by larryshipsthenight

Can we just appreciate how amazing he is? He’s Louis Tomlinson that guy who played for charity not Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. He’s he guy that was in pain for a couple of seconds and got back in his feet, he got booed during the game how can you handle the hate? He was really nervous about it and then the crowd boos him. It takes strength to handle the hate and the pain. He puked in the sidelines after that, we dont know why but it could be because he overworked himself or maybe it was just the nervousness that took over. But to be honest, i still want to know if he’s okay or not. It’s really one of those moments where you could say that we witnessed him saying he always wanted to play, now he was there. He played well despite the booing and were really proud of him aren’t we? We’re really proud of you Louis Tomlinson. Famous or not you are such an amazing person.


This makes me so mad. Like who the fuck are they to tell me to die. First of all, you have no fucking right to tell someone to just DIE. You’re not God so shut the fuck up. Secondly, why larry shippers ? Why us? WHAT THE FUCK DID WE DO. Just because we believe in something you dont believe in doesnt mean you have the right to tell us to die! Thirdly, if you tell someone to go kill yourself you need to be careful on who to say that to! Never tell anyone to die. I /tried/ killing myself, but something stopped me. Yes ! I admit i was suicidal, i didnt cut but i planned on how i would kill myself every single day…. It was tiring and depressing but something stopped me. For the love of God i dont want any larry shippers to feel like shit anymore and please stop blaming us. We believe in something you dont and just leave it that way. xx

What if Harry and Louis had enough and they get into a fight. All of the sudden Louis just says “ Im sorry Hazza, I can’t do this anymore.What if we…we just let this go? Its so hard Hazza.” And Louis just left Harry alone standing in the middle of the room and they didnt talk for days. One day Harry just saw a picture of them on their night stand and Harry wrote this song . 

Wet Paint Larry One shot
Description: idk its my first oneshot. There’s no plot actually but its just all fluff i guess?
To be honest its not that good but you can check it out

Harry is giver . He gives time to help people.. Like helping someone carry their stuff for them, help them with homework or probably help with a school play. It was a Saturday morning when harry came to school wearing sweatpants and a hoodie, he was ready to help prepare the set for they next production of Grease.
He was halfway done with painting Frenchy’s bedroom when a wet object was smeared on his face, he reached up to his cheek and found pink wet paint on his hand. Turning around to find out who or what did it, he found himself looking at a blue-eyed boy with a smile on his face wearing a black shirt and skinny jeans holding up two fingers with pink wet paint.
“Oops” the blue-eyed boy said. “Hi? Uhm can i help you ?” Harry asked shyly while he was trying to wipe his face with his sleeve . “Uh yeah I was wondering what your name was, sweet cheeks”
“Oh uh.. ’m Harry . Harry Styles”
“Oh what a lovely name! Im Louis, Louis Tomlinson.” Louis said extending his hand for a handshake that Harry obliged to.
It started from that basically but after their little conversation Harry went back to work and Louis was nowhere to be seen.
It was 3 days after they talked, and Harry still couldn’t stop thinking about Louis. Its tuesday now and Harry still helps with the play.
As he got in the auditorium he found Louis on center stage singing Grease lightning. The actors usually come by for rehearsals after the crew finishes their work, but Louis was extra early today not because he wanted to see a certain boy that has dimples with a low voice and lips that scream “IM KISSABLE”, no he didnt come early just for him……
“HARRY STYLES!!” Louis shouted as soon as he saw Harry. Harry blushed at the action cause no one really notices him. He’s just Harry Styles, the guy who helps everyone. When Harry reached Louis’ spot they exchanged hello’s and started from there but ended up with “Did you know that if you say a certain word in a theatre or auditorium everything will go downhill?” Louis asked. “Really? What word would that be?” Harry asked curiously. “I can’t say it, but here’s a hint its a Shakespearian play, its the one with witches and curses and starts with the letter M.”
Harry thought hard about it since he only knows some of Shakespeare’s works…. “Macbeth?”
“DONT SAY IT! Dammit Harry now everything is gonna turn to shit now” Just as Louis said those words half of the auditorium lights went off causing Harry to get scared, took a few steps back and without even noticing he knocked down a whole bucket of pink paint all over his shoes. Today wasnt his lucky day……

One week later after the play, he was still hanging out with Louis cause “C'mon curly the play is over, give me your phone number meet me at the park next Saturday” Yeah he was focusing on studying for his test when he remembered that he had to meet Louis at the park. He reached the park and saw louis sitting on the park bench looking around, his eyes caught Harry’s smiling face which made him smile as well. “ ‘ello Curly how are you on this fine day?”
“ I was studying but then i remembered i had to meet up with a guy that made me spill pink paint all over my shoes.” Harry said in a jokingly manner
“Hey! It wasn’t me who said Macbeth!” He said while chuckling
“It wasnt me…” Harry said in a deep voice . “But she caught me in the counter, it wasnt me. Saw me kissing on the sofa, it wasnt me. ” Louis sang in a jokingly manner trying to piss off Harry by singing. Louis continued to sing until he got to the chorus and at the end he earned a not so strong punch on the shoulder from Harry.

