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I get that not everyone likes Darvey or the idea of Darvey.. But honestly...

When people say that Harvey doesn’t like her “that way” it feels like they’re missing the whole point of Harvey’s character and growth. The show made pretty clear that he’s attracted to her, we saw that the first time they met, we saw that when they slept together, we saw that during 4x15, when they were on that couch, we saw that when he dreamed about her naked.. So what are you even talking about?
Every character on the show has made allusions about Darvey. You don’t put those lines in the show if you want to potray a one sided relationship. So why some people are still talking about it? Like when Mike said “You guys finally decided to take the plunge.”. Characters ON THE SHOW, see them as a something ambigous\romantic\weird. No one sees Donna has the woman desperate for love. I think everyone can see that Harvey is emotionally unavailable, and that their “weird” relationship will probably go nowhere because of that. Not because Harvey looks at her like a sister.
The show made pretty clear that he’s not in touch with his feelings, so yes, when people say that Donna wanted him but he didn’t i feel confused. ??? They had a CONVERSATION about the fact that something had happened and she wanted to place it, she wanted to figure it out, she didn’t ask him for a relationship, she didn’t say “Let’s be together”. The show made it clear. Donna left because he couldn’t have that conversation with her, not because he didn’t love her back. She didn’t know what she wanted, and she didn’t know what he wanted either. She just tried to have a conversation. She left because she couldn’t handle the ambiguity anymore.
He can look at her that way.. That’s the whole point.
We’ve seen THREE women for Harvey. Zoe, Scottie and Donna. All their stories are kinda similar. History, complicated feelings, possibilities.. And you know what else is similar? Harvey. He wasn’t ready to fight for Zoe, he wasn’t ready to fight for Scottie, and he wasn’t ready to be with Donna. It’s a pattern. The whole Darvey drama happened in s5 because he can look at her that way, and he does, but he’s just not ready to deal with it. Donna would’ve never left if she was sure he didn’t love her. She left because she knows that he could. And Harvey didn’t even deny it.
When he dreamed about her naked in his bed… He was happy. Because he knows he could be happy. But he couldn’t even admit that it was Donna. He was in total denial about what Donna could be for him. Donna is representation of his issues. She triggered his panic attacks. And I know it was about his mother, but he started to deal with it the moment Donna left, she’s the trigger.
And saying that he just doesn’t love her like that is like not understanding his issues. s5 was about that. His issues are there because of his past, and he’s starting to deal with it because and for Donna. Hopefully he’ll be ready soon.


Did we throw it all away? Did we throw it all away? We walk through the fire. Is there a way out? Is there a way out? 

Yeah maybe Darvey wasn't the original idea of the show, maybe when they wrote the pilot that wasn't the idea, but does it really matter at this point?

I hate when I read people saying Darvey is fanservice.
I’ve watched Suits since 2013. Donna and Harvey were loved even then, when we only had s1-s2, but we weren’t a lot. We weren’t one of those BIG fandoms that make things happens (there are a lot of fandoms like this), the fandom is bigger and bigger now. And you know why? Because the show wanted to. I get if you don’t like Darvey, I do, it’s impossible to have all people agree on one single thing, but the fandom is like this because of the show. Not the other way around. The show decided to go there. They saw this amazing chemistry and this potential and they’ve worked on that. 
I’ve been there since s3 started.
I’ve waited for Donna and Harvey every single hiatus, I’ve watched Donna and Harvey every single week, and I hate when people say that it’s something out of nowhere. Fanservice?
The show added depth to this story. The first time they met. All the history. All the hints. Everything is there since season 1.
If you look at the show now, you see that everything makes sense.
“Because you can never go back.”
“Feelings just go away.. Eventually.”
“Do you love Harvey Specter?”
“About that time…”
“Is this about you?”
Oh… This is all until s2. I could go all day, honestly.
So, i get if you’re disappointed, if you don’t like them, if you don’t want it to happen, but they’ve always been there. And Darvey fans have waited since forever. With all the patience in the world.
Just let us enjoy our moment. We deserve it.  

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