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I don't know Bechdels personally, so this is just a guess, but I assume what they're talking about when they say "you seem straight" is not the logistical issues of planning around two people's schedules but something else. It's pretty commonly believed on tumblr (whether true or not is another matter) that straight people are more "restrictive" to their partners (ie "you can't go to a strip club," "you can't talk to other girls except me," "you can't follow other guys on instagram,") whereas

“(pt 2) gay couples are more permissive, never placing regulations on who their partners can interact with or where they can go or what they can wear.”

Well that sounds pretty dumb. I’m not saying you’re dumb I just think the concept is dumb. I know the gay couples I know would be mad if their partner was talking to other guys. It seems like that would just be a basic tenet of a monogamous relationship.

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Pt 1 I've been wanting to ask someone about my friend for a long time but I never knew who to ask. I saw this page and I felt like I could talk to one of you about this. I manifested a friend in 2011 when my grandmother passed away. He doesn't always look the same so it's hard for me to describe what he looks like. He is a boy. He ages at the same rate as I do but I don't know his exact age. He has a form that is very human and he also has a form that is very animal. He has bird like qualities.

Pt 2 he is very protective of me and he’s not a huge fan of strangers. Recently, a girl moved in with me who is also a witch. This is the first time I’ve interacted with another witch since my grandma. He was very wary of her at first and he wanted her to leave. He’s getting used to her now and he’s even reaching out to her, but when I told her about him, she assumed that he was a demon that attached himself to me. I have never felt threatened by him before .

Pt 3 do you think it’s possible that he is a companion or a do you think he’s a demon? What are some questions that I should ask him or some house rules I should set up to make sure he doesn’t cause harm. He’s never hurt me and although he looks scary, I’m always comfortable around him. Did I just get lucky or is he playing tricks? I used to assume he was a fae because I played with them as a child but I’m just not sure. Help

Well, if you made him, then he’s a thoughtform! Unless you sent energy out into the world looking for someone, in which case, you would have found a bunch of spirits. You should still set up house rules and wards and all the things you should have anyways if you are dealing with spirits. He’s probably not a demon, unless he says he is or you made him that way. -f

DIZZEE!!!! SIGNING!!! A!! HEART!!! IN!! THE!!! AIR!!! AT!!!! THOR!!!! IN!! THE!! AUDIENCE!!!!



the foxes as things i've said:
  • kevin day: *consumes my own drinks and my friend's drinks* alcohol poisoning come at me.
  • andrew minyard: nice guys finish last, which is why i act like a dick
  • aaron minyard: no seriously, fuck that noise. fuck your noise. fuck my own noise. let's all just shut the fuck up.
  • nicky hemmick: "it's only gay if-?" pls. it's always gay. lol no hetero.
  • neil josten: leg days? more like leg life. i'm always running away from my problems, bitch.
  • matt boyd: *stares lovingly into my best friend's eyes* wow, wait what did u say?
  • allison reynolds: when u said pretty, i heard it as petty and i was like: yeah, same thing tbh.
  • renee walker: knives are aesthetically pleasing but i won't hesitate to use them because blood can be aesthetic too. <3
  • dan wilds: really, ur mistake is thinking i'll be nice just because i smiled at u once.
  • coach wymack: what kind of shituation?
  • Bonus- Seth Gordon: i'm dead af but who cares *shrug emoji*

I can’t stop thinking about what Astrid’s conversation with Viggo must have been like on their way up to the volcano. Did he try to get inside her head before he restrained her, like he did with Hiccup? I keep imagining some kind of parallel conversation to the one Hiccup heard earlier:

“Oh Astrid, relationships can be so complicated. Am I right? While I’ve never been in your shoes I can certainly empathize with your situation.”

“Really, Viggo? I seriously doubt that.”

“Absolutely. To be in love with a man who will be your future chief? I’m not sure how I would balance such a precarious power dynamic. It can certainly complicate things, being in such a situation that blurs the lines between desire and duty. It must weigh heavy on the mind, knowing that you will never truly be the number one priority in his life. Certainly you must fall somewhere close behind his dragons and his tribe, at the very least?

Wowza. Angst alert. 

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Shinee in a recording studio?

yesss the boys at work!! i imagine as 9-year idols they’re pretty relaxed but still focused af. here you go anon! 


  • why do they always record at the buttcrack of dawn 
  • gets the members warm cups of green tea to ready their voices 
  • what song are they recording again?? 
  • honestly all his  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ is a LIE 
  • belts out his lines like the pro he is in a strong af voice and like he wasn’t just complaining about missing his bed  
  • does nod off during taemin’s recording but otherwise laser!!! focus!!!!!


  • already vocalizing from the van over 
  • pretty much everyone in the sm building can hear him (employees: “ah shinee’s preparing for another comeback”) 
  • wearing all of his concert swag 
  • was not successful in convincing the other members to match with him 
  • his kazoo is in his pocket bc maybe they’ll let him use it in one of their songs this album
  • always looks like he’s making out with the microphone 


  • his copy of the lyrics are highlighted and marked with arrows to signify changes in key/tone etc 
  • his notes are neat and important looking but pretty indecipherable to anyone else 
  • is usually done with recording the fastest (”i’m just too good”) 
  • when someone’s done too he always compliments on what they did well and cheers them up when they don’t look too happy with themselves 
  • if he laughs inside the booth he makes sure to turn his head so he doesn’t murder the sound crew’s ears 


  • standing at the soundboard like “ah yes reverb, amp, …… volume” 
  • resisting the urge to slide something 
  • should ask one of the noonas to teach him one day bc it’s looks interesting 
  • ropes kibum into a rap battle (key just uses raps from their songs when he runs out of rhymes) 
  • stands in the middle of the room and starts rapping quietly to himself 
  • when it’s a song he sings in he tests out his lines with shinee for feedback (he also smiles really wide when they tell him he sounds good and to do what he was doing) 


  • does that thing with his headphones where it folds one of his ears over and he keeps it like that like it’s not bothering him
  • how is it not bothering him 
  • mini-dancing while singing 
  • those hips cannot lie 
  • trying not to smile at the rest of shinee who are making faces at him from the other side of the glass 
  • he is the youngest or are all they?????

Life has special gifts pt. 2