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(non-linear, just random time stamps of fun loving president pkane and his adorkable stoic assistant jtoews)

Patrick’s spent the day constantly in motion. He’s afraid if he stops for a second, everything will catch up to him and he might have a breakdown. It’s Election Day and he’s only a few hours away from possibly becoming the next President of the United States.

He’s also spent the whole day as close to Jonny as possible. He won’t let the man out of his sight. It gets so bad that Jonny can’t even fulfill his assistant duties like answering calls or running errands because Patrick’s clutching his bicep half of the time.

All of Patrick’s loved ones are with him by the end of the night. Most of the polls are close and once the west coast states start getting called, it’s a done deal.

When news networks start calling it, Patrick reaches over for Jonny’s hand and gives it a squeeze before he’s bombarded with hugs from his family and Sharpy and has to let go.

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Sudden plot bunny attack. (quick, someone take it before it makes babies!)

Every boss within the Vongola has part of their soul sucked inside the ring, to be held until the next heir comes along and the ring accepts them, at which time the part of the soul will merge with the heir’s, effectively passing along years worth of knowledge and creating a kind of ‘reincarnation’ effect. 

Tsuna inherits Vongola’s ring, and wakes up the day after the ceremony with nine other people inside his head, and a memory that stretches back way too far to be natural.

Bonus: Literally nobody outside the bosses knows about this. Not the Guardians, not the Advisers, nobody. There are journals from previous Guardians depicting the strangeness over the years, but nobody’s chalked it up to anything other than the sudden onslaught of responsibility in a much larger size. Even after the Third slaughtered half a dozen former allies in a fit of sudden rage because someone called him ‘trash’, it was passed off as stress and he was urged to bed for a couple weeks, and was found to be fine shortly thereafter.

Tsuna decides to be the first to tell, and sits Reborn down for a very long discussion.

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I'm with you on the whole glasses thing! Of course there's a difference! Two totally different things.

thank u like honestly i didn’t care at first but like it became like hundreds of ppl coming to my inbox quoting hermione as if they solved the biggest conundrum and whenever i see these ppl get all smug like i just have to lay it down and remind them there’s a difference between hermione pointing out harry’s bad vision and someone asking to wear ur glasses to see how blind u are or like doin the stupid ‘how many fingers am i holding up’ thing like i can’t fam i just can’t

*sees another scout thats ok with doubles* ok…

*sees another scout that Isnt ok with doubles* AhhHH UMMM

*sees another scout that literally calls doubles Fakes*  🔪 🔪 🔪