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Nick & Grace Headcanons 1/?

• Nick stops by Sam’s office more often to visit Grace interning than to see his own father.

• Nick’s actually really glad he won’t be getting his license before Grace so he can use that as an excuse to drag her along to parties with him.

• They usually have study not-dates (totally dates) at Nick’s house because it offers more privacy in comparison to Grey House’s revolving door of residents.

• Nick shows up for breakfast at Grey House when he’s getting a ride to school from Sam so he’s able to see Grace in the morning as usual.

• Nick takes to calling her his “saving Grace” whenever he passes a test because of her helping him study.

• Generally, Nick pays for their food whenever they’re eating a meal at the Bistro, but when they’re out simply for drinks Grace insists on paying.

• Nick’s handwriting is actually slightly more legible than Grace’s, which he loves to tease her about.

   - Eventually he takes to “helping” her write like him, covering her hand in his. He explains as if it’s completely complicated, but really he’s just 100% sure if the room envelops in silence then she’ll be able to hear his heart beating a mile a minute.

   - Grace is totally reminded of this when Noah brings up her handwriting in 309.

• Nick always writes in pen.

   - Grace makes a casual comment about it, and he opens up–but only with her. “It’s nice to feel something permanent in my life once.”

   - She smiles softly at him, and lets him know that she’s here to stay as well.

   - They have another one of their just Looking™ at each other moments, before Nick’s hand that was inching across the table towards hers bumps into her pencil and he looks down, both of them laughing.

   - “But maybe I should use pencil for math. It’s…not my best subject.”

   - She laughs again, shaking her head. “No, it is not.”

   - They BOTH remember this in 303.

• Nick inherited his father’s inability to cook, so Grace takes pity on him.

   - Often times this just means he eats over at Grey House when Sam’s out or they make a snack to take over for one of their study (not) dates.

   - Sometimes it means he’s put into one of her aprons and they cook together.

   - In 208 he got away with ditching the apron; coincidentally that’s the only time she throws food at him.

• This is Nick’s hoodie. He’s 5000% sure she looks better in it than he ever did.

   - Bonus: Sam totally notices but only quietly consults Eve about it.

   - After Nick tries to convince Sam he’ll go with him to Greg’s meeting about London, he makes a comment about his hoodie as he’s leaving. Grace is totally swamped in work and just laughs, telling him she likes it and definitely needs it for at least the rest of the day.

   - “Ah, it’s fine. You seem to have a lot of work to do today, anyway.”

   - “Ha. You have no idea.”

• As soon as it starts to warm up outside they take to hanging out on Nick’s porch steps late into the night–really late once summer begins.

   - Once Sam secures the lake house and fixes it all up, Nick and Grace spend their summer nights there instead.

   - As well as some weekend getaways.

• When Nick finally has his permit and is ready to learn to drive, he considers dropping hints to Grace that he wants her there with him but instead decides to flat-out ask her. She’s thrilled to follow him on his “journey.” He finds her word usage adorable; almost says so out loud, too.

• Nick purposely tried to make his inviting Grace to London with him seem like a sudden idea, but he’d thought about it a lot. He’d miss her too much not to at least suggest it.

• Nick doesn’t only talk with Greg about his family, but about Grace, too.

   - Greg sees her in the hallway once and can immediately pick her out due to his thoroughly detailed conversations with Nick.

   - Nick never mentions it to Grace but she seems to know anyway, what with that twinkled in her eyes and her *feelings.*

• Neither of them say it out loud, but they’re really, really, really hoping they’ll get to go on vacation together.

   - Grace definitely wants it to be somewhere with a history, preferably a magical history.

   - Nick KNOWS she wants it to be somewhere with a history. He knows her so well.

• Grace urges Nick to read the Tarynsville series so she can fangirl about it to him as well.

   - He agrees. But only to make her happy. And definitely after calling it the wrong name several more times.

• They rode the Ferris wheel seven times in a row at the Lights Festival just so they could point out where everything and everyone was.

• Grace takes to shooting hoops in Nick’s driveway when she wants his attention–plus it’s an excellent chance to tease him about “pounding the backboard” yet again.

