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Across The Hall

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 2000


“My date is tonight and I can’t cook to save my life so I was hoping maybe you can cook something and I could pass it off as my own,” Harry says.

Y/N giggles, walking down her hallway and into the living room where she can see her door is wide open, she closes it and turns back to Harry. He’s looking at her with a hopeful look in his eyes and a charming smile that Y/N can’t deny.

“Of course, I mean you helped me move, it’s the least I can do” Y/N smiled, “what time is your date?”

“Seven,” Harry says.

Y/N places her lower lip in between her teeth and her hands on her hip as she thinks, “okay yeah, I can do that, is this like a I want to actually date you date or a tinder type thing?”


Y/N rolls her eyes and hold the door open, “I’ll do it, but I do not agree with your motives.”


Y/N is the girl across the hall who tries to help Harry find a girl to settle down with, but Harry wants Y/N so he sabotages all his dates.

Harry was the first to notice Y/N.

She was standing next to her moving truck, pulling her hair into a ponytail with the blue scrunchie wrapped around her wrist. She was cute-not the normal type Harry would go for-but he would still try. Y/N was cute, and somehow dressed modest on the hottest day of the year, a white t-shirt tucked into a pair of sky blue shorts and sneakers, Harry was sure he hadn’t seen a girl with as much clothing as she had on, and that spoke loads to his character and choice women.

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Every time I look at our squad I have to wonder: models or footballers? 🤔 It can be very confusing. 😆

I mean

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I don’t

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they really

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out there

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looking radiant

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and beautiful 

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and fine as hell

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like really…

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really fine

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but you know, it couldn’t really be any other way when our boss looks like this

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What would the RFA (including Unknown) think of MC's navel piercing/belly bar?

Author’s note: ok tbh this isn’t nsfw BUT I’M AT SCHOOL NOW I CAN’T SIN YET


  • “Did it hurt?”
  • you laughed until you saw the genuine curiosity in his eyes
  • “It did at first, but it was really more uncomfortable. I can’t feel it at all now!”
  • he smiled started messing with it
  • “What kind of jewelry do you wear with it?”
  • You showed him your collect and he asked if he could pick out the one you wore tomorrow
  • You weren’t surprised when he chose the golden heart
  • “Think of me when you wear this..”
  • God he is so cheesy, you love it


  • holy turned on
  • like
  • the beast has been released
  • “Hey, Zen, have I ever showed you my belly button when it has jewelry in?”
  • “…No.”
  • “Oh, well I just put one on and I thought I’d show you.”

  • and maybe you should’ve chosen a less provocative one
  • but I mean
  • Zen seemed to like it
  • “So what do-”
  • He walked around the room and kissed you
  • when you pulled away he put his forehead on yours
  • “Let’s test and see how fast I can remove that with my tongue.”


  • “Oh… I thought I saw a little bump in your t-shirt!”
  • “Yup, I’ve had it for forever!”
  • she nodded
  • “So… do you think I would look good with one?”
  • you gave her a questioning look
  • “What?”
  • “I was just asking…”
  • “No, I didn’t mean it like that! You just don’t seem like the type who would go out and get your belly button pierced.”
  • “You’re right.”
  • “Yeah… what made you want one?”
  • “Well, it me ten times more attracted to you then I already was, so I was wondering if it would do the same for me.”
  • you chuckled
  • “Oh is that so? Well I’m going to need to further inspect you to determine whether or not you would look good with one.”


  • you lifted up your shirt to show him
  • “See! I got it done when I was a teenager.”
  • “Hmm…”
  • he walked over and put his hand on your stomach
  • He ran his fingers over the stud
  • when you shivered he smiled
  • “You know… you should treat your body like a temple…. I hope this didn’t put a risk to your health.”
  • You rolled your eyes
  • “You sound like my mom.”
  • he glared at you, retracting his hand
  • you sighed and started to put your shirt down
  • “What are you doing?”
  • You gave him a confused look
  • “… Putting my shirt down?”
  • “Did I say you could?”
  • oh
  • you knew where this was going


  • he lifted up his shirt to show his matching one
  • “What? I didn’t know you had your belly button pierced?”
  • “Are you surprised?”
  • “…No.”
  • after weeks of begging and ensuring no one would see it
  • you got him to wear a butterfly shaped one
  • “I hate you.”
  • “You love me.”
  • “No.”
  • “Yes.”


