by mcpoyles

the best thing about mcpoyle vs ponderosa is that we spent literally ten seasons listening to charlie randomly mention bird law and we were all like aw charlie a simple boy but then????? he used his bird law in a real court??? like royal mcpoyle definitely did it????? i was so proud of my smart boy look at you using your bird law the best goddamn bird lawyer in the world


so like… i’m not sure if it was a decision made by the writers or the actors but SOMEHOW it was decided that liam should lowkey have a thing for dennis and i just think that’s the funniest thing

“Dennis, I love you.” Liam stated to the pale man standing before him.

“I also love you, Dennis.” Ryan says.

Dennis smirks and places his hand firmly on Liam’s cheek. He took a step closer so his body pressed against Liam’s. He placed his lips firmly on Liam’s. Liam wrapped his arms around Dennis and squeezed his ass. Dennis screamed. Liam was absorbing Dennis.

McPoyle’s will take over the world.