by mcpoyles


so like… i’m not sure if it was a decision made by the writers or the actors but SOMEHOW it was decided that liam should lowkey have a thing for dennis and i just think that’s the funniest thing

I love Maureen Ponderosa. She’s so iconic, that binch bled Dennis of every penny, got engaged to a McPoyle who she cheated on with Dennis in the bathroom on the day of the wedding, went full cat, got Dennis to do humiliating shit for like 15 dollars less a month and then fucken slipped off that roof, love her

hollywood’s been trying to sexualize jimmi simpson for fuckin YEARS and it hasn’t worked. the stench of mcpoyle is too strong. they made him hackerman in house of cards, bad boy black hat in westworld, but we knew better. he stank of milk. but now he pulls his lycra space pants down to reveal his barbie mound and im here for it?? wtf 2018???