• Nick nearly has a heart attack when he’s informed of Grace’s accident because “h o l y  s h i t.”

   - He told Courtney it’s not her fault because he’s 5000% sure it’s his fault. He knows Grace wouldn’t say that, but it tears him up.

   - He’s the one that gave her the stuffed lion in her hospital room. He just went around to stores with Courtney to help her out with her own gift, plus Grace never asked who bought the lion.

   - She feels inexplicably drawn to the stuffed animal. She mentions it only once to Nick, and he looks wholly pleased with the comment.

   - {Notice, when she finds the book Abigail put in her room in 305, the stuffed lion is still there on her bed.}

• Nick insists on stopping by Grace’s room before the Tarynsville book reading to show off his costume and faux accent. She slips and calls him cute, cuing another one of their signature Looking™ moments.

   - She hears about Martha calling him “Boy Prince” later on and teases him for over a week.

• They bond over their mutual frustration with App Store games after 303.

• Grace insists on going to the movie theater with Nick, and not just when he’s running the film like in 304.

   - He agrees under the condition they can share popcorn again.

• After Cassie and Sam take Cassie’s car in 304, Nick drives himself and Grace home in Sam’s car. Nick *happened* to have a set of keys–Cassie, of course.

• Nick just laughs his head off when Grace informs him of her day with the mayor. (305)

• Nick goes over to Grace’s house after her birthday moment with Cassie just to check up on her and give her a present.

   - She thought the entire day with him and Courtney was the only gift, but nope: he bought her a choker (309) and a leather jacket (309, again, when she’s walking with Noah).

   - She gets him to try on both of them just for the fun of it.

   - Definitely calls him cute again.

   - He’s keeping count of those ^ moments.

• Nick shows up to Grace’s academic decathlon games simply to make faces at her when she gets a question right.

Chapter 30

*Bailee’s POV*

My teeth were quickly brushed before I washed my face and put on an old t shirt. The length of my hair fell in waves over my shoulder as I combed it through. When I opened the bathroom door I found Chris sitting on the end of my bed, head down, staring at his phone. He was still fully clothed.

“Are you not staying tonight?” I asked.

“You have work in the morning and so do I.” He answered.

Chris’ focus didn’t remain on my face for long, his sparkling eyes trailing down the length of my body. My shirt came mid-thigh before my bare legs swept to the floor. I couldn’t help but shyly smile as I made my way over to him. His knees parted so I could stand in between. Large, warm hands rested on my lower back, slipping down to cup my ass. I quietly gasped but allowed him to gently squeeze.

“You’re testing my patience.” He mumbled.

My fingers stroked through his small curls as his head rested on my stomach.

“No, no, you need to go to bed.” He abruptly spoke.

I jumped as he stood swiftly from the end of my bed, his height shadowing over me before drawing back the covers.

“In.” He spoke while flicking his head.

I complied, climbing into bed.

“Please stay.” I whispered.

I watched him close his eyes, quietly sighing before staring down at me. His shoes were kicked off and I made room for him to lay next to me. Chris remained on top of the covers as I snugged into my pillow, settling down on my stomach.

“I’ll stay until you fall asleep.”

“Well, I’ve been having trouble sleeping so you might be here for a while.” I teased.

“Bailee.” Chris warned, fighting to keep the smile from spreading along his lips.

He was laid sprawled on his back, head turned to me. He really was beautiful.

“You have to close your eyes to sleep.” He whispered.

“I’d rather watch you.”

I shuffled a little closer to him as he observed me. My intention for it was to be a small goodnight kiss but it became a little more. Our lips savouring one another’s as they meshed together. Chris’ tongue pried into my mouth, invading my senses but as I tried to get closer he gently pushed on my shoulders. We were both breathless as we parted. But close enough for our lips to continually brush.

“Don’t tempt me.” He warned.

I reluctantly flopped back to my previous position, head still facing Chris. We laid for a little while in silence before I broke the silence.

“You have long eyelashes.” I commented.

He smiled, slightly confused.

“Good thing?”