  • He didn’t believe you at first
  • Yeah, and I sometimes dye my hair blue.”
  • you smiled
  • “So you don’t think I have one?”
  • “Uh, no. You aren’t bad-ass enough to get one. And plus, as my girlfriend, I think I would notice it.”
  • “Oh?”
  • “I mean, wouldn’t I see it when we have sex?”
  • “SEVEN!”
  • “Just sayin’.”
  • “You wanna bet?”
  • “Bet that you have a belly piercing?”
  • You crossed your arms and tried not to smirk
  • “Uh-huh.”
  • “Oh, hell yes! And when I win, you have to actually go and get one.”
  • “And when I win, you have to dye your hair blue.”
  • “That’s if-”
  • he stopped when you took off your shirt
  • “Told you.”
  • “Shit.”
  • the next day, when he came home from the hair dresser you smiled
  • he looked at you and sighed, plopped himself on the couch
  • you sat next to him and smirked
  • “What’s wrong, Seven? You’re looking kinda… blue.”
  • he glared at you
  • you loved being on the other side of the joke

when Even and Isak play scrabble you just know isak is the type who gets super cocky and tries to use all the triple word places even if he can only make 3 letter words, just because he wants to stop Even from having a chance at scoring big. 

he will be all “look at this big fucking word i made Even LOOK!” when he makes something super sciency and long and smart and he will be all smug and think for sure he’s gonna win because it’s all about winning right. EVEN DON’T LOOK AT MY LETTERS WHILE I GO PISS, I mean it! okay that’s it i’m taking my letters with me. 

Even however, oh boy Even is the type who makes words up and offers a massive argument as to why they should be counted. 

“oh my god Even ‘jigawatt is not a fucking word” 
“yes it so is a word isak i can’t believe you would doubt it” 
“it’s NOT a word” 
“if it’s not a word then explain cult classic phenomenon back to the future” 
“I am not having this discussion with you again” 
“great, so that will be…..48 points with the triple word score” 
“i hate this dumb game lets play fifa” 
“nei it’s just dumb” 
“hmmm says the boy who didn’t know what jigawatt meant”

of course it will all go down to Isak or Even cheating and one of them to call out “that’s cheating” and the other to reply with “you think theres rules here” to isak saying (lets be real it’s always isak) “YES IT’S FUCKING SCRABBLE OF COURSE THERE ARE RULES HERE” but they end of giggling and messing up the entire board because Even did that thing with his eyebrows and now they are kissing and who actually cares about who won anyway? 

but if you ask, it was isak, the answer is always isak. (even when he loses) it’s isak. 

Isak and Even playing boardgames part 1

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I'm sorry but this is my opinion. And this happened with Jackson from Got7. But why the hell does it matter if they have dreadlocks? It's just a hair style. Jaebum had dreads nothing happened. So did Taeyang from big bang. Still nothing. So why does it matter. And most of the time when they have a different hair style it's bc the stylists want that. And why do you think it's a big no no? I'm just wondering sorry if I cake off mean

The reason why dreads are a “no-no” is because only people of African or Caribbean-African descent are able to naturally grow them.
Only certain types of hair can dread and lock themselves into that pattern naturally.
When other people do it it is not even dreading really, it’s just this nasty matted material that looks god-awful.

This then perpetuates the stereotype that dreads are “dirty” or “ghetto” bc of how bad it looks on the people who try to imitate it.
Dreads are clean, natural, and beautiful. The reason why it’s a big deal is because kpop already markets off of black and African culture down to a T.

I know you didn’t mean to come off rude. I respect your curiosity. This is just a small explanation on why non-African/Caribbean people wearing dreads is cultural appropriation

Much love, Alex💛

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Can you experience aesthetic attraction to a gender that you wouldn't want to be in a relationship with? Because I identify as homoromantic ace, but can look at guys and think they are good looking. It confuses the hell out of me. I don't feel like I'd want to be with them romantically, but I don't know what to think.

This comes down to the split attraction model–which for those who haven’t  heard that term means that there are multiple types of attraction, such as aesthetic, romantic, sexual, and sensual–and realizing that your attractions may not always align with each other and that’s 100% okay.

