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His Crow

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Author’s Note: This is a Juan-Carlos “Juice” Ortiz imagine based on You Don’t Own Me by Grace feat. G-Eazy as requested by the lovely @thejulietfarciertlove as well as imagine number 9 for MMW. This imagine is rated T+ for language mild adult themes. I hope you all enjoy.

His Crow

“What the hell has gotten into you Aria?” Juan’s voice follows her as she storms into her house. She undresses as she goes, and when she makes it to the stairs she turns to look at him, a storm raging in her eyes.

“What’s gotten into me?” Aria demands turning to look at him. His face is twisted with confusion and when she sees it she rolls her eyes. “You really don’t get it do you Juan?”

“Get what?” he asks throwing his hands in the air.

“I can’t stand when you parade me around the clubhouse,” she says turning on her heels, feet pounding as she climbs the stairs.

“What are you talking about?” he asks following close behind her.

“You know what I mean! You insist I come to these parties even though you know none of the other girls like me and then you spend the whole time walking around making sure that everyone sees us together,” her words are fast as she pulls her dress up and over her head, “everyone knows we’re together Juan. What more do you want? It would be easier if you just branded me….”

“Then get my crow…” he says causing her to freeze in the process of hanging her dress, and turning she blinks owlishly at him.


“Get my crow Aria. We’ve been together for long enough…”

“It’s been three years Juan, not even really that long when you consider the fourteen months you did in Stockton,” she stammers lowering onto the edge of the bed.

“Do you love me?” he asks kneeling down across from her and letting out a sigh she drops her hands onto his shoulders.

“You know that I do,” she murmurs sliding her hands up to cup his face. “I love you Juan, but I won’t get your crow…”


“Juan-Carlos Ortiz!” Aria’s voice echoes off the walls of the clubhouse and the room grows suddenly silent.

“Uh oh, someone’s in trouble,” Tig laughs but his laughter trails off quickly when she shoots a dirty look his way.

“Aria?” Juan asks eyebrows knitting together in concern.

“Just who the fuck do you think you are?” she demands storming towards him, poking a finger into his chest.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

“I’m talking about you and whoever you talked into joining you cornering James after work and threatening him with bodily harm if he so much as speaks to me!” she screams, completely at her wits end with him.

“You don’t see the way he looks at you….”

“Oh grow up! People look at me Juan; clients, my bosses, hell even some of your brothers have taken a glance or two! But guess what, it’s still you I go home to every night, your bed is still the one I rock every night, and I swear to God Juan if you want to keep it that way you will never interfere with my work again, do you hear me?” she snaps and when all he can do is blink at her she takes that to mean yes and turning she storms back out leaving him to try and wrap his head around what just happened.


Her phone buzzes and she ignores it. She knows it’s Juan. He always texts when he’s on a long run, begging for pictures to tide him over and she always denies the request as she doesn’t want to risk the pictures ending up in the wrong hands and she likes the side benefit of how excited he always is when he comes home.

Lifting the phone, she smiles.

‘Come on babe, just one picture…you owe me for putting me on blast in front of the guys…’

‘Tell you what…hurry home and you won’t have to rely on pictures to get you off…’ she taps out and just for some added initiative she takes a quick picture of her cleavage and sending it off she knows he’ll be home, soon.


“I’m sorry,” Juan’s words are soft as she runs her hands over his head. They lay naked tangled up in each other, and with a soft smile on her lips, she sighs.

“I know…”

“I just…when I think of losing you….”

“Juan,” his name tumbles from her lips as she maneuvers so that they are face to face. “I’m not going anywhere. I’m here, I’m yours, but I need to be able to breathe. I’m not the type to depend on you or anyone to take care of me, but I am the type to share a life with you, and that’s going to have to be enough.”

“I know…” he says before brushing a kiss to her forehead.

“But as a show of my commitment I got something for you,” she says and sitting up she clicks on the bedside light, and turning she pulls the hair over to one shoulder exposing the tattoo on her left shoulder blade.

A crow.

His crow.

Imagine sneaking around with Juice and being caught by Abel. You bribe him not to say anything but at a family dinner he rats you guys out because Juice didn’t sit next to you at the table.

You shouldn’t be doing this, you thought as you waited for Juice to pull up. You were meant to be babysitting Abel for the night, not calling Juice over to Jax’s house, in the middle of the night, for yet another secret hook-up.

You had known Tara for years; when you first met her the two of you became the best of friends. She let you move into the spare room in her house, but soon after she moved out and in with her now-husband, Jax. You still lived in that little house and Tara was still your best friend, except now you were also her babysitter.

For a little while, Tara had purposely kept you from meeting the Club. She warned you away from them, said she didn’t want you to get messed up in that life (and that it was too late for her to leave it) and while you couldn’t help but think it a little hypocritical of her, you left the subject alone. Until one day, a couple of the guys came around to Jax’s house while you were over, Gemma and Clay invited you to the Club dinner and that’s when you met the rest of the guys…and Juice.

