pana/Nasir is so embarrassed. Goshhh