by mcpoyles


so like… i’m not sure if it was a decision made by the writers or the actors but SOMEHOW it was decided that liam should lowkey have a thing for dennis and i just think that’s the funniest thing

I love Maureen Ponderosa. She’s so iconic, that binch bled Dennis of every penny, got engaged to a McPoyle who she cheated on with Dennis in the bathroom on the day of the wedding, went full cat, got Dennis to do humiliating shit for like 15 dollars less a month and then fucken slipped off that roof, love her

IASiP Ask Game

Dennis: What’s your darkest secret? 
Dee: What’s your dream profession? 
Mac: Are you religious? 
Charlie: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? 
Frank: What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever done? 
Rickety Cricket: What’s your biggest regret? 
Artemis: Weirdest sexual/romantic encounter?
The McPoyles: Who’s in your family, and are you close to them? 
The Lawyer: Have you ever committed a crime? 
Marueen Ponderosa: What’s your favorite animal?
The Waitress: Tell a story about/behind your name.

because I’m a huge nerd. (Much thanks to @meshtank​ for helping me make this tbh)