by lexie


She was warned. She was called UNqualified. Nevertheless, she persisted. 

YES friends it’s time for another Dee’s Reviews! As I’ve said before, I undoubtedly have no business writing these given the sorry state of my own creative expression, but hey, I always say, if you can’t do, critique! 

Also keep in mind I don’t read the real judges critiques so if I’m repeating or repeating or contradicting, well, so be it.  

Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we? 

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My laptop is on its last leg…more like its last toe and I’m desperately trying to transfer my files (there are soooo many) to a few flash drives. And all of my art software?? I just don’t know, man. If I’m able to get a new laptop, I’m hoping I can just download them again (with the proper serial numbers and whatnot) without having to re-purchase. This is not exactly what I wanted to do today tbh. 

  • Interviewer: Hi
  • David Bowie: Hi
  • Interviewer: so how have you -
  • David Bowie: SO LATELY I HAVE BEEN READING ABOUT THIS AND THAT AND FOUND IT REALLY INTERESTING HOW *proceeds to dump all knowledge acquired in the last months in one big speech which has nothing to do with anything the interviewer had been aiming for*
  • Interviewer: Okay but -
  • David Bowie: Also!!! My daughter did this thing!!!