I nodded as Chris raised his hand, gently pushing my hair back from my face. Breath caught in my throat as he leaned over to me. A giggle escaped my mouth as he deliberately brushed his lashes against my cheek before placing a soft kiss to my lips.

“Go to sleep Bailee.”


Chris took a seat next to me on the table I usually say on while he helped people train. I would often bring a book to read as I waited for him to finish work. Tom had joined us a few minutes prior and I had continued to indulge in my novel as they talked boxing. But my wandering mind was hauled back to reality as something in their conversation sparked my interest. A fight. My book was placed beside me. Chris had noticed my sudden diverted attention, my eyes looking questioningly at him. Their conversation paused as he took my hand.

“I have a fight.” He told me.

His touch withdrew and he turned back to talking to Tom.

“Wait what?” I shook my head. “You said you didn’t fight.”

“I know, but something has been sorted out for Friday night.”

They continued to converse with me sat to the side of them. I looked down at my hands, fiddling with my fingers, remembering Chris had told me he punched above his weight. It would be a danger for his competitor. I frowned, gripping Chris’ shoulder. He looked a little surprised at my interruption.

“Is he in your weight class?” I abruptly asked.

He hesitated, staring at me. It appeared he was having an internal battle, not sure if it was best to divulge that certain detail.

“Chris.” My tone demanding.

My fingertips dug into his skin. But I grew more frustrated as a smirk spread on his beautiful face.

“You’re cute when your angry.”

I flinched away when his hand came up to brush against my cheek. Chris was trying to distract me and his plan succeeded for a couple of seconds before I realised what he was up to.

“Stop it and answer the question.” I bit back.

Eyebrows were raised at my less than pleased tone. He gave me a cheeky grin, dimples popping in his cheek. He looked so young.


Chris’ head tilted to the side, smiling as he waited for my reaction.

“No?” I asked, creasing my forehead.

“He’s in the next class up.” Chris stated.

Tom had been intently watching our interaction. Clearly surprised with my tone toward Chris. My vision flicked to him to get his input on the situation.

“Bailee don’t worry about it. Chris will take him out easy.”

Tom lightly punched Chris on the shoulder as they laughed.

“D-don’t encourage him! T-the guy you’ll be fighting, he’ll be bigger than you. This is dangerous Chris.”

I grew increasingly anxious. I didn’t want to see Chris hurt. My mind then flickered to where it was going to be held. The gym where the two boys worked out would never allow him to fight, let alone against someone in a different weight class. That’s when I realised he hadn’t told them.

“This fight isn’t legal, is it?” My voice was quiet.

Chris’ tongue swiped over his full lips. Brown eyes intensely peering into mine.

“Technically, no.”

“Oh my god, Chris you can’t do this.” I spoke desperately grabbing his hand.

“Tom, will you give us a minute?” Chris asked.

“Sure.” He smiled, standing and walking away.

Chris’ attention then diverted to me. He took my hand, guiding me to him before walking us toward the front of the gym where the changing rooms were. Chris’ frame stood squarely in front of me, height towering above. I sighed as long fingers brushed strands of hair from my face.

“Bailee, I’m going to fight.” He sternly told me.

I could tell he was frustrated at the interruption of his phone ringing from inside the change rooms. I already knew our usual routine, me having to wait while he took the call. He didn’t say anything, just left me standing on my own as he disappeared through the doorway. I grew angrier, left to dwell on my own thoughts. My head shook before I strode at a determined pace into the male changing rooms after him. My presence startled a few men, but they quickly exited as I spotted Chris. His shirt had been stripped off and he stood pacing back and forth in only his shorts.

“Look I’m already having enough trouble with Bailee, without you starting on.”

Why on earth was he going to fight someone? I balled my fists by my sides. Boys and their stupid egos. He was going to get hurt because of his bravado and lack of any sense to know when to back down. My chest rose up, taking in a heavy breath.

“I’ve already told you, it isn’t up to you.” He grumbled into the speaker.

I’d had enough of this. My anger boiled over as I stomped forward grabbing the phone from his ear.

“Will you get off the fucking phone, Chris!”

