by masque

C'est ta tête, je sais pas, elle a quelque chose. Un truc quoi. Ca me fait rire. Mais non, je me fous pas de toi, c'est juste que j'aime bien. Ouais voilà, c'est ça, elle me rend bien ta tête, elle me rend le sourire. Me pose pas tant de questions, j'pourrais pas te répondre. Tu sais j'ai beaucoup de blessures, j'ai un cœur troué, percé comme un gruyère. Faut pas croire p'tit mec, parfois j'ai peur, tu sais mon visage, c'est un masque. Et là dessous, j'me cache. Ça t'étonne, hein ! J'sais bien ce que vous pensez, vous vous dites comment est-ce possible ? Comment je peux avoir mal, si mal, alors que chaque jour je vous envoie ma putain de joie de vivre en pleine gueule ? Alors que chaque seconde j'explose de rire, à en verser des larmes. C'est qu'une façade inhérente de ma petite personne. Faut pas se leurrer, je suis fragile, je me casse comme du verre, alors oui je vais peut-être avoir besoin de toi. Je dis peut-être mais au fond j'en suis sûre. Fais attention mon p'tit gars, fais attention à moi. J'ai des ratures derrière moi, des éclaboussures qui déchirent la peau et laissent des cicatrices imparfaites. Fais attention à moi, j'suis une vraie garce quand j'suis malade, malade de toi. Tu pourrais t'en mordre les doigts. Mais c'est ta tête p'tit mec, elle me fait quelque chose. Non je me fous pas de toi, j'l'aime bien ta tête. Je voudrais même qu'elle soit face à moi, un peu plus souvent, un peu plus près. Mais si tu le veux bien, retiens moi. Ta main elle a qu'à prendre la mienne. Qui sait, peut-être qu'on ira loin. Comme ça. Toi et moi. T'es beau à ta manière, c'est peut-être con, ça me tue mais j'aime ça.
—  Skins
Birds of  Feather [teaser]

As many of my followers may know, I have been working on a little something new recently (not that I’m neglecting any of my WIP fics, which there are many of).

When I approached @thatmasquedgirl with this idea, for a oneshot set in one of her Arrow AU ‘verses, the Flying High ‘Verse (which incidentally was inspired by one of my own ‘verses, weird how things come around), I was so excited I could barely form words. Wonderful wifey as she is, she allowed me to go ahead with writing this and I’m so grateful to her, as she has supported me the entire way throughout, acting as a cheerleader and a beta. There were some hiccups along the way, including me freaking out over how the fic I planned to be 5k words ended up being way over 20k, but things smoothed out, and the road to the finish line is clear.

The fic is semi-completed, but with Masque’s permission, I’m posting a teaser now so that people know that there’s a good reason why DNTMBTM and puppy!fic updates have been sporadic (and late) of date.

In case any of you need a reminder: Here is Crash Landing, which this fic is set a few weeks/months after.

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I finally fixed my ridiculous dressing gown and have been chilling in my flat alternating between my obnoxiously luxe bed and my marie antoinette living room, chilling with my cats, and basically, this is what I moved out for. I have a candle burning. My cats are asleep on the spare duvet looking content and fluffy in golden hour light. Im gonna go shower in a minute and put on my last korean face masque, then eat some soup.

Alice Bag, Belinda Carlisle, Lorna Doom, Jane Wiedlin, Hellin Killer, Pleasant Gehman and many more punk ladies at The Masque in Hollywood.  The Masque was Hollywood’s place-to-be for early LA punks, 1977. 

“I took this photograph when I was visiting the Cross River village of Nkim,” says Galembo. “There was no masquerade going on at the time. But carved-wood, animal-skinned Janus masks like this one appear at funerals, ceremonies honoring [Cross River] Nigerian kings and chiefs, and other rituals. The feathers are a symbol of power. Masks depicting two faces—one of which is usually gentle, the other fierce—appear in many different cultures.”

— Phyllis Galembo, National Geographic 2012.

“I think punk really embraces imperfection. As a punk artist, I crave raw, creative expression and prefer it over something that is too slick or polished. That’s not to say that I don’t work on my art or music and try to improve and hone my skills, but life has some sharp edges and I prefer my art to have them too.”

From an interview with @papermagazine, photo at the Masque by Martin Sorrondeguy.