by masa chan

Guy talk with the Date clan

Late one night, while you’re off dreaming sweet dreams, Masamune is finished with work and wants to sneak into your room to curl up next to you.

Instead, Shigezane and Kojuro come in bearing snacks and sake, wanting to hang out. Unable to shoo them away, Masamune relents, but he puts his foot down when they ask him to spill the beans on what he likes about you. 

Shigezane is undeterred:

I thought Masamune loved cats? Maybe it wasn’t always that way. I want to hear the story of the fluffy little kitty who tamed the dragon! 

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Now I'm really curious, okay? Masa-chan has mentioned NUMEROUS times about Youji being a pickpocket-- so when did that come about? And was he that thrown when "The man is a surprisingly talented pickpocket" ??

Your friend,” Shiori puts a particular emphasis on those two words, to indicate that she holds Youji particularly responsible for Masaomi’s existence, “Just broke three chairs, a table, a window, and ruined that poor woman’s nice dress. Not to mention her evening.”

Youji grimaces, although he thinks it very unfair of Shiori to blame this on him, when he told her that bringing Masaomi to a science debate would be a bad idea. “He just has very strong opinions, OK?”

Shiori continues to look at him reproachfully, as if it his fault that Masaomi felt the need to be dramatic with his emotions.

“I will go pay for everything,” Youji says defensively, “That was always my plan.” He takes out a credit card from his wallet and moves towards the very irate business owner.

“You do not have to do that,” Shiori says pointedly. “Mr. You-Are-All-Morons over there, who is busy swearing up and down that this place and everyone inside it does not deserve to share the basic oxygen it requires to take up space, is the one who should be paying for the general havoc he has caused. You should not have to pay for this destruction.”

“Oh, I’m not,” Youji says, waving a credit card, “This is Masa-chan’s, he’ll pay for it.”

Shiori frowns. “He gave you one of his credit cards?”

“I have one of his credit cards,” Youji says, and Shiori lifts a brow to indicate that she is aware those two statements are not the same thing.

“He seems fairly adamantly opposed the existence of this place,” Shiori remarks. “I am not sure he is going to approve of paying for damages.”

“Ah, well, he’s not going to know until the bill comes in, now will he?” Youji says, venturing off to soothe various infuriated people with the wonders of plastic.


“Did you steal my credit card again?” Masaomi says, coming into the room. Shiori looks over towards where Youji sits incredibly nonchalantly on the couch.

“‘Again?’” she says.

“Yes, I did,” Youji says, who continues to be very nonchalant in the face of theft accusations.

“I told you to stop that,” Masaomi says.

“No, you didn’t. Your exact words were, ‘teach me how to do that.’”

“And you didn’t,” Masaomi pouts. “Which was very cruel.”

“The world is better off without you knowing how to pick pockets, Masa-chan.”

“Youji-san is a pick pocket?” Shiori asks, a little bemused by this interaction.

“A very skilled one,” Masaomi says, waggling his eyebrows suggestively. “Youji is very good with his hands.”

“Stop saying things like that,” Youji says.

“Don’t stop on my account,” Shiori says, smiling prettily. “Please, Masaomi-san, do tell me more about Youji-san’s talented hands.”

“Stop, please,” Youji begs.

“For one thing, don’t play poker with him,” Masaomi says. “He cheats.”

“You cheat!” Youji says indignantly.

“I count cards like God intended. Which is a thing that gets messed up when someone palms them or cheats in the deal.”

“That is a not very shocking and sadly tame revelation,” Shiori says.

“He also gives very excellent massages,” Masaomi says.

“There have been no massages,” Youji says. “He has no way of knowing that.”

“But I can tell,” Masaomi says graciously. “You just know they’d be great. He has such a soft touch.”

“If I paid you back, would you stop being like this?” Youji asks.

“Chances are, probably not,” Masaomi says. “Also, you have no money, so that’s a moot point. Give me my credit card back.”

“No,” Youji says. “You don’t deserve that credit card. You didn’t know it was missing. Clearly it was unloved.”

“Do you let all your friends steal from you, Masaomi-san?” Shiori asks.

“Why, are you interested?” Masaomi asks.

“Just wondering if it’s an option,” Shiori responds. “Or if it’s only exclusive to men with very talented hands.”

“Shiori, you are welcome to put your hands down my pants at any time you feel like it,” Masaomi says, very earnestly.