I ended the call, throwing it into his open gym bag. Before I could take another breath my wrists were taken hostage in his large hands. I winced as my back slammed against the walls of the lockers. Heavy puffs of air forced from his parted lips as he yanked my arms above my head. He was furious. Bare chest heaving up and down. I desperately tried to struggle from his grip, but he was too strong for me. I had never seen such darkness in his eyes as he pinned me with his hard gaze. His nose was millimetres away from mine. Breath trembled from my mouth but I forced my fear to the back of my mind.

“Was this someone else telling you how stupid this is?” I asked harshly. “Because you should listen to them, Chris.”

The anger fell away from his eyes.

“That’s what they said about you.” Chris spoke quietly.

My arms were released down to my sides, but I wasn’t free for long. Chris’ body pressing into mine, trapping me. I was left a little confused by his statement, but before I could question him any further on the subject his gaze hardened on me once again, shaking his head of the thought.

“What is it with you fucking women?” He asked rhetorically. “This is my decision, I don’t care if you don’t like it!” Chris shouted.

I wasn’t sure if he noticed but while he was yelling at me he had subconsciously taken my left forearm in his large hand. His grip progressively tightening with every word. I winced, cowering back in his strong hold. My body was trembling, pain shooting up my arm. Small sounds of distress escaped my lips.

“You’re hurting me.” I whimpered.

Chris’ face instantly paled, his hand falling away as he stumbled back. I held my injured arm to my chest, his intense grip having felt a feeling of burning against the skin. It was then I realised that those were the exact words his sister had told her boyfriend before Chris beat him, nearly to death, in their back garden. I realised just how dangerous Chris was. I’d tried to look past his aggressive behaviour, but when it came down to it he still had problems controlling his anger, and that frightened me.

“Bailee.” He attempted to move forward.

My eyes widened in fear, back desperately pressing to the lockers to try and increase the distance between us. But I couldn’t. I was petrified he would cause me harm again.

“Fuck, no please… Not again.” Chris frantically pleaded.

The pain in his eyes was heartbreaking but I was too scared to do anything. He dropped to his knees in front of me. My terrified gaze stayed locked ahead, not looking down. I jumped, gasping as Chris’ strong arms wrapped around the back of my thighs. His head rested on my stomach and he clutched me tighter when he felt reluctance towards his touch. I was shaking.

“Bailee please, I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. That’s the last thing I’d want to do.”

I closed my eyes as tears rolled down my cheeks. Chris’ body was warm against my own. I wanted to comfort him but I didn’t know how, my entirety was still frozen to the spot. He was like a little boy, lost and alone as he searched for some kind of love.

I didn’t want him to be alone.

“Please.” He whispered.


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Chapter 16

*Chris’ POV*

As I withdrew I noticed her eyes had closed. She opened them again as she slowly brought my hand up to her mouth. Her soft, warm lips delicately kissed over my knuckles as she held my eye contact. I allowed her to nudge my shoulder so I was laid on my back. Her body hesitantly moved so she straddled my waist. Her small hands roamed my chest before dipping her head, sprinkling kissed over my skin. I noticed her jump slightly as I rested my hands on her hips. But she continued her actions as my thumbs rubbed small circles into the warm skin below her shirt.

I couldn’t remember the last time someone had been this gentle and tentative with me. Normally it was rough, finger nails and teeth leaving marks over each other’s skin. But it was almost as if Bailee wanted to kiss away the painful reminders and make me forget.

Bailee surprised me when she found a sensitive spot on the right side at the base of my neck. My throat released a deep moan. She instantly pulled back; wide eyes connecting with mine. Her long hair fell out around her as her vision flicked back to the area. I observed her as she cautiously leaned down again. I tilted my head a little to the side to allow her more access. My mouth parted, eyes squeezing closed as her warm lips touched over the skin as she gently sucked.

A short while later she withdrew. But not before she planted a soft kiss to my injured lips. A low hum released from my lips as she combed her hand through my hair. The muscles in my body had gradually relaxed with the delicate touches Bailee had given me. I felt her eyelashes tickle my skin as she placed another kiss on my cheek before she lay down beside me.


My hand caught hold of her forearm, pulling her into me. Her head rested on my chest as I snaked an arm protectively around her back. She didn’t object. I liked the way she felt against my body.

