by mach'

new oc!!!! their name is mach! they’re a legal eagle who really wants 2 go fast!!! their top speed is abt flying at mach 20 (~15300 mph) and they can run at about mach 1 (747 mph), theyre genderfluid too! the membrane on their suit retracts into the black pouches on the side, and their “jetpack” retracts into their back. they also love their friends a heckin lot! is always zooming around in earth’s atmosphere, mindful of aircraft and is still uncaught by any government agency. they’ve even been as far as space and back, their suit, hands, and plumage specially designed to be able to take the heat from reentry!

when not flying or running at high speeds, they often build model planes that go fast, and also does photography of birds of prey, specifically taking a liking to peregrine falcons. they also enjoy watching slowmo videos of stuff that happens really fast!

a fanbase exists for their vlog about racing human government aircraft, and sometimes there’s close calls… but in the end they’re always ok!

und dann gibt es diese Tagen an denen du fällst und wieder fällst, kurz nachdem du dich aufgerichtet hast, diese Tage, an denen nichts klappt, alles weh tut und du dich nur noch unter der Bettdecke verkriechen willst