“For your wallet,” Shiori says.

“For any reason you need,” Masaomi says with a smile.

“I am sure your wallet is the only interesting thing I could find in your pants.”

“Ouch,” Masaomi says, as Youji laughs. “I rescind my permission. Only Youji can steal from me.”

A/N: Hahaha, friend, sorry for the late response! I didn’t quite want to go into the first time he picked Masaomi’s pocket because there’s all kinds of complicated Youji backstory that’s going to be revealed in that long story I’m working on, but have a random short set when they are in college anyway =D

Letters to You pt. 5 (Shigezane X MC X ???)

One | Two | Three | Four | Five: Kiss and Lady Date

@kitty-kat-ty @honeybeelily here you go dears! 


The entire Katakura clan and deceased family of Aki forgive him if anyone kisses her other than her future lover. That was what Shigezane thought. He’ll get a good scolding, not just from Kojuro, but from Kita as well.
The moment Keiji leaned in close to her face, him and Maeda Toshiie was quick to act.

But Shigezane surely had no idea that their action would result to this.

It happened just like that.

Gods, take me now. Was what he was thinking before mentally slapping himself and Keiji.

💐Five: Kiss and Lady Date 💐


Keiji deepened the kiss, trying to tease the two people watching them. He’s drunk, yes, and he would stop at nothing to see those three in their devastated faces. When Keiji opened his eyes, he saw Aki’s reaction. Red faced, bright from being embarrassed and the sake getting into her system. Inuchiyo, had this stupid look on his face. Keiji can’t help but chuckle mentally, surely he’s enjoying this.

“Damn, not again. This is why I’m telling you Akira not to drink with Keiji!” Inuchiyo groaned. His distress clear in his eyes.

He broke away from the kiss, trying to make the other person breathe from their little but passionate kiss. Feeling the urge to kiss again, he leaned in closer for another one, but he was pulled away by none other than Akira.

Keiji had meant to kiss their female companion, but ended up accidentally kissing the Lord Date’s cousin. Shigezane, who was just innocently trying to pull Keiji away from Akira was blushing madly. Keiji looks satisfied, but it left Aki and Inuchiyo had their brows knitted in confusion. “Mm, what soft lips you have!” Keiji exclaimed, grinning widely.

‘This is awkward,’ She thought. She stared Inuchiyo who just sighed and explained in a low voice. “He does that when he’s drunk.” She nodded as she looked at Shigezane, who is still recovering from the incident, blushing, slowly distancing himself from Keiji. Why?! Why Shigezane!! Aki screamed at Shigezane mentally.

“What is… Wha…? Ahahaha. That was… unexpected. Ha ha…” This might’ve been the first time she saw Shigezane this red for the past 10 years they’ve been together. Lucky Keiji, she thought. Imagining what must Shigezane’s lips felt like.

“What the hell…” She mumbled, “Kei-Keiji… kissed Shigezane…” Yes, she is still surprised. Unable to see Shigezane’s pitiful state anymore, she stood up, walking over to him to see if he’s alright. Poor man, staring off to space. “Hey! Taiyaki!” She called, shaking his shoulders forcefully. But he still does not move an inch, which is worrying her. “And here I thought you’re good with women… So when a man kisses you, you turn into a damn pole? Jeeez, you’re hopeless. Hey Shigezane!” She sighed, “Aki…” He quietly called her name, seeing Shigezane in that state reminded her of Masamune. If Masa-chan was in this state, his reaction would also be the same, maybe worse. They have their similarities too, of course. She groaned. “Damn, you should be taking care of me you know? I’m the one who’s drunk here!” She exclaimed once more, rubbing her temples. The alcohol was already making her dizzy, and she has to take care of a dumbstruck Shigezane.

Aki heard Keiji chuckle, pointing at Inuchiyo. “Hey, Aki. Inuchiyo can take care of you, or do you want me to kisshhhh Shigezane again to wake him up?” He said, trying to get close to Shigezane. This is getting annoying for her, at the same time she found it funny, like she was already home back in Kyoto. But this is not the time to be nostalgic, she has to think logically even when she’s in a drunken state. So she spread her arms wide as if to protect Lord Masamune’s cousin from this drunk-kissing monster.

