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Annie… Even if the whole world will curse and resent you… Remember that your father will always be on your side.

anonymous asked:

Rey vs Kylo at quidditch? (with frustrated!kylo :)

ok so hear me out. 

Kylo is the seeker of the slytherin quidditch team and he’s GOOD at what he does, one of the best they’ve had in a while. He’s about to catch the golden snitch. IT’S LITERALLY RIGHT BEYOND HIS FINGER TIPS when the newly appointed seeker of the gryffindor quidditch team, Rey, just flies in out of nowhere and catches it like its nothing.  And he’s super devastated by the fact that a newbie one-upped him, the legendary slytherin seeker with years of experience under his belt. 

They become your average gryffindor-slytherin rivals… Except for some reason Kylo’s heart speeds up whenever he sees her and the room becomes a couple degrees hotter. *wink wink*

Also, headcannon that Rey uses a super old broom, inherited from her granddad old Ben Kenobi, and it’s pretty much at the end of its life but she receives a brand new one (The  newest model) as a gift from an “anonymous” fan (cough cough kylo cough)

Some forest doodles

Painted on PS [2017.07] I am experimenting, we’ll see how it goes!

Have a good day <3 <3


One of Audrey Horne’s outfits from Twin Peaks S01E03.

“I love this music. Isn’t it too dreamy?“

I may not live to see our glory…