“I understand.” She quietly spoke into my skin.

*Bailee’s POV*

I jolted awake to the sound of thunder. Bright flashing illuminating the window that had a thin layer of curtain fabric drawn over it. My sudden movement cause something to stir beneath me. Chris. I sighed, relief washing over me, glad to have been woken from the awful dream. The earlier events of the evening replaying in my uneasy mind as I slept.

My body relaxed, reassured of the fact he wasn’t laid motionless in the dark alley, like he had been in my nightmare. I found myself in awe as the angry weather outside continued to provide striking flashes of light. Chris’ beautiful face illuminated for seconds at a time before the room was plunged into gloom again.

My eyes fell to his lips, the bottom one slightly swollen from the beating he had received. It was the most calm state I’ve seen him in. He was still, apart from the steady movements of his chest and occasional twitch of his fingers.

My mind wondered back to what he had told me before we fell asleep. My heart ached with the obviously painful memories of his mum and sister. Any fingers curiously touched over the warm skin on his stomach that had been revealed by fallen covers. The touch travelled lightly up his chest, trailing up his neck.

He was trying to protect them. His mums reaction had torn him up inside, he was desperate to keep them safe, but his violent actions had frightened them rather than reassured them. I could tell Chris couldn’t bear to go through another experience like the one he witnessed with his mum and dad. That’s why he lashed out at his sisters lover.

I didn’t want to justify the violent behaviour he displayed now, but I could certainly understand it. I began to believe Chris’ actions towards me weren’t something I should be scared of. But he still held that certain intimidating edge. My thoughts were abruptly interrupted when Chris shot up, the loud weather yanking him from his sleep. His hands instantly finding mine, pulling me to his body as he breathed heavily.

“Chris, it’s just thunder.” I whispered, attempting to calm him down.

His arms protectively wrapped around my body. My fingers moved in soothing circles across his bare skin as I gradually felt his muscles relax


I squinted slightly at the bright light peeking through the edges of the curtains. Chris was still asleep, mouth slightly agape as his chest rose and fell. I gently pried his strong arms from around my body, shuffling out of bed. Chris rolled onto his front, face pressed to the pillow as he lightly snored. My hands quietly rooted through my drawers, pulling out clothes for me to change into after my shower.

My head turned, eyes locking on the still sleep figure in my bed before I shut the door to the bathroom. I washed and changed quickly. I checked my appearance in the reflection of the mirror, pushing my long, wet hair back over my shoulders. My fingers gripped the handle to the door, but disappointment grew as my eyes landed on the bed. The sheets were a mess on the mattress. Chris nowhere in sight. He’d left.

I sat on the end of the bed, my body flopping back onto the duvet. A few minutes passed before my phone buzzed. I scrabbled over to my bag that I had left by the door, pulling out my phone and unlocking it.

Chris: “Be ready by 9 tomorrow night, I’m taking you out again. Wear a dress
for me.”

*Next Evening*

Chris had taken me to a different club, one further across town. Yet again he seemed to be a regular, the large bouncer recognising him and letting us enter before the frustrated queuing people outside. A strong arm slung around my shoulder, turning me closer to his body.

“Your ass looks amazing in that dress.” He lowly whispered into my ear.

I knew he had been checking me out. The walk to the club had been full of lingering glances and attempts to squeeze my ass. He would laugh as I yanked his hand away from my backside, only to drop a suggestive comment a few minutes later.

I looked up to him, Chris’ eyes loitering on my chest before he met my gaze. He smirked before leading me over to the bar, where he was quickly served by a busty blonde. She shamelessly tried to flirt with him, only to be shot down. Either Chris hadn’t noticed her attempts to get his attention or he was ignoring her. Regardless of which, his interest stuck to me. Something I found a little surprising seen as the barmaid was very pretty. The drink was handed to me, the alcohol running down my throat and relaxing my tense posture. Chris’ position changed after the second glass I had consumed within the hour. His hand grazed down my back, resting just above my backside as he forced my body into his. I whimpered at his persuasive actions. His head dipped, nipping at my neck, his scent taking over my senses. I was lost in his touch until his plump lips found my ear, his voice adding to the seduction.