Harry and Louis became closer from then on. They started hanging out at the park every weekend, they talked about anything and everything from small details about themselves to little secrets they never told anyone which got them to admitting some certain secrets that could possibly change their friendship.
“Im gay” Harry mumbled quietly to himself but trying to make it a little louder for Louis to hear. “What?” “I said, im gay” Louis sat there for a moment trying to understand what Harry just said, all Louis could say was “Really?”
“Yeah … Uhm i am. Gay. Uhh …… Is it gonna be a problem? Cause i could just leave …” Harry said and when he was about to stand up and leave “Im gay too so its no problem” Harry looked at Louis with a confused expression because “I thought you were dating Hannah? You guys had good chemistry during the play!”
“Me and Hannah are just good friends, we rehearsed a lot. And I really dont want to be in a relationship with anyone…. Except for this one guy i like….” Louis half whispered the last sentence because obviously he’s trying to hide the fact that yes he likes Harry. But as every human being would say “He would never like me back though… So yeah. Im not with Hannah but I’ve got my eye on someone.”
Harry was happy for Louis, he really was. But hearing someone you secretly liked because you developed feelings for him as you guys became closer is a bit heartbreaking. “You should try to ask him, Lou. He might like you back” and ofcourse as a good friend Harry has to be supportive. But Louis being the curious one in the pair “How about you curly? Do YOU have your eye on someone?” Louis asked winking at the Harry after he nudged him. “Well yeah I kinda do? But like…. Im not sure cause he likes someone else and i have zero chances.” Louis frowned at Harry’s answer not only because Harry liked someone else, but also because that the person he likes wouldn’t like Harry. “Aww Hazza! Dont worry, you’ve got me right?” He said as he hugged the younger boy with a tingly feeling in his stomach because of a little hug. Pathetic little crush isn’t it?
“Yeah Lou, I’ve always got you. And you have me too”

That small moment was another one of their “intimate moments” ever since that they, they started having sleepovers and just hanging out with a few cuddles here and there. But it was a Saturday afternoon when everything changed… Louis was driving with Harry on the front seat talking until Louis got a bit curious again “So Harry, about the guy you like…. Do you still like him?” Harry was a bit surprised “Uh yeah why Lou?” “Nothing I was just wanted to know if he likes you back…” “Why do you care about my love life?” Harry didnt mean to say it in a harsh way but it kinda sounded like it. “Wow Im sorry Haz, i didnt mean to ask you that ! I was just making sure okay? I just dont want anyone to hurt you. Jeez” Louis was a little bit pissed now, he just wants Harry to be happy… And not get a broken heart. “Im sorry …” Harry whispered as he took Louis’ hand off the wheel and kissed his knuckles one by one. Louis was happy on the inside just to feel Harry’s lips touch his skin. The whole ride was silent after that, but when they got to Louis’ house Harry was fast asleep in Louis’ car. Louis carried Harry to his room despite the height and weight difference Louis still wanted to hold Harry as close as he can. When Louis set Harry down his bed and tucked him in he kissed Harry’s forehead and said “Im sorry Haz, i just really love you and I don’t want any douchebags to hurt you okay? I just hope ill have enough courage to tell you that I love you. Im such a coward for telling you that while you’re just there sleeping. I just love you okay? Sweet dreams,love” Louis got up and went to the bathroom to take a quick shower… But if he didnt, he would’ve noticed Harry smiling with his eyes closed. Finally, Harry could definitely sleep sweetly knowing his crush likes him back. Wait no, LOVES him back actually.

Feedback? I was thinking of making a part 2 but idk.. (And yeah you can’t say the word Macbeth inside a theater. Talk to me if you wanna find out more about it cause its hard to explain)

So pissed

Okay so today me and my friend were talking about the 1D Big Announcement , first she was like “ I think it’s about Larry Stylinson”

Then I was like “Yeah i think it is but I have a feeling its about the movie too. ” Then she was like “Yeah maybe, you dont think they’d just let them come out in the middle of the tour right?” Before I could even say anything this other girl said “Oh my god no one in one direction is gay so just shut the fuck up.” And me and my friend were like 

Then My friend was like “How do you explain the tattoos and other stuff then?” The girl was like “ Oh they just support gay rights, they’re not THAT gay.” WHAT THE FUCK WHAT DO YOU FUCKING MEAN THEY’RE NOT THAT GAY? I didn’t know that there was a gay scale ? no offense. But that girl just jumped into the conversation and pissed me off. I believe in Larry and if you don’t, keep your stupid opinions to yourself cause I can believe what I want and you can believe what you want . In the end we would know who’s right and who’s wrong just you wait. And to the non Larry shippers who sends me these messages saying Larry is stupid or Larry isnt real or Larry shippers are fucking stupid, better shut the fuck up go to your room and do your stupid homework cause I’ll be reading some smut. Im enjoying this but are you enjoying homework? NO. For once in my life I have something that could make me happy, being a Larry shipper. Don’t you dare judge me for being one.