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Netflix Witch Tip❤️✨

There’s a TV series called Moving Art that is quiet literally just that. Nature filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg just filled beautiful mountains, flowers, oceans, and put it all together with an amazing piano soundtrack. I watch it whenever I do work involving nature or I just put it on because it makes me feel amazing inside.


a jasper redesign to go with my lapis one. i want to maybe add some pattern to her leggings but i dont know what. this is basically how i was drawing her anyway, like for her face. im not  100% happy with the clothes but the little thing on the end of her cape is probably jingly lol

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Teacher: alright, what’s your next speech going to be about?

Me: slugs

Teacher: ????????

Teacher: your last speech was on sea slugs tho??

Me: yes

Me: all slugs deserve speeches

Me (internally): I’m not changing my topic despite your obvious disappointment, you said choose topics you know a lot about, and I have three interests total, so you’re gonna fucking learn about slugs and like it

dude like its so weird when people claim the amedot fandom is abusive or toxic or whatever when i met some of the coolest people in that fandom and all of my coolest friends ship it like……. what…

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The selfies are the best thing i've seen XD inuyasha is bae <33 :3 and i hope you are having a wonderful day too<33 :D

well, thank you. have another

and i am!! this week has been pretty good overall tbh. i never get to see my family. and i bought a flat screen tv today. and i’m getting a tattoo on friday. it’s been rather swell

i hope you’re doing well too!! 

im always moving whether its physical movement or mental movement im just always walking and thinking, and i cant picture myself remaining still. im happy when im thinkin or as i like to call it - chillin inside my head because there are lots of interesting unknown things inside it and i love walking and running, i love the fact that i can walk and feel the ground and feel my bones move with each step its a great feeling and it makes me really happy

So I watched Power Rangers last night.
And yeah, it was good and nerdy and full of little references and nods, but you know what I really loved?
I got to see an autistic superhero.
Not just a character I could headcanon as autistic, no, I got a superhero who looks people dead in the eyes and says “I’m on the spectrum”.
I got a superhero who info dumps, stims, and has special interests.
I got to see a superhero ask someone to stop touching them, not laugh at that epic joke.
I got to see a little bit of myself.
And true, it could have been better.
We could have gotten better writing, better representation but I got to see an autistic superhero. I got to see a black, male, autistic superhero, and that’s something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime.
I don’t know if other people will realize how important this is, but his autism wasn’t the butt of a joke.
It wasn’t some feel-good moment about overcoming his “disability”. He wasn’t there to be comic relief or anything else.
He is a superhero. With autism.
I just sat and stared at a screen the size of my house, with hundreds of other people, and got to see myself, my community displayed in a positive way in mainstream, really epic media.
A superhero. With autism.

Déjà vu

Based on THIS textpost

McGonagall: *looking over the write up of what the boys were caught doing. she sighs*

James: Actually professor, Sirius is my middle name.

Mcgonagall: *stares at both of them, feeling the absolute worst Déjà vu*

James: Yeah, Minnie, you look like you’ve seen a ghost or something.

McGonagall: *pauses, suddenly seeing two different boys in front of her…*

*The two boys leave the office*


James Sirius Potter/James Potter played by @space-marauder

Teddy Lupin/Remus Lupin played by @kapitan5o

Imagine living in a city where there are no monuments, no buildings from before 1970, no proof that you had grandparents or parents, no history at all. Wouldn’t that make you feel like you were just a passing fad, that you could be blown away like leaves?… for any community to feel substantial and able to change without losing themselves, a history is absolutely crucial.
—  Emma Donoghue, talking about LGBT history and LGBT historical fiction
Different types of allistics

The Autism Mom™: constantly talks about how hard it is to have an autistic kid, highkey abusive but gets away with it because her child is autistic, is fueled by people telling her how BRAVE she is to deal with an autistic child

The Openly Ableist™: doesn’t try to hide their hatred of autistic people, used the R slur every other sentence, posts videos of autistic people having meltdowns to reddit for the Lolz

The Know It All™: has a friend who’s cousin is autistic nd somehow thinks this makes them an expert on autism/autistic issues

The Autism Savior™: helps out at one “special needs” program and suddenly believes they’re the best person in the world, that they are the most humble and selfless person to exist because they were in a room with an autistic person and weren’t actively abusive

The “Ally"™: says the support autistic people, actually just supports Autism $peaks, uses person first language, uses functioning labels, speaks over actually autistic people, gets angry when an autistic person asks them to make accommodations for them (usually also The Autism Savior™)

An Actual Ally: tries to listen to what autistic people are saying and not speak over them, happily helps autistics with sensory things and gets them what they need, haha lets be real this type doesnt exist lmaooo

(allistics don’t go anywhere near this post)