You didn’t actually speak to Juice that first night, but after that you started to spend more and more time at the Club and more and more time sharing flirtatious glances and lingering touches with the Puerto Rican biker. At one of the family dinners, after you’d had too much to drink and Jax and Tara had already left, Juice offered to drive you home. You accepted his offer with a grateful smile and a hammering heart, and then, as you were saying goodnight, he leaned over and kissed you. And then, you invited him inside. And then, nearly every night afterwards, he came around.

You never told Tara about it, as much as you wanted to, because you were afraid of how she would react and you weren’t going to lose your friend over some guy (that you may or may not have feelings for).

So, that’s how you ended up in the situation you were in now; at Jax and Tara’s house, watching Abel for the night while they had a romantic night at Piney’s cabin, and waiting for Juice to come around. Was it irresponsible? Yes. Was it exciting? Yes.

Your heart nearly leapt out of your chest when the doorbell rang. You ran to the door and swung it open with so much force you were afraid you would rip it off it’s hinges.

“Hey-” he started, a wide grin on his face, but you cut him off with a kiss.

“Shhh,” you whispered against his lips, “We can’t wake up Abel.”

“Well you better keep me quiet then.” He said and reclaimed your lips in a kiss.

Lips still attached, you headed backward to the living room. Juice gently kicked the door and it closed behind him with a soft click. He let his hands rest on your hips as he guided you towards the sofa until you felt it hit the back of your knees and you fell back onto it with an ungraceful thud. You groaned and rubbed the back of your head, Juice just laughed.

“Shut up,” you mumbled, your cheeks flushed, but didn’t give him a chance to answer as you yanked him down by his kutte and into a kiss.

Juice’s hands toyed with the hem of your shirt. It wasn’t until you let out a soft moan that he slid his warm, rough hands under the thin material and started rubbing soothing circles on your back. You locked your ankles around his waist, keeping him firmly in place. The weight of him on top of you felt so good and you couldn’t help but-

“Juice?” You heard a small voice say and immediately jumped up, shoving Juice off of you and the couch and nearly head-butting him in the process. You turned to the source of the noise and saw Abel standing in the hallway. “What are you doing here? And why are you kissing mummy’s friend?”

“He wasn’t!” you quickly protested. “Juicey here, was just…uh…helping me out with…something?”

You slumped in your seat; you sucked at lying, especially when caught off guard.

That’s what I get for having a secret relationship.’ You thought with a sigh.

Abel seemed to completely ignore you and looked straight at Juice, his brows furrowed in a frown that would be intimidating if he wasn’t still so small.

“Why were you kissing her?” he repeated.

Small, but not stupid.

“I, uh,” Juice rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “We, um…I just…she’s pretty?”

You elbowed Juice in the ribs lightly and shot him an incredulous look.

Not helping!” you whispered. “Abel, look,” you bent down to his height and crawled toward him on your knees, a big smile on your face, “what do you say I let you stay up, we can watch Happy Feet and you don’t tell mommy and daddy about this?”

For a moment, Abel just stared at you in silence. He glanced at Juice and then back over to you before asking; “Can I have ice cream with sprinkles too?”

You let out an internal sigh, happy to be in the clear with Abel, and nodded. “You can have whatever you want sweetie, as long as you don’t tell anyone that Juice was here.”

Abel smiled and headed past you to the couch. You stood up and turned to Juice.

“So…” Juice started, a small smile on his face. “That was a close one.”

You huffed a laugh. “No kidding; too close, I think. You should probably leave.”

“Good idea,” he agreed. “Will I see you tomorrow?”

“Yeah, I’ll be at the family dinner tomorrow.” You told him.

“I know but I meant afterwards,” his (absolutely breathtaking, not that you’d admit that out loud) smile widened and, for a moment, your knees went weak. “Can I come to your place after dinner?“

You hesitated for a moment; you knew you had done a stupid thing by inviting him over while you were babysitting, not to mention you got caught! Still, there was something about Juice that you could never refuse.

A small smile played at your lips and you nodded, looking up at him through your lashes. He broke out into that goofy smile that you loved so much and swept down to capture your lips in a brief kiss before he was making his way out the door.

You heard the rev of his engine and your heart hammered in your chest, already excited for tomorrow night. You took a second to compose yourself (and wipe the giddy smile off of your face) before making your way back to Abel to fulfil your end of the bargain.

“So, Happy Feet and ice cream?”


“Heya Gem,” you greeted Gemma, letting her pull you into a hug. “Need any help in the kitchen?”

“Nah,” she shook her head and waved you off. “Everything’s almost done anyway. You can just head on in, the guys are all in the living room. Tara and Lyla are in there too,”

“Okay, well, gimme a yell if you need me,” you told her and headed for the living room, already looking forward to seeing Juice…and your other friends, of course.

