by lovelyhelenabonhamcarter

This scene, oh my god. The feels.

Just take a moment. That look of compassion she’s giving him. So heartfelt. Right in the feels, okay. You see she really cares about him. She’s not only thinking about her, about her own “happy ending”. No, she really gives a damn about him, about how he feels. She wants him to be happy.

That’s why I cried when Sweeney killed him. Course, she shouldn’t have lied. But when she told him “I was only thinking of you”, she meant it. Yes, she should have added “and me” but still. She deserved him. 

She was the only one who really tried to understand him. She was there, even though he was getting crazier and crazier.

She freaking loved him and it breaks my heart to see he didnt care.