So in your case, it sounds like you’re sexually attracted to no genders (though please forgive my assumption if you identify as gray or demi, since “ace” can absolutely be used as an umbrella term but I’m assuming here that it’s a specific term), but romantically attracted to women–which means those two types of attraction don’t “match” in you (iow, you’re not sexually attracted to the same gender(s) you’re romantically attracted to). Your aesthetic attraction adds another layer there, in that your aesthetic attraction is also unaligned–it doesn’t “match” your romantic or sexual attraction (although if you are also aesthetically attracted to women, then there would be some aesthetic overlap with your romantic attraction).

It can be a little confusing for sure, but I think the easiest way to understand it is to view it the same way you view the differences in your romantic and sexual attraction: they’re separate, valid, unaligned attractions that nonetheless both contribute to making you the wonderful person that you are. And fwiw, in my (anecdotal but fairly extensive) experience, most aces I know–including myself–have what might be viewed by allosexual folks as a hyper-active sense of aesthetic attraction. I walk through a crowd and I’m like WOMEN ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! MEN ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! GENDERQUEER FOLKS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! HOW IS EVERYONE SO BEAUTIFUL???? 

And personally, I have no interest in being in a relationship with those people. Certainly not a sexual one, because I’m not sexually attracted to anyone, even if I do want to stare at them for a million years (*coughJensenAcklescough*). There’s actually a joke floating around the ace community that goes something like “You are so beautiful I just want to … Actually, I have no idea what I want to do.” (Stare, I guess? :-p) There’s a potential in me for being in a relationship with a person of any (or no) gender, but I’m currently in a relationship that makes me squee every time I think about getting to be with her, so I’m not interested in a romantic relationship with those beautiful people I see either. But I’m still quite happy to enjoy the aesthetic attraction I feel, even knowing there’s no next step or follow-up; I just want to stare for a while (and show my bi girlfriend so she can stare with me because sharing with a loved one makes everything better ;-p).

So if you’re finding yourself aesthetically attracted to folks of a gender or genders you’re not romantically and/or sexually attracted to, don’t stress! It’s totally normal, and it’s actually pretty awesome because it means you get to enjoy that wonderful fluttery feeling of feasting your eyes on someone beautiful with delightful frequency :)

Don’t know if anybody knows about it but there’s actually another manhua version of TKA. Personally this one’s my favorite (despite being entirely Chinese) because I really like the character designs (I mean, look at Ye Xiu, and Mucheng looks so badass, and Sun Xiang looks like some sort of punk).

You can read it at or just type in 全职高手漫画 into google and it should be the first few search results.

(Btw I found this bc I was looking through google images and I saw this really cool drawing of Ye Xiu and it turned out to be a page in the manhua)

(Btw #2: this version is at 130 smth chapters)

Edit: read the comments pls :)

the best laid plans (pt 1)

DigiOTPWeek Day 11: Disney AU

Word Count: 1820

Pairing: Izumi Koushiro/Tachikawa Mimi

Palmon looked, then looked again. She scratched her head. “He’s… not your usual type, is he?”

Mimi’s head whipped around, “What do you mean? I don’t have a type.”

“You sort of do.” Palmon ticked off her vines. “Tall, kind of brawny, with good hair and good style. Remember?”

Sniffing, Mimi took her puppy back from Palmon. “Well, maybe. But I’m allowed to appreciate different types of people, aren’t I? And – anyway – I wasn’t staring!”

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Do u have any advice for a recent art college grad who is broke, financially unstable, clinically depressed, working a customer service job that barely pays off debt & has always dreamed of working @ Disney? Ppl keep saying "don't give up! You'll find something eventually! ^_^" should I just suck it up & listen to them? I mean idc at this point, I'm desperate for any job that will let me make art for a living but I can't land a single 1 of those. Things are looking very bleak.

I’m really sorry to hear about your situation, and I hope things will get better soon. My advice for finding a job is to not give up, even though searching can be very discouraging. If you just want to be in the field of animation, perhaps look for a production type job? Like a production assistant? Another thing to try might be commission work? Offer commissions to your online audience, that way you can do art, and it might help financially? I wish you the best, truly. <3 

Type my classmates #2

I’m starting a series of posts in which I describe my classmates to see if you can guess their type. Comment what you think!

