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Bullet Club is rising 🤘🏻

Made a little drawing of the boys to accompany a giveaway I’m doing on twitter to celebrate reaching 1000 followers. 

They look cute sharing a popsicle but I guarantee you it belonged to Marty and he did NOT have a say in the matter.

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q and z for Marty?

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Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

Oh yes. If you're backstage with him and you just so happen to put on one of his fur coats then before you know it you’ll be pinned up against a wall as his lips run up and down your collarbone. Marty can go from 0 to ready in seconds so a quickie is always on the cards. The more risk of getting caught involved the better.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)

Marty never sleeps. He’s always travelling and can never seem to get settled even when he gets home. He’s always thinking of something to do next or thinking about ideas for the next show. So while you happily doze off in his arm’s he’ll be plotting ideas for the next Being The Elite or mentally figuring out a new t-shirt design. You’ll have to clutch onto him super tightly so he doesn't run away in the night to do some work too. Eventually, he’ll settle down and force himself to cosy, he really doesn’t want to wake you up by getting out of bed even if it means he might forget things.

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Do you think Buffy and Marty will be a legitimate romantic couple at some point in time and do you ship them?

I think they’ll be as legit of a romantic couple as one can be in middle school lol

I was kinda whatever about them for most of the show because basically it was all banter and no communication. But episode 12 was some really good development, so I’m onboard now

Andi Mack Season Finale: Cyrus

“If she looks back it means that she likes you, and not as a friend” So on the season finale of Andi Mack we see Jonah Beck’s girlfriend, Amber, tell him this after he follows Andi and Cyrus out of the diner. Next, Jonah, tired of Amber, walks away and we see Andi look back at Jonah, and then run after Cyrus, who then also turns around to look back at Jonah, idk what you all think but to me this makes it clear that Cyrus likes Jonah and I feel so happy cause this is just amazing, Disney has really stepped it up with this show and I can’t wait for next season, I seriously need some more character development for Cyrus, there wasn’t a lot about him except that episode when Jonah texts him saying he is “girly” when he meant to say “gnarly” and it wasn’t really much. I’m really excited for next season, can’t wait!!!

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