by me: hiddles


Tom Hiddleston reads: High Rise

In case you want to spend 6 ½ hours in heaven.

My Tom Hiddleston Experience.

So a lot of you were interested in me telling more about my experience so here it is! If it gets too boring, I’m sorry. I’m just going to basically go through what went down and how my emotions were, but I’ll probably trail off and add in some pointless information.

So, it’s Sunday on June 5, 2016 and I’m on my way to the Pennsylvania Convention Center with Madison (cheers-mrhiddleston) and her roommate. My anticipatory anxiety is currently through the roof and I’m on the verge of wanting to throw up - literally starting to dry heave. Madison came to the rescue and gave me some water and I regained control of myself. We get in the convention center, wait awhile for the main floor to open, and finally race back to the picture booth. Okay, now we’re fast forwarding to actually getting behind the photo op curtain.

Where do I start? I saw the man himself right there. Tall and even more handsome in person even though I didn’t know it was possible. Poker Face by Lady Gaga was playing in the booth. My heart was racing, but I was strangely coherent and…comfortable? Then he looked at me and that was my cue to get my ass over there and get my picture taken. He was so tall. I knew he was tall, but like damn let’s just say I felt protected next to him lol. Anddddd let me clear something up - when I went to lift my arm up behind him to put it around him for the picture, I accidentally GRAZED his butt with my hand. I don’t remember the firmness of it unfortunately, I just remembered I panicked a little when it happened the moment I felt the material of his jeans. So yes, I did touch the amazing hiddlesbum, but unfortunately I don’t have enough information for science. I felt his body against mine, and I remember feeling the tightness of his body with the hand that was wrapped around him. Oh and how could I forget how amazing his grip felt on my arm. Lord, I am getting carried away. So that happened as most of you know:

My hair was curled so nice before I left the hotel and of course it immediately fell flat when I reached Tom. But anyway, how cute is that face of his?!! I didn’t think he would notice my shirt because they were rushing us in and out at the speed of light so I received my printed picture and about DIED. I’m still staring at it every five minutes.

Fast forwarding to hours of waiting in line for the autograph. We’re getting closer and I’m starting to feel more and more faint mostly because I haven’t eaten a thing in hours and partly because of being nervous. But luckily I didn’t collapse like I thought I would. It was surreal seeing that man so close and hearing his voice. Surreal. The best way to describe it. So Madison gets up there and tells her amazing story about how Tom inspired her to do more art and he absolutely lovedddd it and as she was walking away he literally peaked his head up above everyone to check on her to make sure she was okay. This man is adorable.

So, I get up there and I say something along the lines of, “I wish I had something like her to say, but I honestly don’t know what to say” because I was so damn speechless, I’m surprised I was able to say words. He laughed and said, “That’s okay!” and I asked if I could have a hug after he signed my picture expecting it to feel rushed because he had to get to so many people and he said “Sure!” with no hesitation. This is where I started to run cold, but I was happy that I was actually IN THE MOMENT and knowing I was hugging the man himself as it was happening. I soaked it all in. He gave me the tightest hug and I remember feeling his ear and hair against my face and a tiny bit of scruff from his jaw and as if that wasn’t already too much to handle he says in my ear in the softest most gentle voice, “I love your shirt by the way” (this is where I could hardly take it. Imagine Tom whispering into your ear. How do you feel? Yeah. That’s exactly how I felt. I felt the vibrations of his voice in his body, I kid you not) and I laughed and said “Thank you!” and he PULLS OUT HIS PHONE and says, “Can I get a picture?” I cannot tell you how shocked I was. Wasn’t I supposed to be pulling my phone out asking him if I could take his picture? This is a dream. I am now standing in front of Tom Hiddleston with his phone up to me for 5-10 seconds. It felt like forever. He obviously wanted the picture for the shirt, so he probably respectfully didn’t get my face in there because there was no need to (I like to think he did though lol) who knows what he did with it. It’s bugging me. So bad. Who did he send it to? Why did he have to have a picture? It probably made him feel good and there was obviously people he had in mind to show it off to or else he wouldn’t of cared to take the time out to take it. I walked away half dead and Madison was half dead by this point too so we left that place as the happiest girls in the world squealing and just on the greatest high ever. 

I am so so so so thankful for this opportunity. If it weren’t for my parents or my friend that came with me on the trip, it wouldn’t have happened. And I’m so glad to have experienced it with Madison who was the first Tumblr friend I have ever met in person. She is the sweetest person ever by the way! Even though she was super nervous herself, she motivated me to not pass out or puke and it helped immensely so thank you for that lol. It was by far the greatest experience and opportunity of my life so far, and it was worth all of the long hours of waiting and standing and the body soreness that I woke up with. I will never look at that man the same. I have a different perspective of him. It’s definitely good! It’s actually a better perspective that I had of him before I met him. It’s hard to explain, but it just feels amazing. I’ve been all smiles ever since.

Thank you for reading my story! I know I probably put some boring details in there, but you guys wanted my experience so here it is!