by manuela


The new generation of Resident Evil girls.


Germany’s Vampire Killer Couple
Daniel and Manuela Ruda

In 2000, 26 year old Daniel Ruda placed an ad in a local heavy metal magazine looking for a, “Pitch-black vampire seeks princess of darkness who hates everything and everyone and has bidden farewell to life.” Ruda was overjoyed when 23 year Manuela Bartel responded. The pair quickly moved in, they practiced satanism, avoided sunlight and slept in a coffin. On the 6th of June 2001, the pair married.

The murdered occurred on the 6th of July 2001, just a month after their marriage. The satanic couple lured friend Frank Hackert to theirs for a party, however he was the only one there. Once inside he was bludgeoned with a hammer and stabbed 66 times. Afterwards, the couple slit Hackert’s veins and drained his blood into bowls from which they drank. They then carved a pentagram into Hackert’s chest and left his body with a scalpel sticking straight up out of his torso. The couple then fled and purchased a chainsaw to do a surprise massacre, however the police caught them. Authorities found a kill list in their car.

At trial, the Rudas snarled, hissed, laughed, chewed gum, rolled their eyes, mocked Hackert’s mother, and repeatedly threw “devil horn” hand signs and made obscene finger gestures. When asked why, Daniel responded, “he was so funny he would be a perfect court jester for Satan!”

Daniel and Manuela Ruda were sentenced to psychiatric hospitals. Daniel is still serving time whilst Manuela was released in 2010.