“No. Inuchiyo should take care of you. And no, again. Do not ever, ever kisshhhh Shigezane again.” She threatened him, she knows Keiji might not take her seriously because she’s drunk. But she has to do this. “I haven’t even touched his cheekshhhh damn it!” She mumbled. Keiji laughed loudly, “Do you want to kiss him too, Aki? I’ll be glad to help you kiss Shigezane.”

“Hey, Keiji. Stop that. Why would you ask her to just randomly kiss someone?!” Inuchiyo said.

“Are you sure you’re concerned, or jealous of the thought that she’s going to kiss Shigezane?” Keiji chuckled,

“Ah, thank gods it was me who Keiji kissed.” Shigezane sighed in relief. Inuchiyo accidentally spilled the first flask of sake he was going to drink tonight. Akira suddenly felt the urge to choke the life out of Keiji and Shigezane.

“I don’t know what’s that supposed to mean but say that again and I’ll leave you here alone, with Keiji.” Aki said,

“Ahahahaha! Well you’re a lucky man to be kissed by Maeda Keiji!”

“Keiji stop that” Inuchiyo groaned.

Aki glared at violet haired man “Hey, do you want me to kill you? Shall I really kill you now?” She said groggily. She felt gentle tug on her Yukata’s sleeve, she turned her attention to Shigezane, “Akira, It’s fine now.” He said, grinning. “Just don’t attempt to kiss Akira again, Keiji.” Shigezane added, she blushed. Good thing she’s drunk so it won’t be that obvious.

“The entire Katakura clan forgive me for letting someone kiss Aki. I can already imagine Kojuro’s face.” Shigezane feigned shivering. As for Aki, she felt quite disappointed. But still thankful for him.

“Taiyaki…” She sighed in relief

“Fooling and drinking around when Lord Masamune gave his orders clearly, Akira?” They all stopped bickering when they heard a stern voice from behind them.

“Damn…” She felt their presence even though her back was facing them. Aki mentally cursed herself from letting this happen. Of course, Lord Kojuro will surely scold her badly.
They all turned around to face Kojuro, who was clearly angry and Masamune who unlike Kojuro, looked at them calmly. Seeing Masamune’s face brought calmness to her too. She gave him a faint, apologetic smile and he nodded in response. She saw Inuchiyo who was still glaring at Masamune, and Keiji who looked at them with half-lidded eyes.

“Kojuro-aniue…” she answered Kojuro in a small voice. She’s prepared for the storm. She should be. Aki saw Shigezane stood up from his seat. Clapping Kojuro and Masamune on their backs. She knows that Shigezane was helping her to keep Kojuro calm

“Hey Kojuro! Masamune! I thought you two were going home!” Shigezane said. Masamune gave his cousin a look, Shigezane took it as Masamune’s way of saying that it would be better if Shigezane keeps his mouth shut.

“We were supposed to, but we heard this ruckus inside the restaurant.” Kojuro said. “My humble apologies but I’m afraid we should call this a night.” Kojuro said, looking at Maeda Toshiie and Keiji, who gave him a nod. He then set his eyes on Aki. “Ki, we’re going back.” A strict look on his face already says that he won’t take any excuses or no for an answer.

“Kojuro.” Masamune said, looking at the drunk Akira “When we get back, show our guests where they will be staying, and Shigezane. There’s someone waiting for you at the castle. Let’s hurry up and don’t make her wait for too long.”

Her? A woman?
That was the last thing she remembered before she completely passed out.

He laid her on the futon, careful not to wake her sleeping form. Masamune wondered on how to change her clothes. Her sleeping robe is folded neatly on the corner of the room. She’s sweating already, and he’s debating with himself if he’s going to change her clothes or not.

He had brought her in her chambers in Kojuro’s residence
after all he can’t ask Shigezane or Kojuro to carry her all the way here. They’re both busy in accomodating the guests. Shigezane had an unexpected guests while Kojuro was showing the Maedas their chambers to stay on for the following days.

“… Mmn, mother…father…” ah, there she is again, he thought. He looked at her troubled face, gently stroking her hair, hoping to calm her down. She’s having that dream again, if only he could do something to chase away that dream, he would do it.

“Sh… Aki…” he whispered,
“Lord Masamune…?”
“Mm, I’m here.” then finally calmness and relief washed over her face. She shifted to a more comfortable position, turning away from Masamune.

Masamune smiled to himself, taking a glance at her peaceful face one last time as he stood up to ask Umeko to change Akira’s clothes.


