by me my arts

I had a need to draw Okami Hanzo and wanted to use my decorative tape ♥

This comic was a shit super old, I did when I saw that Bendy had thousands of ships (Bendy x Oswald, Bendy x Cuphead, Bendy x Felix…ando more), the reason I did not put Mickey at the beginning is because it made me lazy to make it longer, but Harold kept insisting that I include Mickey .. .

He likes Bendy x Mickey a lot (?)

I do not know what other ships might have, I even saw a Bendy x Frisk (?)

This of Bendy-senpai was Harold’s idea (?) Or as he says “Bondi senpoi”

Just beat Samus Returns at 100% and man I am tingling I am so ready for the resurgence of my favorite game series.

So, in the spirit of things, A Ridley.


yeah expect a looot of portal content from me soon, especially Blue Sky oriented

@kitt-tea I blame you for this