This next one is one of the cool girls in class. Very nice and social, she looks very confident and looks like the leader of her two best friends (not the typical “mean girl”, and not bossy, she looks just very hmm strong?). She is outgoing but doesn’t mix with everyone (she’s usually with the main guy group and the other cool girls), but if you go and talk to her she won’t be rude at all. She reminds me of these TV presenters who look all nice and involved but then she remains distant. Despite her friendly appearance I don’t think she cares about a lot of people, she looks like she just does what she wants/needs in the moment. I once heard her say to another girl that she needs to study every day, I think she’s very hardworking and also resourceful.

Which type do you think she is?

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From "The Most Comprehensive NSFW Ask Around" - About You: Nº 6, 9, 16, 34, 36 for Oscar xD

Thank you so much for this!
I can’t remember when I last had an ask for Oscar, if ever!?

What type of underwear are you wearing?
Oscar: *Looks down himself and chuckles* I can’t remember?
*Looks a bit puzzled* I think I’m wearing pink boxers with Hello Kitty?
Have you ever had an erection which someone noticed?
Oscar: *Chuckles shyly and blushes* uhm… yeah… it happens a lot around dad…. Andy I mean….
Have you sent a nude photo or video to someone?
Oscar: *Turns bright red in his face* No! I’m not good at using my phone.
Do you orgasm easily?
Oscar: *Turns even more red in his face* Uhm….. *chuckles shyly and rubs his hands* I don’t know? Uhm…. when I’m with dad, I think I do? He says I do, and I think he knows more about it than I do.
Have you ever played “spin the bottle”? Explain the experience.
Oscar: No I haven’t? What is it?
I like to play, I think I will go ask dad what it is, maybe he knows?

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Please consider reading up on why and how the Gerudo are racist depictions as well as the awful sexualising of them. Your cosplays are fantastic, but it never hurts to be knowledgeable about yoir favorite things. It improves the experience and doesn't mean you have to hate it. Just means you know more and can spread awareness for it. queenriju has a lot of excellent posts explaining how the Gerudo/Gerudo Link issues.

First of all, thank you for coming to me with this. This is also the second time I’ve typed this out, my phone died on %20, however that happens. So, basically, it’ll be a bit shorter and not as concise.

You’re right! Being informed is important. I looked at the suggested blog, and I couldn’t find anything about the topics you mentioned in recent posts, but I’ll keep looking. I didn’t know that Gerudo have been considered racist depictions, I honestly don’t play the game very often and only chose to cosplay Gerudo Link because I liked the design of the outfit. If you have direct sources or examples of how their portrayal is offensive please show me, I’d like to see.

As far as over-sexualization goes, it’s fucking everywhere. No matter who you’re cosplaying, or drawing, honestly. I’ve witnessed people at cons harassing others for ass pics, when their costumes weren’t even that revealing. It makes me angry, but I’m not gonna let people like that rule me. With this specific character, it just so happens that people with certain fetish have latched onto it. I’m not sure if we should blame the character concept for that? I might be wrong, but the character itself isn’t inherently sexual?

I’ve been followed by probably 100 porn blogs in the past week over that post and trust me, I’m bothered. But, hey, I don’t post for them. I took those pictures because I thought it would be fun, I was with a bunch of friends and we were just having a laugh. I ended up posting them because I was running out of content, but I’m not ashamed. I liked how I looked in them, I felt good about myself. I can’t control what other people use them for. It makes me feel a little gross, but I’m not gonna let them stop me from showing skin altogether/dressing how I want.

I hate that people are accusing me of doing this with the sole purpose of turnin people on? I cosplay because it’s artistic and the designs are beautiful. Don’t be nasty and tell me my own intentions based off a single post. I’m sorry if I’ve unintentionally contributed to something harmful. That wasn’t the goal at all.

Again, thank you, and if anyone has links or questions for me, I’ll answer.

I know I’m missing something here but I don’t feel like typing anymore Tumblr mobile is shit thank you goodnight

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Hey wow okay how dare you look so beautiful?! I'm calling the cops on you. It should be illegal to be that fine! Typing, typing, okay, hello? Registry office? I'd like to marry someone. What? Don't go disney on me and say I can't marry someone I just met! I mean look at her! Yeah, thought so. How would you like your ring?