She woke up from the loud noise coming from the next room, apparently Kojuro’s office in their residence. She sat up only to be greeted by the headache from drinking too much last night.

“What the hell Oyaji…” she groaned, taking the ribbon that she uses to tie her hair from her bedside.

“Huh? Who the hell changed my clothes…?” She asked herself, the memory of last night was too foggy to remember. Once she felt a bit better, she washed her face then changed to her working hakama. She needs to go to Kojuro’s office first.

When she arrived in front of his office, Akira slid the door open without even bothering to announce herself. There inside was Kojuro, pale and distressed while frantically looking inside the messy room

“Good Morning, Kojuro-aniue. Let me guess, Bontenmaru is missing again.” She said, putting a hand on her hip.

“He is, good morning to you too. Akira, help me find him and I’ll buy you something–maybe a kimono of your choice.” Her older ‘brother’ tried to persuade her. She rolled her eyes, stepping inside the room.

“You don’t need to bribe me with a kimono, you know I don’t like that my movements are limited with those, my dear older brother. What you need is to CLEAN THIS ROOM. Ha, and organize what you need and don’t need!” She stacked the papers neatly and organized the books.

“You can lecture me later just help me find Bontenmaru.” He sighed, looking at how she easily puts things into order without confusing him. She starts to look around the place too, from under the desk and other possible places the turtle can hide, but they can’t find him.

“Hm, I’ll go look for other places. STAY HERE ANIUE, don’t go to making this room all messy again.” She warned him before stepping out of the room.

“So early in the morning, the sun hasn’t risen yet and now our dear bontenmaru is missing.” She yawned when she looked around the other rooms, good thing that the others weren’t as messy as Lord Kojuro’s.
“No luck here too, Bonternmaru where have you ran off to?” She whispered to herself when she opened the gate to hopefully find the turtle somewhere in the resident’s premises.

When she went outside, she saw two people walking to her direction, a woman and a man. The man he can identify, a wavy hair, and a familiar hakama, It’s none other than Shigezane. Realizing who it is her heart started to throb, but when she finally saw a beautiful woman beside him… she can’t help but feel down.

She must be his… bride.

“Hey Aki! Good morning” she’s too absorbed with her thoughts she didn’t noticed that the two was in front of her, Shigezane greeted her while the woman smiled gracefully.

“Good morning… Shigezane and…?” She asked the woman, Shigezane smiled at the woman beside him. She had a beautiful black hair, a beautiful face and her movements were full of grace. A sophisticated lady.

A complete opposite of who she is.

“Oh do forgive me for not introducing myself sooner, I am Ayame. I am Shigezane’s bride.

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Masumane has a "Smidge of yandere" WHEN ??!! Did i miss something ? I just started playing the game.

The teeniest, itty bitty bit:

Seems like regular jealousy, right?:

Masa-chan is not playing:

This is his very next thought after telling you “…Stay with me. Forever.” 

He’s sitting on the engawa with you, right after confessing his love for you. You’re probably thinking all kinds of lovey-dovey things and he’s thinking of cutting down the next person who looks at you cross-eyed.

Woho, long awaited, long awaited.

Like before, the cast is Hikaru, Ukyou, Kaname, Iori, Louis, and Fuuto. To be honest, UKYOU is the funnier of all the brothers, I think. Because he is usually so, so sooooo serious in front of Ema, we can never guess that he actually… well, this silly little adorable thing… cough… sorry…

Anyway, there will be a lot of errors so please forgive me

As usual I do not own this NO copyright infringement intended, for personal use only

I only use my ears so please forgive the poor translation, I welcome correction. And sorry for my bad English. And even though it is bad, please don’t upload the translation anywhere else without permission. Thank you

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So i was doing Yukimura's route again and i just noticed something. I don't know if you've already talked about this but is Masamune in love with the Mc in Yukimura's route? When he found out that Mc was "married" to Yukimura he seemed really disappointed and Kojuro was talking like they where looking for the Mc. And the fact that Masamune just let her free when she was captured

Hello, Precious!

From what I can remember, Masamune doesn’t appear to be in love with her, but Ieyasu has some type of feelings for her.

Instead, Masamune, in Yukimura’s route, shows respect to the lover of his “rival.”

No matter what they say about each other, or how they act toward each other, Yukkin and Masa-chan may not be at the level of bros, but they’re not exactly true enemies, either. 

