by me: life with derek gifs

favorite canonically lgbt+ characters (in celebration of pride month)
↳ 4. arizona robbins


derek and casey: guide to step-siblings.


Teen Wolf Polyamory Saturday → Derek/Lydia/Stiles + Road Trip AU

After everything settles down, and before going off to finish off their last year at college; Lydia and Stiles decide to drag Derek on a cross country road trip as a last hurrah before they all have to study. Derek for his PhD in ancient languages (Stiles still hates when Lydia and Derek talk Archaic Latin as if everyone speaks a dead language, goddamnit). Lydia is doing a degree in Mathematics, and Stiles is finishing off Criminal Law, not that it matters until summer ends.


Best. Interview. Ever. Derek Zoolander is back, and better than ever. With the historical American men all jumbled up in that strange mind of his.

Also: What those who have to listen to us speak about Hamilton think we’re talking about.