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Choices: Surbhi or Shrenu, who's prettier? P.S: Would've asked to choose based on acting skills too, but you haven't seen DBO, so just limited it to one choice.

Ah man, I don’t realllllly like objectifying women based on looks, coz I truly feel like every girl is a different type of beautiful and I can’t really pick. How does that tumblr text post go, just coz a flower doesn’t look like christmas lights, doesn’t mean both aren’t beautiful… or something like that. Just when I think I’ve seen all the types of pretty girls, here comes a new one with a whole different type of pretty! 

(FYI: I’m perfectly fine with objectifying men though, so feel free to send me all the choices asking me to choose between men and make me feel like a wanton goddess with her pick of the lot, lmao. 😂😂😂)

So I find Shrenu the classical North Indian beauty, the kind you see in ancient paintings. I mean, her eyes. Ugh, SO beautiful. And that smile! *clutches my heart* 😱😱😱 And my god, it’s unfair how the girl looks so good without makeup! 

Meanwhile Surbhiiiiii, she has this mischievous pixie princess vibe going on, thanks to her that one little crooked tooth (I love it soooooo much! It makes her smile so adorable!) She’ll age to be one of those old ladies who are twinkly and smiley and look like they’re always hiding a hilarious secret. 😇😇😇

GIRLS!!!!!!!!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧.  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧.  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧.

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OK can you give some tips on Anatomy? It would be a great way to start off right now im currently only drawing symbols for characters I can't draw yet Plus thank you for the advice I needed that

Hahaha I was writing it already on the post to reblog…

Well, my best advice is to start on basics and understand the human body… 

Like here, simple as this:

(I love this artist cause of the BNHA art *w* )

Draw over stock pictures this “skeleton” to understand it better and then try to draw it yourself on paper 

And second best advice is to look for tutorials… I mean… just type here “anatomy tutorial” and thousands of good ones come up! They can explain better than me, they’re better than me and maybe I actually learnt from them xD

Make your own library, and DON’T think that because they look super professional, like arms with grids and all the muscles in different colors, those are the best…. Nah, start with the simple ones, that say that arms are cylinders and such…

Or maybe you have an specific doubt? But I’m guessing not yet? 

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I know what you mean wit the BT1 and face trade off! While I like the idea that I can create a teen-looking character, I wish we could still adjust the face separately from the body type later so they don't all look like that. You can be smol and thin and still look like an adult.

UGH, right?

BT1 makes the eyes bug out of their skull and invariably has that weird delicate pointy chin, EVERY BT1 face looks like that of a tween.

It’s ESPECIALLY disconcerting because in terms of proportions the body is still very busty and curvy.

It’s just creepy af.

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I didn't mean to offend, my liege *looks at datapad* Oh it's enchanting! Do all cybertronians look like that as a protoform, if I may ask? -flirtatious anon

This one is more pointy, with longer struts developing on top that will become wings, but the other structures are shared across most frame types. As it grows it will get smooth armor covering the internal structures, and the nanites will continue building mechanics using the metal from inside those shells. The extremities, including wings, grow last, but you can see the roots and basic struts already.

This is an old picture. I need to go take a new one, since he’s grown quite a bit bigger.

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Bo: *her head is tilted slightly as she approaches the Magcargo, she tries her best to avoid the lava* "Hello there.. I'm Bo, what's your name? And would you like a berry? Or perhaps a dri-" *she seems to frown and scratches the back of her head* "can you drink? I mean.. You're a fire type, but you kinda look like you're made of lava- which is cool! But... Would it harm you..?" She looks a little confused but shakes her head and holds out an Oran Berry* "I hope this is okay.. It got a bit burnt"

Magcargo: I don’t have a name. People just call me Magcargo. Maybe I should have a name.


Magcargo: But I can drink other things too. They don’t hurt. Unless they really cold.

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Do you think Anna could do better than ben? Ben seems really nice but I think she could do better.

I can’t really answer that because I’ve never met Ben. But if Anna has been with him all this time then I imagine he’s a pretty good person. If you mean looks wise, then sure Anna could easily be with some hot, good looking dude, but that’s obviously not all she’s focused on. Anna’s type is grungy and British.