However, they do respect each other, in a similar way to how Shingen and Kenshin are both friends and enemies (with the implication that neither would be opposed to “more”) depending on the situation. 

Whatever their circumstances, Masakkin never loses their respect for each other, so simply calling these two rivals is too broad, while calling them friends is too narrow. They’re somewhere in the muddy expanse between the two poles. 

Masamune goes out of his way to double cross Yasu’s forces, specifically to facilitate the escape of MC and Sasuke…but he goes no further. 

He doesn’t betray his allies anymore than what it would take to secure your freedom…solely because you’re Lady Sanada. 

And you’re only Lady Sanada because of his (undercover) friend, Yukimura.

If you were really just some maid or something, he probably would have left you there. After all, you were only captured in the first place because of your connection to Yukimura. Not as random disposable staff, but as his Lady.

You say this to Masamune:

MC (astonished): “Why did you help us…? I’m sure you and Lord Yukimura should be enemies…”

Masamune (correcting your perception): “…Yes. We are rivals…but I respect him.”

Kojuro (interjecting to add exposition): “They have a…love-hate relationship.”

Kojuro goes on to say that you, as a woman, wouldn’t understand. (Kojuro, honey, no…)

MC (amazed): “Someday, I would like to know what it is like to forge a friendship in the fires of war like they have.”

Masamune (in denial, mumbling under his breath): “I have no intention of becoming his friend,” he says, having already risked his neck to free his not-friend’s woman…

I want to show you this photo from our little photoshoot at the AnimagiC2016 in Bonn two weeks ago c:
I really love how this came out (≧∇≦)
For sure we aren’t pros at all but it was so much fun to take those photos c:

And this shot makes me so happy I just wanna show you guys

Photo by: Melli Chi
Shinya Hiiragi: Julia Pro
Guren Ichinose: Masa-Chan-Ichinose (me)
Anime/Manga: Seraph of the End

Hot Springs Drama CD

So, this is the drama CD where STARISH goes again in a trip together and end up in a hot springs spot and then talk about Love. Here I’m mostly talking about Tokiya.

Please be aware that I know little japanese :)

From DRAMA CD [湯けむり、ぶらり男旅]

Tokiya has tons of hair treatment, rinse and facial creams including special shampoo. Doesn’t like to share too much of his things.

As much of tokiya, he starts up washing his head, and then his body (Blushing hard right now HAHAHHALOL) doing this with Masa-chan too. While the others, Otoyan and Natsuki-kun are playing in the water. Then Syo came to borrow some of Masa’s shampoo and then look up to see what Tokiya had and used for himself. Toki eventually lectured starish that they should/MUST/ wash themselves first lol.

Ren regrets it is not a mixed hot spring (we know ren..we know..)

Then cecil joins after a battle with himself about taking off his towel (Blush hard again, I know you are doing it girlllll!!!!! HOHOHOHOHOhoho) and starts playing with Otoyan like “twins”lol. 

Toki then shows up and says that they mustn’t play nor swim, since it is a quiet/hot spring, Starish followed his “commands” and then Ren starts up with a conversation idea: Koi (LOVE)

Toki then says “how silly/nonsense” and then Ren starts up saying “Oh, no story to escape this one huh?” (most likely pointing out that tokiya had no romance whatsoever in life LOOOOOL), Otoyan then follows saying “Poor tokiya, he has never been in love”, and guess who joins in the bullying too? HIS FELLOWWWW HIS DESTINY-BROTHERINLIFE Masa chan! Oh tokiya felt that betrayal !

After some of starish’s stories they end up questioning tokiya again about valentine, kisses and chocolate (WHYYYYYYY? SO MEAN!), and after a tsundere messy tokiya, he ends up passing out in hot water. 

The rest is starish’s story about valentine and love.

Then Natsuki starts up playing ping pong with others (except masa-chan and tokiya although there’s also the option that they are playing all together), most likely natsuki is the beast of ping pong!!!!! or satsuki??? NOT SURE LOL hahaha! Then toki shows up staring at natsuki’s play and says “WHAT IS THIS?? SO FAST?” And then WILD BALL COMES OUT hitting tokiya’s head.


Hope you liked it…Because im sure tokiya didn’t. lol


Masaomi doesn’t look up from his computer. There’s really only one person who would even be allowed to see him right now, but he doesn’t feel the need to stop his work even for Youji. “Yes?”

