by lux

lux: hey garen

garen: yes?

lux: I have to tell you that…I’m alcoholic

garen: oh lux, don’t worry about it, you can count on me to help you with that

lux: …and I’m lesbian

garen: haha don’t worry little sister, that’s fine and I’ll still love and support you

lux: … and a noxian spy

garen: well, that’s bad but I’m not mad at you, I’m sure you have good reasons

lux: …and a mage

garen: yoU WHAT?!

Small rant…

I don’t know about the other mods, but I am tired of all of this truscum that is happening on this blog.

This blog is here to help those who need help and support. This blog is not here for arguments or people going on about how you have to have dysphoria to be trans or how it isn’t real, or whatever else.

People who are transgender do not affect your lives. Let them live their lives in peace and let them get the support they need.

If you do not agree with what is said, then the best thing is to unfollow us or ignore what is said. Spamming our inbox with truscum is not helping anyone.

Again, we are here for support and advice. If you do not support the community, then leave. You do not have to stay with this blog.

For those who are affected by all of this, I am sorry that this happened. Me and the other mods are here for everyone if you need our support.

- K