“Dance for me.”

He drew back, looking down to confirm that I understood what he desired of me. When I didn’t respond he flicked his head over to the dance floor. Numerous bodies were moving and grinding to the thumping music. His hand encouraged me over to the spot he focused on. Chris’ warm touch left my lower back as I walked over. If it wasn’t for the two drinks I had consumed I might have objected to the idea. I turned around to find him sat up on a stool, directly in front of me. His dark gaze held mine as he leaned his elbows back onto the bar, waiting for me to comply to his request.

I had danced at clubs before, but never for someone. My body hesitantly moved, not quite sure of what Chris was expecting. My mind jumbled but I had decided it was best to just let go. Move however my body wanted to. My hips swayed to the heavy bass, feeling it thump through my chest. The alcohol in my blood stream aiding in my movements. My gaze fell back on Chris. His eyes seemed to grow darker as he drank in my body, scanning up and down. A smirk crossed his beautiful features as my hand slid down my body.

My mind became aware of other male gazes, watching as I moved my hips. But none of them made any attempt to approach me. They knew I was Chris’. I had never had this sort of attention before, but I carried on dancing. My only focus was on Chris. He brought his drink to his plump lips as he stared at me over the rim. My head rolled back, long hair cascading over my shoulders. I felt like we were the only two in the club.

I smiled as Chris shifted on his seat. His feet touched the floor as he pushed himself up. His towering figure promptly strolling forward to me. I watched his smirk grow as I moved back. My stomach flipped when he gave me a playful look, winking. Swiftly I turned, weaving through the sweaty bodies. My long hair tickled my skin as I twisted my head around to find Chris following me. I brought my bottom lip between my teeth, teasing him. A small giggle escaped my mouth as his eyes grew impossibly darker. His movements became a little more forceful, nudging people out of the way to continue our mischievous chase. My gaze flickered back every now and then, already know I had him hooked. A few females landed on Chris’ tall frame, but he didn’t care. His focus was solely on me.

I found myself nearing the corner of the club. But I didn’t have time to turn around as a pair of large hands caught hold of my hips from behind.

“Where are you going, baby?” His voice whispered into my ear.

The heavy, slow base thumped around us. Chris’ strong arm snaked around my waist, his right hand staying on my hip. Plump lips pressed to my neck as we moved to the music. I gasped as Chris forced my hips back, my ass pressed firmly to his crouch.

“Can you feel that?”

I tensed, my breathing increased, a large bulge pressing into me.

“That’s how much I want you.” He whispered lowly in my ear.

His tone sent shivers through my body. My head rolled back onto his shoulder as he ground his hips into me, my eyes squeezed closed at the contact.

“Chris.” I gasped.

Small whimpers left my lips as I felt his chest vibrate in a low moan. His nose brushed the skin of my neck. Full lips leaving a wet trail of kisses.

“Tell me what you want me to do.”

My hand went up, gripping the back of his neck. My fingertips pressed into the warm skin as he nibbled on my ear lobe.

“Tell me.” Chris encouraged.

My free hand desperately fisted his shirt behind me.

“Touch me, please.”

“With pleasure.” He smirked.

His hot touch skimmed down my side, lingering to rub small circles into my hip before moving lower. Chris’ actions went unnoticed by the others in the club. His larger frame shielding my body as our backs faced the rest of the room. The darker corner concealed out movements to the young people who were more interested in the person they were dancing with. My breath caught in my throat as a large hand ran up the side of my thigh, slowly hitching my dress up. My lips parted as fingertips skimmed over my underwear. Patterns were lightly traced over the lace, making me whimper. It surprised me when the pressure of his touch increased, my thighs squeezing together. Chris’ deep chuckle sounded in my ear as I felt vibrations run through his chest behind me.

I gasped when he went to push my underwear to the side. But I stopped him, my fingers wrapping around his wrist.

“Not here, please.” I begged.

In an instant Chris grabbed my hand, tugging me over to the exit.

