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How long is the recovery time after a medication abortion?

Someone asked us:

If you get an abortion using the abortion pill, do you have to have some recovery time? Does it limit you from doing day to day activities because you’re passing the embryo/fetus?

A medication abortion (AKA the abortion pill) is actually 2 medicines that you take at 2 different times. You generally take the first dose of medicine at the health center. It’s a good idea to take the second medicine when you can be at home for several hours, ready with maxi pads, pain medicine (like ibuprofen), and your favorite movies and comfort foods. It’s even better if you have a loved one around for support, if you want.

The passing of pregnancy tissue starts about 1-4 hours after taking the second medicine. The abortion process itself usually takes several hours. During that time you’ll have strong cramping and bleeding and will want to take it easy.

Most people can return to their normal activities within a day or so. But it’s important to follow any instructions your doctor or nurse gives you about recovery after your abortion. They’ll be able to give you the best and most personalized follow-up dos and don’ts. If you need an abortion, or help thinking through your options, contact your nearest Planned Parenthood health center for support and care.

- Julia at Planned Parenthood

When most folks say that they live in a castle, they’re either saying that they have a big house or they’re being sarcastic about how many hours they work at White Castle. But when Howard Solomon says that he lives in a castle, he means that he lives in the actual castle he built himself in the middle of a Florida swamp. Because where else would you put one?

Solomon started out as a junk artist – someone who creates projects out of recycled materials. But he had a hard time selling his works made out of maxi-pad wrappers and old answering machines, so all his art started to pile up. Most of us would have just built a shed or a teepee or whatever; Solomon started building a castle. And he kept building until decades passed and his glorified storage closet clocked in at three stories and over 12,000 square feet. By the time he was done, Solomon’s castle featured a dungeon, towers, and a Spanish galleon in the moat. Not to mention 60 custom-built stained-glass windows.

And the castle itself is as shiny as a knight’s ass, thanks to hundreds of aluminum printing plates that make up the exterior.

The 5 Most Impressive Things Built by One Obsessive Person

Falsettos AU Where Whizzer Doesn’t Die But Instead Moves To LA To Become A Surfer: Something Rad Is Happening

Falsettos AU Where Mendel Reveals He Knocked Trina Up: Something Dad Is Happening

Falsettos AU Where Whizzer Shows Up In A Kilt To The Baseball Game: Something Plaid Is Happening

Falsettos AU Where Jason Finishes Middle School Early: Something Grad Is Happening

Falsettos AU Where Cordelia Runs Out Of Tampons: Maxi Pad Is Happening


Nalu free time headcanons requested by @justshutup469 ^^

This is actually part of an au that I might write, and if you’d like me to write a little fic for it, I certainly can! <3

- Lucy likes to write while Natsu trains, and then when he comes back she reads what she wrote to him. 

- “Hold up, he said that?” “…That’s what I just said, Natsu” 

-They like to sing together on walks, and sometimes people will come up to them and ask if they’re in a band. 

-Natsu sings off-key and Lucy tries to make up for it by overcompensating.

-“Luce, let me sing!” “If you knew how to sing, I would!”

-When Lucy’s on her period Natsu likes to bring her chocolate and the things she uses, but most of the time he ends up bringing home the super maxi pads because he isn’t sure how much she bleeds. 

-”Igneel didn’t teach me about this stuff!” 

-They often get asked when they’re having children, and when people find out that they’re not even dating they walk away in shame

-Lucy sighs and looks at her stomach, hoping she doesn’t look pregnant. Natsu just pats her on the shoulder and tells her she’s beautiful, furthering their unrequited love and awkwardness in the midst of each other

-Levy and Gajeel will sometimes join them when they go to movies, and Natsu and Lucy will sit and watch the movie in horror when they hear noises from the seats next to them. Other people stare up at them and wink at Natsu and he just looks at Lucy, wiggling his eyebrows. Lucy shoves him away and they get into a yelling/tickle fight, which causes all four of them to get kicked out because of noise

-”I was really enjoying that!” “If you wouldn’t have started tickling me, I would have enjoyed it too!” 

-They often watch How To Train Your Dragon with Lucy curled up on the couch outlining her next chapter of her story and Natsu eating every single bag of popcorn that they have

-Cana sometimes joins them and gives Natsu a beer, which makes him a little more hungry and a lot more sad

-”But Luuuucy, his foot!!!” 

-Natsu has been planning to ask Lucy out for the past several years and isn’t exactly sure how to to do so. He tries in several somewhat subtle ways, trying to be sneaky, but Lucy is either distracted at the time or she kind of just laughs it off as him being himself. 

