by matayoshi

Influence list (updated 2014-2015)

1. Akihiko Yoshida – contemporary Japanese illustrator, Final Fantasy’s Ivalice titles
2. Alfons Mucha – early 20th Century Czech painter, famous for art nouveau posters
3. Arthur Rackham – early 20th Century English book illustrator
4. Babs Tarr – contemporary comic book artist and illustrator, Batgirl
5. Brandon Graham – contemporary comic book artist, Island, Muliple Warheads
6. Chéri Hérouard – early 20th Century French poster artist
7. Chihiro Iwasaki – mid-20th Century Japanese children’s book illustrator
8. Claire Wendling – contemporary French illustrator
9. Colleen Doran – contemporary comic book author and artist, A Distant Soil
10. Edmund Dulac – early 20th Century French book illustrator
11. Egon Schiele – early 20th Century Austrian painter, Klimt’s protégé
12. Elenore Abbott - early 20th Century American book illustrator
13. Elizabeth Shippen Green – early 20th-century illustrator
14. Gennady Novozhilov – late 20th century illustrator and concept artist
15. George Kamitani – contemporary Japanese digital artist, Vanillaware
16. Gustaf Tenggren – early 20th Century Swedish-American book illustrator
17. Gustav Klimt – early 20th century Austrian symbolist painter
18. Harry Clarke – early 20th Century book Irish illustrator
19. Greg Tocchini – contemporary illustrator and comic book artist
20. Heinrich Lefler – early 20th Century German book illustrator, art nouveau
21. Ivan Bilibin – early 20th Century book Russian illustrator
22. J.C. Leyendecker – early 20th Century American illustrator
23. Jacob Wyatt – contemporary comic book artist and illustrator, Necropolis
24. James Jean – contemporary Taiwanese-American painter and illustrator
25. Jen Wang – contemporary comic book author and artist, Coco Be Good
26. John Singer Sargent – early 20th Century American draughtsman and painter
27. Kathe Kollwitz – early to mid-20th Century German illustrator
28. Kay Nielsen – early to mid-20th Century Danish illustrator notable for working for Disney
29. Kevin Wada – contemporary illustrator, comics cover artist
30. Kinu Nishimura – contemporary Japanese illustrator employed by Capcom
31. Kosuke Fujishima – contemporary Japanese illustrator and comic book artist, penning Ah! My Goddess and designing for Namco’s Tales series
32. Kris Anka – contemporary comic book artist employed by Marvel
33. Leo and Diane Dillon – contemporary American illustrators (a married couple and illustration team)
34. Lily Hoshino – contemporary illustrator and comic book artist
35. Lois Van Baarle – contemporary illustrator
36. Marguerite Sauvage – contemporary illustrator and comic book artist
37. Masaki Hirooka – contemporary Japanese illustrator, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
38. Matayoshi – contemporary Japanese illustrator.
39. Maxfield Parrish – early 20th century illustrator
40. Mildred Louis – contemporary comic book artist and author, Agents of the Realm
41. Natalie Hall – contemporary illustrator
42. N.C. Wyeth – early 20th century American illustrator, Brandywine school
43. Pasqual Ferry – contemporary Spanish illustrator and comic book arist
44. Pavel Tatarnikov – contemporary illustrator
45. Pete Hawley – late 20th century illustrator, Jantzen ads
46. Ron Wimberly – contemporary comic book artist, Prince of Cats
47. Rose O’Neill – early 20th Century American illustrator, creator of the Kewpies
48. Rumiko Takahashi – contemporary comic book artist, Inuyasha, Lum Invader
49. Ryan Sook – contemporary American illustrator and comic book artist
50. Sachin Teng – contemporary illustrator
51. Sara Pichelli – contemporary Italian illustrator and comic book artist
52. Saskia Gutekunst – contemporary illustrator and concept artist
53. Sergio Toppi – recently deceased late 20th century Italian illustrator
54. Severino Baraldi, contemporary Italian illustrator
55. Sophie Campbell – contemporary comic book artist, Jem, TMNT
56. Stuart Immonen – contemporary Canadian illustrator and comic book artist
57. Svetlin Vassilev – contemporary illustrator living in Greece
58. Travel Foreman – contemporary American illustrator and comic book artist
59. Trina Schart Hyman – recently deceased American children’s book illustrator
60. Tomer Hanuka – contemporary illustrator
61. Vicki Tsai (vickisigh) – contemporary illustrator
62. Warwick Goble – early 20th century English illustrator
63. Winsor McCay – early 20th century American illustrator and cartoonist, Little Nemo
64. Yamada Uduki – contemporary Japanese illustrator
65. Yoshitaka Amano – contemporary Japanese painter and illustrator, Final Fantasy games


Kyary using her amazing art skills to draw the third host of “Catherine”, Matayoshi Naoki, on “Catherine the 13th”

Random Team Japan Trivia

(From the Mezamashi TV Quiz series that ran during the 2 weeks leading up to Glasgow Worlds.)

Kohei Uchimura 

  • After he retires, he wants to try growing out his hair like Naoki Matayoshi (see above).
  • Can move his scalp. He could do it from when he was in elementary school.
  • When he was small, he wanted to be a motorcycle police. He thinks they are cool and owns/rides a white 1000cc motorcycle (in Japan, police motorcycles are white).

Kenzo Shirai

  • Dislikes coriander.
  • Bad at swimming. Says it’s because he gets conscious of his toes and strains too much, making him sink. He barely managed to pass the swimming test in university.
  • Always brings yakiniku sauce when going overseas. He likes to use it on fresh vegetables and feel like Japan.

Yusuke Tanaka

  • Loves cleaning.
  • He’d like to try being a cameraman. He’s pretty confident he can take good shots of gymnastics since he knows everything about it.

Ryohei Kato

  • Extremely leisurely and does things at his own pace.
  • Out of snakes, frogs or cockroaches, he dislikes cockroaches the most.

Kazuma Kaya

  • Favorite food: eels
  • Wanted to be a firefighter because he liked to climb/slide down poles.

Tomomasa Hasegawa 

  • Very good at solving Rubik’s Cube. (He solved it in 30 seconds on TV.) He goes around teaching his friends in university.