All of a sudden there was a hand around your arm and you were being yanked out of the hall and into a dark room.

“What the-” you exclaimed and, out of reflex more than anything, your arm swung back, prepared to strike whoever it was that grabbed you but you were stopped mid-swing by a hand catching your forearm and the light flicking on.

Juice chuckled softly, using his grip on your arm to pull your body flush against his own. You let out a shaky breath and rolled your eyes.

“What the fuck, Juice? I nearly hit you!

Juice shrugged, sliding a hand around your waist and down to rest on the curve of your denim-covered ass. “You know I can be into that,”

Choosing to ignore his last comment (and the blush it caused to rise to your cheeks) you continued; “And what are you doing dragging me into a…a bathroom?”

“What do you think, baby?” he whispered close to your ear. The hand on your ass squeezed softly and he brought your earlobe between his teeth, tugging gently. “I was going to grab another beer when I saw Gemma answering the door. I hoped it was you, so I hung back. I saw those shorts and I just…I couldn’t wait. The bathroom was the closest place we could be alone.”

His mouth found your neck, kissing softly and biting lightly so not to leave any marks but still let you know that you were his.

“Everyone is out there, we could get caught!” you argued, yet made no move to push him away.

Juice’s eyes left your face, but his arms held you close. “Maybe I want us to get caught. Maybe I want everyone to know. Maybe I-”

“Juan!” you interrupted, his head snapped back up to meet your eyes. “Stop with the ‘maybe’. You do or you don’t,”

“I do. I want to come clean about us because it’s not just sex to me anymore. I want to be with you, in the open.”

Your arms wound around his neck so you could pull him down for a kiss. It was all tongue and teeth, but it was sweet and somehow that kiss managed to say everything you couldn’t find the words for.

“I want that too, but not tonight. I want Tara to hear it from me, privately, and I don’t want to ruin Gemma’s dinner if this goes south,” you said. He nodded, the smile never leaving his face. “Now, let’s get back out there. Think you can keep your hands to yourself until later? I promise I’ll make it worth your while when we’re back at my place,”

Juice laughed, the sound like music to your ears.

“Only if that’s a promise,” he responded, punctuating the sentence with a smack to your rear.

By the time the two of you left the bathroom everyone was gathering at the table. No one noticed your absence and if they did, no one mentioned it.

You took the spare seat beside Tara and watched from the corner of your eye as Juice took a seat across the table from you.

A small tap on your shoulder distracted you from the conversation you were having with Tara. You looked around but saw no one, until they tapped again and you saw that it was Abel trying to get your attention.

“What’s up baby boy?” you asked him, shuffling over to the next seat and gesturing for Abel to take the one you were just in. He climbed onto the chair with a little help from Tara, who was watching the exchange closely.

“Why aren’t you sitting with Juice?” he asked. You didn’t miss the way Tara and Jax’s faces twisted in confusion, or the way Juice had stopped talking and had trained his eyes on you.

“What are you talking about, baby? Why do you think I would be sitting with Juice?” you asked with a small laugh, glancing around the table.

“I saw you go in the bathroom. Was he kissing you again? My mommy and daddy kiss a lot too and they sit together so you should sit with Juice,”

The chatter at the table silenced and all eyes were on you and Juice. Tara’s eyebrows shot up and if looks could kill you’d be nothing but a corpse right now.

“I don’t know what you mean, Abel,” you said, wanting nothing more than to disappear.

“Yes you do! You and Juice were kissing and Juice said you’re pretty! Remember Juice?” he exclaimed, turning to the man from Queens.

“I, uh…I…” Juice stammered awkwardly, looking around the table before his eyes finally landed on you. “Yeah, I do remember that,”

“Juice!” you snapped and suddenly wished that looks could kill.

“What? It’d be pointless to deny it tonight and then come out with it later,” he said and you knew he was right. You shot Juice a smile and he announced; “We’re together. We’ve been seeing each other for a little while now and it’s getting serious. I want her to be my old lady someday,” he said the last part to you and you had to blink back the tears that welled in your eyes. You had no idea that Juice felt that way, but you were so glad that he did.

“Why didn’t you tell us sooner?” Jax asked, eyeing Juice closely.

“Because it was private. It was about us; it didn’t involve the club, not yet,” Juice stood from his seat and made his way over to you while the others watched on. He held out a hand to you, waiting for you to take it. “I know it’s rude, but I kinda just want to spend some time with you right now. Wanna get out of here?”

You took his hand without a second thought. Hand in hand, you practically ran to Juice’s Dyna, leaving the rest of the club and your friends in the wake of your bombshell but you would deal with that problem tomorrow. Everyone knew about the two of you now and it felt good; for the first time in a long time you felt free.

As you slid onto the back of your man’s bike and slipped on the helmet he kept for you, a thought crossed your mind, making you let out a small giggle.

Thank god Abel snitched.’