-They finally start dating when the whole guild practically yells at Lucy that she should date him, and she realizes her feelings within the next couple of days.

There you go, dear! I hope you liked! <3

Seasoned Mom to New Mom

As a new parent there are things you won’t think of, this is what this list is for. The seasoned mother helping a new mom.

1. When your due date is near wash your sheets and blankets in Dreft. This way if you lie your baby on your bed they won’t get a rash from your detergent

2. Purchase a body pillow. The larger you become the more difficult it will become to sleep. Body pillows are great for propping up the belly.

3. Purchase overnight or large maxi pads. After birth for about a week or two you will bleed heavily. The hospital will provide you with pads but you will need more. Also during this time you are not allowed to use tampons.

4. Purchase a small container of baby formula. I support breast feeding 100% but some mothers have trouble (I did). If you find yourself in this position making the baby wait will only make you feel worse. Having a small container on hand is much easier for baby and mom.  

5. Pacifiers are very controversial. In the hospital your baby will be given a pacifier to soothe them. Don’t purchase 1 type of pacifier. Purchase a few different types because your baby may prefer one over the other.

6. When your due date is near go grocery shopping. There’s nothing worse than arriving home from the hospital and your fridge is empty. You will also have to eat a tremendous amount of food to maintain your breastmilk.

7. When researching breast pumps don’t forget to research breastmilk storage. The breast pump you select will typically have a storage system. I suggest purchasing that one, if you trust the pump why not the storage right?!

8. When purchasing baby wipes go for the sensitive wipes. You never know if baby will have sensitive skin. Better safe than sorry.

9. Do not purchase newborn clothing. Your baby will continue to grow but they will not get smaller. Instruct people to purchase bigger sized items to ensure baby will have clothing in the future. You can buy the smaller clothing that way you can make sure all those clothes are washed and put away before baby arrives.

10. Do NOT microwave baby bottles, baby formula/breast milk or anything to do with baby. Most labels will tell you the same thing. Go old school and boil water in a pot and warm baby’s bottle that way.

11. In the nursery you should have a comfy place for you. You will spend lots of time in that room, being comfortable is important after childbirth.

12. Don’t save projects for after baby arrives. You have no idea how your body will respond to childbirth and you will be extremely sleep deprived. Trust me it won’t get done.

13. Plan for baby’s first outing which will be the first shots. That happens after baby is a few days old. If you happen to have a c-section you won’t be able to drive so plan for someone to drive you to the baby’s doctor. Even if you have a vaginal birth having someone with you is a good idea.

14. Make time to pump. Pumping along with baby’s normal mealtime will allow you to prepare for returning to work. I suggest an electronic pump, your time is so valuable who wants to spend it pumping?!

15. If you have a difficult delivery or a c-section you may want to consider moving the crib into your room. That way you won’t have far to travel to get baby.

This is just a few of the things I didn’t think of prior to my first child. I will be adding to this list soon. If you have any suggestions or additions please feel free!!


The prison commissary is where inmates serving time go to purchase items that are not provided by the facility. Inmates are fed three meals a day, but that only provides 2,000 calories at the very best, and usually does not include meat. Inmates can purchase a variety of food items through the commissary to supplement their diet, and add a little variety in their life. I would be hard pressed to overstate how much inmates absolutely love Top Ramen. It is extremely cheap, even by prison standards, and can be adulterated with other ingredients that can be purchased through the commissary. Plain Top Ramen without anything else in it is “naked soup.” Inmates can also purchase toiletries such as shampoo, razors, deodorant, maxi-pads and certain over-the-counter medications. Inmates pay for commissary items from their personal finance account, or their “books.” They receive income from having a job in prison, if they have one, or from friends or family members that send them money through JPay or sending money orders directly to the prison. Most of the time, when an inmate receives money from an outside source, they have a percentage taken out by the Department of Corrections that varies depending on a few factors. Let’s say that the crime that landed you in prison involved destruction of property, and it was decided that you are required to pay back a dollar amount in damages to the person (or city, or county) whose property you damaged. You can expect for the DOC to take 50% of the money your friends and family send to you, and that money will be put towards your debt. However at the same time, the debt you owe accrues interest, even if you spend your whole sentence not working or gathering any income. But I digress. Most prisons allow for inmates to trade or barter with items purchased at commissary, and these items act as currency among inmates. (“I’ll trade you one Kit-Kat bar for a bar of soap.”) Facilities ban the practice of gambling among inmates, but it absolutely happens anyway, and inmates can bet food items on a football game if they are low key about it. If they have enough money, inmates can also buy items like socks and shoes, extra t-shirts and items like religious jewelry, hats, gloves and so on. These items can also be purchased by friends and family through DOC approved vendors.