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this especially goes to my converts who this is their first eid, to sick Muslims who couldn’t fast, to Muslims who aren’t of south east Asian or MENA descent and feel isolated in our religion, to reverts, to the mentally ill Muslims, to lgbtqia Muslims (closeted and out), to Muslims who work so much they don’t have time to go to the mosque, to Muslims that don’t have one specific mosque, to ALL Muslims who feel like they don’t belong this is your time to celebrate too don’t let ANYONE take this away from you

Eid Mubarak to Muslims…ALL Muslims

PSA if you’re a dancer & your parents pay for classes/intensives/etc make sure you appreciate that shit!!!!!!


When I say “Fionn mac Cumhaill”, most of you uncivilized, morally bankrupt apes yell “FINN MCCUCK” and make me cry, which is totally fair because you are NOT WRONG, but it turns out, Fionn’s love life is more complicated than just some cuckolding.

WE GO BACK IN TIME TO before the whole Diarmuid thing happened, but after Fionn was the leader of the Fianna Knights. ONE DAY, Fionn had gone out hunting as usual, because if there’s one thing Fionn really liked to do, that was hunting. A billion fucking minor stories begin with the lines “So Fionn was hunting when shit happened”, and this dude, in general, used it as a relaxation exercise, like, he could be in the middle of a huge fight, and he’d get stressed, so he did either of two things: 1) suck his turbo thumb for infinite salmon knowledge or 2) tell the guys “brb”, go hunt, relax, organize his thoughts, come back, win battle. Anyways, he was doing this shit, with his two hounds, Bran and Sceólang, when he came across a DEER.

Before Fionn could put three javelins through the deer, however, the dogs yelled “WOOF” but Fionn understood them because he was a Weird Dog Girl and also a dedicated hunter, so of course he could. He was like “What is wrong, Bran and Sceólang? Why do you stop me?” and see, here’s the THING: Bran and Sceólang are both hounds, but they were born from a hound who used to be a human but was turned into a hound via Magic. You know how Loki got fucked by a horse while in horse form and thus gave birth to an eight legged horse? Ok kinda similar dealio. Anyways, the thing is, since these hounds were born from a hound that used to be a human, they detected something no one else could have detected: That deer was a human transformed into a deer.

So, shit, Fionn was not about to just javelin a person, so he brought the human-deer back home to see if he could do something for them. Now, I have to remind you that Fionn was raised by two powerful moms, one of which was a druid, and as such, he knew some druidery, so his personal home and lands were enchanted by him to better suit him, kinda like a Territory Creation-esque deal. The thing is, as soon as Human-Deer set foot on Fionn’s land, since Fionn wanted to help them, his enchanted lands reacted, and undid the curse: Where once a deer stood, now stood a very beautiful woman. Fionn was like “OH”. She was like “OH” because, reminder, Fionn is one beautiful son of a gun, and also she was thankful, and she knew all sorts of cool shit. Fionn asked what happened, and she told her story, and what happened was not that Fionn’s druid shenanigans saved her, but it was his might, instead.

Her name was Sadhbh, which is Old Irish for “would you like to buy a vowel?”, and it turns out she had been a deer for three years. Three years ago, she refused to marry a druid named Fear Doirich (literally “DARK MAN” because mythology and subtlety just don’t get along), a member of the Tuatha De Danann (attentive ace detectives will remember that, in our last Fionn Storytime, Fionn killed Aillen of the Tuatha De Danann), and he got very butthurt about it, so using his Dark Druid powers (he was a dark druid, yes, this specification is made clear), he turned her into a deer, because Nice Guys Finish Last. She was initially held captive, but a servant of Fear Doirich took pity on her and released her, telling her that were she to set foot on the lands of the “dun”, which normally means fort or castle, but in this specific instance means “territory” of Fianna, which is basically anywhere that Fionn owns, Fear would have no effect on her, and thus she’d be a human again. So Sadhbh makes her way to Almhuin, which is Fionn’s house, in hopes she can regain her human form, and her gamble PAID OFF.

Fionn and Sadhbh fall in love with each other as Sadhbh spends time in his land, and the two marry. Fionn was so deeply in love with Sadhbh that he abandoned all other pleasures, including hunting and adventuring, just so he can be with her and make her happy. Soon enough, she was pregnant. Fionn and Sadhbh were truly deep in love, and the only moments in which they were not together was when Fionn was fighting a battle.

And it is during one such moments that tragedy, sadly, strikes.

Fionn was fighting the Vikings in the southern parts of Ireland when Sadhbh, who awaited in Fionn’s home, saw Fionn and his two hounds, Bran and Sceólang, returning from the battle. Elated, Sadhbh ran to meet her husband, but when she reached him, it turned out to be illusions… It was none other than Fear Doirich! With a swing and a swoosh of his hazel wand, and a powerful tip of his fedora, Sadhbh was turned into a deer once more, and he took her away.

Fionn returned only to find an empty home, bereft of joy, barren of love. His wife was gone, and he couldn’t find her. He spent seven whole years looking for her, but he never found her. At the very end of these seven years, Fionn came across a wild boy while he was hunting, and he couldn’t help but recognize some of Sadhbh’s features on his face. It turns out, that boy was his and Sadhbh’s son, Oisin.

Fionn took his son Oisin home and raised him the best he could. In time, Oisin would become the greatest poet in Ireland, as well as an extremely accomplished warrior who matched his father’s immense accomplishments, one of the fiercest Fianna Knights ever, and, most importantly, the narrator of the Fenian Cycle of Irish Mythology.

Despite all of this, however, Sadhbh was never found. This wounded Fionn deeply, and he was noticeably more grim, more bitter, since then. Not long after this incident, the High King, Cormac mac Airt, promised his daughter, Grainne, to Fionn in marriage. During the wedding feast, however, Grainne falls for a formidable Fianna Knight and friend of Fionn, a man named Diarmuid Ua Duibhne…

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are you and owlmylove dating?

no? no. no, no, no, my dude.
we’ve been mutuals since, like, i first started my tumblr a billion years ago, but no, we are not dating. (but you should definitely follow her here ( @owlmylove ) and on instagram ( petitehoneybee ) if you don’t already because she is super cute and will brighten your life right up)

also: happy women’s history month to every trans woman
you’re constantly erased from history and pushed out of women’s spaces but you belong there and you have always been important parts of history.
let’s not forget trans women this year.

income inequality is cool and all to talk about but uh the wealthiest people in the world don’t even fucking have incomes like most people, they have wealth that generates more wealth. they make millions just because they’re rich, quite literally. their money is grounds for them to have more money lmao. 

and these are the people who like when 8 of them get together have more wealth than 4 billion people. no one and i mean no one works harder than 4 billion people combined, thats fuck absurd if you believe that lmao.

a soft boy


Katie McGrath + Victoria Smurfit

[Katie] whips out her phone and shares a few photographs of herself and fellow Irish actress Victoria Smurfit planting kisses on each other.  (…)
“Plot spoiler: there’s a little bit of a frisson between me and her character, so I was sending pictures saying, ‘This is what I did today with the extremely beautiful Victoria Smurfit.” (x)


waiting here, for evermore. (x)

But then
I turned around
and found you
staring at me—
and darling
I felt like
walking in a field
of billions of people—
and for once
I was never
about you,
not noticing me.
—  ma.c.a // Look at Me