There’s a slight hesitation, then, “How are you?”

“I’m fine,” Masaomi says, pausing only to take a sip of coffee.

“We don’t have any updates on Seijuurou yet.”

Masaomi snorts. “I wouldn’t have expected that.”

“Yes, I know how highly you think of law enforcement. I suppose I was wondering if you did.”

Masaomi finally looks up. His oldest friend is looking down at him with the stoic mask he’d acquired a long time ago, before they’d even met, that Youji only ever used when he didn’t want anyone knowing what he was thinking. “Oh, Youji. I’ve told you before this isn’t worth my time to look into.”

“This isn’t something you should handle on your own, Masa-chan.” Youji’s expression is still unreadable, but clearly not believing what Masaomi is telling him.

“I am not ‘handling’ anything. I don’t really feel the need to do anything at all, in fact. I have every confidence in Seijuurou’s capability to remove himself from any crisis.”

“Yes, you’ve said that,” Youji says carefully. When the JSDF soldiers had come to tell him about Seijuurou’s disappearance, Masaomi had exclaimed, “You interrupted my business meeting for this?” and had been promptly accused of being a terrible, unfeeling human being. Youji was the only one who hadn’t thrown accusations of bad parenting at him.

“Even you need help every now and then,” Youji says. “And he’s still only sixteen. You were sixteen, once.”

It’s most likely a subtle reference to how they met, and Masaomi finally stops typing and says, “Yes, but he’s not me. As much as I would never admit this to him, he is by far more competent than I was at his age. And I was an extremely advanced sixteen-year-old, so you know that means something.”

“So you’re not concerned,” Youji says.

“Not at all,” Masaomi says, returning to his work. “His upbringing, while atrocious, certainly succeeded in raising a survivor, and I’d also like to think my own parenting has emphasized the importance of victory in any situation. I have a lot of faith in Seijuurou.”

“And I suppose you’re just playing Tetris on your computer right now, then?”

Masaomi huffs. “Alright, I may be looking into a few leads, but only out of a sense of personal outrage, and not out of worry, I assure you. Someone dared to take my kid, and this offends me.”

“And those leads would be?” Youji says, refusing to be distracted by Masaomi’s disclaimers.

“Just a few people who tried to buy Seijuurou from me a few months back, nothing concrete yet.”

“People tried to buy your son?”

“I believe they assumed that’s how I got him.”

Masaomi couldn’t even be too offended by that, seeing how it was a fairly logical (although very simplistic) conclusion. He was the only guardian over the Miracles who was not affiliated or related to anyone affiliated with the JSDF. And he was very rich.

“To be honest, the most offensive thing about their offer was assuming I would need the money,” Masaomi continues.

“Naturally. You will tell me, right? If you find anything?”

This is the real reason why Youji is here—to make sure Masaomi doesn’t take things into his own hands. Youji knows him very well.

“Sure, Youji. If I find anything, I’ll tell you.” Eventually, Masaomi adds silently. And he only agrees because there is a slight chance the JSDF might find Seijuurou first, and if so, Masaomi wants to be involved.

He is very outraged that someone would dare take his kid, and he’s definitely going to make sure whoever did regrets that poor decision making for a very long time.


A/N: Thanks friend, anon-friend! Anon-friend, I was alredy working on your answer, and @joyful-king your question was very nicely timed =D I had answered how Masaomi would have reacted here but never wrote it out. As I’ve mentioned before, I do regret not having Masaomi’s character developed when I wrote “Crown,” so it’s fun to go back and sort of include him, there in the background.

Starter for the-yellow-casanova

“Whoa the world is spinning…” Linda mumbled to himself as he staggered out of the club. He probably overdid it with an alcohol again.
Leaning his back against a wall, he looked up trying to breathe properly. After few minutes of breathing the cold night air he was able to focus on all things on the street again, though everything was still floating slightly.

Probably time to go home…

The blonde pulled out his phone, but before he dialed the taxi, he saw a familiar figure walking towards him and the new wave of excitement went through his brain. No doubts, the boy walking to him is his beloved cute cousin. 

“Aaaa!!! Masa-chan! Long time no see!” He dashed towards the other blonde with a drunk grin.



I heard that you were in Skullgirls! That is awesome! Have any funny stories to tell about your experiences in the game or about the characters?