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since i can’t draw have this sad abandoned thingie that happened when kageyama was gone for his special training camp in manga


Ben, I never told you that I loved you because I thought that I wasn’t good enough. And I thought that it was only a matter of time before you realised that yourself. But, Ben, that’s me! I’m part Isle and part Auradon. And, Ben, you’ve always known who we were and who we can be.

bad ending to “the shape of water”: eliza dies, abe is sadman deadgf, abe is tortured and battered at the end but its only hopeful for him but eliza just dies and is forgotten about

neutral ending to “the shape of water”: eliza doesn’t die but she and abe fight and they have a ~~bittersweet~~ ending where he just swims off into the ocean or something and they stay angry at each other forever

acceptable ending to “the shape of water”: eliza and abe don’t break up but they can’t be together; he has to be one w/ the water and be kept hidden far away but he visits her often and the future is good for him

GOOD and TRUE ending to “the shape of water”: eliza and abe dont break up and he doesnt leave, he just sorta finds a way to live in her apartment and be w/ her. the conquer the haters and everyone just sorta becomes cool w/ her having a fish husband. he wears hats and scarves sometimes when they go out so he can disguise himself as a human….kinda and he thinks its the neatest disguise. they’re cute and live together forever and somehow get married. they reinvent love. the end.

You know what?? I hope Minho is having just the absolute best day

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I think the people saying they don't care about the battle!couple/alliance rune stuff and want a sex scene instead are missing the fact that the alliance rune is actually a hugely intimate thing for them to share? Like normally runes applied to a downworlder would straight up kill them but this one binds them together in a way that allows them to share their greatest strengths. Also it shows them sharing a huge amount of trust, especially from Magnus & I think the fact he's going to share [1/2]

[2/2] this with Alec after their argument about trust is going to be a really important and beautiful moment for them? (Basically, get hyped for alliance rune!)

Couldn’t have said it better.