Originally, Bailee was only planning on laying on the couch in the lounge for a quick minute. She fell into a light sleep where her mind began to wander soon after. It wasn’t until she heard footsteps approaching when she lifted her head in a startling manner and wanted nothing more than to open her eyes to protect herself. Instead, she put her hands up in defense and rapidly said, “please don’t hurt me!”



“Fuck baby right there!” I yelled out in pleasure as Quinton’s thrusts had me on edge while this washing machine was on its spin cycle. The vibrations from the washing machine were only making things better. I could feel my climax approaching as my legs began trembling and my breaths became more jagged, but held it in because of me and Quinton’s bet: he was going to cum first. 

“Damn Bailee…” He grunted lowly in my ear as I rolled my hips against him with my walls clenched tightly around his shaft, digging my nails even deeper into his back as I clawed like an animal at his skin. His dick twitched, growing fatter deep within my walls, signaling I had him right where I wanted him. Breathlessly, I whispered in his ear “Cum for me baby.”

All he did was shake his head in response; I knew he wasn’t giving up easily. He removed his hands from the washing machine, placing his palms on my waist and slowly eased out of my opening stopping right at the tip and rammed his full length inside of me. My lips parted as a loud yelp escaped my lips as I threw my head back, creating a deep arch in my back, bringing my hands to the edge of the washing machine as I held myself together with all my might. “You cum first.” He mumbled chuckling lightly as smacked his hand down on my clit, continuing to ram inside of me.

“Fuck it” I murmured, my walls pulsating as I allowed my juices to splash to rapidly, heavily drenching his dick, dripping down my legs as well as his. I shook my head as my chest heaved up and down, attempting to catch my breath. 

“Good girl” He said with a deep, husky grunt as his hips jerked forward with his release inside of me and licked over his lips, pulling out. He leaned up and pecked my lips before grabbing a towel from the pile of clean clothes, wiping himself off just as my phone vibrated. I reached over and grabbed it off the dryer, glancing at the preview immediately getting nervous. 

“You gotta go, Drew is on his way.” I told Quinton as I hopped down from the washing machine. He sucked his teeth as he pulled his pants up, buckling his belt. “I don’t know why you still with that nigga when you got me Bailee… Shit crazy” He mumbled the last part.

“I don’t know why you trippin’ like you don’t got a girl. Thanks for the nut, but you gotta bounce.” I said with an attitude clearly in my tone, crossing my arms. I don’t know what he been getting at lately, with this jealous shit, but it gotta go.

“Whatever man…” He said as he clenched his jaw, putting on his hoodie, leaving out the laundry room and let his self out my place. I just shook my head and jogged upstairs to take a quick shower before Drew got here. 

Before I could even step into the shower Drew unlocked my door and came into my condo. “Babe?!” I heard him call out to me and I grabbed my robe, putting it on before walking back downstairs to meet him. He grinned widely once he saw me and I was honestly exhausted from the work Quinton just put in so I just put on a fake smile as I made my way over to him. 

“Hey babe” I said, keeping the smile on my face, hoping he wouldn’t sense anything. Sadly, he did. “You good?” He raised eyebrow, wrapping his arms around my waist, pulling me close to him and kissed my lips gently. After pulling away, he looked down at me with a worried expression. 

“Yeah baby, I’m good just a little tired” I half lied… Well it wasn’t a lie because it was the truth, but the reason behind it was what made it like lying.

“Why you so tired? I ain’t even fuck yo shit up yet.” He chuckled looking at me. Yeah, but Quinton did. “I’m sorry I couldn’t take care of you this morning, I had an important meeting baby… You not mad are you?” He raised an eyebrow, looking down at me. Nah, I’m good it was definitely taken care of.

I shook my head in response. “Nah, I’m not mad just tired babe, guess I ain’t feeling well” I lied, trying not to make it obvious that I was avoiding eye contact. 

He looked at me skeptically before nodding. “Alright babe, well rest up because tonight, I’m taking you out to dinner so we can celebrate my big deal… And pack a bag, you stayin’ at my place tonight” He grinned before pecking my lips and leaving out with out another word.

 Kissing my boyfriend right after fucking another man in the condo he pays for… Damn that’s disrespectful.