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it’s been a while since I last made a special post for both my followers as well as friends and the people I admire. The reason why I have decided to talk to everyone is because I am going on a long-term hiatus. Despite the fact I have put a lot of work and feelings into this blog, I feel it is the best thing since I will begin my university experience in October (yay, I’m gonna be a vet ♡ ) and I want to entirely focus on my studies.

However, I will probably go online about once a week to message my friends and put some posts on queues for all of the following blogs

  • seoulene = my personal blog that means a lot to me
  • tuaned = my got7 blog which can still be considered a toddler
  • functiongirls- = f(x) blog I co-run and highly recommend to follow

Also, it was like a week ago when I reached over 3,400 followers. How ??? When ??? Those are the questions I keep asking myself. I am really thankful for enjoying my blog (and maybe sometimes its owner haha) and I am sorry to everyone who has been with me from the beginning.


Thank you so much for making my days brighter. As a part of the k-pop fandom I have met so many amazing people I would have never had the chance to meet if it wasn’t for this blog.

Here’s to everyone I follow and talked to:


*aka the best people I have ever met; just want you to know all of you are really precious to me ♡

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aka the blogs I really admire and which are a great source of inspiration ♡

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I just wanted to say thank you for those (almost) 2 years and I hope only good things happen to you ♡


Maria ♡

So i recently hit 1k!!! and apparently this is what people do when that happens and im all too glad to show some appreciation for the users who make my dashboard an amazing and positive place to scroll through!!! you seriously all rock, and if i’ve left anyone out I strongly apologize, please don’t be scared to shoot me a message. i encourage my followers to follow each and everyone of these incredibly special people. i may not talk to everyone on this list, but i definitely would like and that’s something im gonna work on lmao thank you so much again for making tumblr great for me. you deserve all the awards. STAY HELLA

*Bolded: mutuals

#: 2eun - 5princesses - 801won 

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also!!! i’d like to give a special mention to the sideblogs i have the opportunity to co-run with some amazing people: 

functiongirls- (f(x) graphics blog dedicated to all five members) and bae-irenes (red velvet blog dedicated solely to irene)

in celebration of vixx’s season two of vixx tv, i’ve decided to do another follow forever (under wonderbbang) in order to thank the beautiful blogs i follow and all my awesome followers~ p.s. ignore the worst edit ever i did this at like 1am kthankx

the super favourite besties buddies!

asphvixxiate-bitch cassiesarebulletproof catch-me-off-guard cheemek han-sasshyuk hojeon-ce hoseokjung hyde-leo-from-n jae-why-ghei jongjumma kenihavehongbin kimwonshiet kpop-is-my-style lickmyvixx lovegyu-likegyu miss-agent  onewfuckmeinanelevator onews-face pabora princebyunghun share-a-blacksodadrink starlight-inspirit starlight-inspirit-kissme tae-bunny taekmypanties taekmyravioli taekhyuks unitedwithinfinite vineoxx vixxbitch waffle-kun wonshikshik woo-hyun- xiumanizer yeols-slave

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fellow multifandom blogs \(♥0♥)/

bgkpopfan cassiopeiastarlight girigrrl himyeons infinitblaq multifandom-kpop-me smilingyoon songminosang sugarbowl7 wonsiq


❀ Yurax’s first follow forever! 

This doesn’t mark a special day exactly, (since I have no idea when I started this blog, oops) but I am literally on the border of 1.5k followers. Yay! Numbers aren’t something I tend to pay much attention to, though they do make me incredibly happy. I’m both shocked and overjoyed I’ve come this far, and I’m happy to have so many of you enjoy my not-so-great gifs and such. Thank you so much for sticking by me!
Now, since I don’t follow many Girl’s Day blogs and this is only a side, I will be including those I adore and reblog religiously on my main (suxgkyu; and other sides like ha-kyeon, jivoon & ggukie n_n; too many blogs, heh), and I’m sorry but 60% will probably be Infinite biased. I encourage you all to check out those listed below, and I apologize for missing anyone off, I’m tired and these things take f o r e v e r. Smooches and love will be sent to you all! Including those who aren’t noted because ♡

Italics = Mutual follows (on yurax &/ suxgkyu) ♡ Bold = Current tumblr crushes.

ahyoungies | bangyongguks | bunnymato | channie-ah | chohae | daesbulge | daisynous | doffeine | dongyas | dongwoos-penis | gikwanf | girldays | girlsd4y | girlssday | giyeuk | gr8u | gyuchingu | gyuishy | gyuzizis | heyhyuna | hoyaegi | hyosong | ilhoon | infiniteho-ya | itsgirlsday | jnhysng | jung-koook | jungyoos | kimsoowon | leehqeri | minahsday | myungfinite | namupabo | nhyung | noohyun | ohayoungs | ohsojins | pixxietrainwreck | ravikim | sngyeol | snugyeol | sojeens | strawberrybutterfly | suhobos | sullli | sunvoung | tayree | woohyunff | yadoong | yeoli | yeolwut | yeonnies | yong-guks | yoonhgi | youngjiae | zicojin

It has been some time since my last follow forever and I will soon reach my 3k of cutie-patootie followers I have decided to create yet another post to express my feelings towards you guys. Despite the fact I am quite lousy at talking to you and even if I do I am the cheesiest person out there but I would like to say thank you to both all the people I have met here so far (you know who you are, ilu) and the people I have not yet talked to but their presence makes my dash (and usually mood a lot better).

Since I run an extremely multifandom blog, the list includes a variety of blogs. Feel free to follow and talk to any of them because they are all amazing!

A - D

acciomyungsoo  ahyoungies aigyu alwaysoshi amigonew antisulli anyja astrospace athaenas awesomaticrobotronic biteubi blondho bomminator borntobeast btobsmelody bumblekey celo-mar chodingdino choisullis cmblaq dewusional dohdoro dubuwaffle

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I am 100% sure I forgot about someone so here’s my blogroll for all the fantastic blogs I follow.