by larry


a fire in us

In My Blood

I Can Feel Your Heart Inside of Mine

Broken Halves of a Whole

I’m Not Moving

we’ll be together (even when you’re lost)


Wish You Would

I Knew You Were Waiting For Me

Don’t Let the Tide Come

I’ll Knit You A Sweater

for the first time

Fruits Basket

Oh, what a world, and then there is you

our matchmaker: the fucking universe

Another Constellation to Trace


Love Me Please

i was just an only child of the universe (until i found you)

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The Light is Coming by anon

Words: 10,223

Louis was cold. So fucking cold. He was hungry too. He hadn’t eaten a real meal in a long time. He’d lost count of how many days he hadn’t eaten correctly or, rather, he didn’t want to remember. He wanted to forget. Forget that he was now alone. Well, mostly. He cursed his faith.

He wasn’t supposed to end up like this. He was supposed to go to college, find a mate, and graduate with honours. Maybe he would have to apply right after graduation to some job offers but thankfully his father would intervene and would find him a job in no time at one of his friends’ companies. Then he would get married and be finally mated by his Alpha.

In this dream of his, Louis would end up with three beautiful pups, a huge house with a white fence and a wonderful mate always caring for him until his last breath.

That was how it was supposed to happen.

Louis put a hand on his slowly hardening belly, a single tear rolling down his cheek. It wasn’t fair.

Or the one where Louis is lost but Harry is there to save him.

Remember that time Dan Wootton F**cked Up?

Like… way worse than all the other times he f**cked up.

This article from The Sun was published on October 31, 2015, the day of the last 1D concert.  Also, the day of the “Larry hug.”  The article is called I watched as rivalry, hatred and drugs tore 1D apart: Dan Wootton on downfall of the world’s biggest boyband.

  • He claimed H + L hated each other and avoided each other at all costs after they had written Perfect together.
  • He claimed they chose to fly separately after Lairport happened, where they flew alone together and looked pretty happy about it upon getting off their flight.
  • He claimed they wouldn’t see each other outside of work functions after Jay’s wedding where Harry was introduced to family and friends as an honored guest.
  • He claimed they couldn’t stand each other .1 second before MITAM promo started, where they practically sat on each other’s laps in every interview.
  • He claimed they were not gay after Harry, who has never said he is straight, stated “female” was not that important of a trait in a significant other, as well as told Niall “don’t knock it til you try it” regarding sleeping with a man (right in front of Dan - it was his damn interview!).
  • Bonus fun fact: He claimed their choice to no longer live together was abrupt, when they had a falling out.  Well, the first article stating they would no longer be living together came the. day. after. Wellington.  Can you believe? 

This specific article also:

  • Made sure to discuss Taylor Swift again, three whole years after Haylor happened, in case you could ever forget Harry “dated a girl” and therefore “couldn’t have been with Louis.”
  • Dropped the Azoff name and pretty much hinted at solo Harry.
  • And later on, talked massive shit about Louis, but I didn’t even want to put that part in here. 

Nice try, Dan.  This is why none of us believe a single useless article you write anymore and consider The Sun to be utter trash.  Dan basically proved Larry is real with this incredibly easy to disprove drivel.

Dan, is also the one that tried to get solo Harry to admit/label his sexuality AND forced Louis to do the oBvIoUsLy denial.  Dan is a dickhead.  But I have always wondered one thing… does Dan really not know Larry is real?  Is Dan really that stupid?  Does he just write whatever he is told to write and not question why the hell he’s being told to write it?  Dan is an out gay man.  Is he really that big of trash that he would help closet two of his own?  Cause, no joke, he tweeted this once:

I feel like there is a specific hell realm reserved for people like Dan Wootton.

anonymous asked:

Fics that aren’t too triggering and have happy endings?

Hello! Sorry it took me a while to respond to this, I got my second cat this weekend and that’s a lot of adjustments to make! Anyway here what I found for you on Ao3: 

✨ Love You a Latte by @1diamondinthesun (16k) Girl Direction

Louis Tomlinson doesn’t drink coffee and definitely doesn’t go to Starbucks. Enter barista Harry Styles. Add a double shot of espresso, stir in 90s references to taste, and top with whipped cream and love.

Or, the coffee shop AU featuring girl direction, creative espresso, and a professor and a barista falling in love in one beautiful autumn.

 It’s Alright (If It Makes You Feel Alive) by @1diamondinthesun (18k)

Everyone has their breaking point. Harry just didn’t expect his to be here, at Wembley stadium, with a banana in his pocket.

(In which Harry tells jokes and Louis wears some very special pants. Featuring headbands, anonymous underwear, and an OT5 puppy pile.)

✨ The Lonely Planet Guide to Second Chances by @1diamondinthesun (102k) Im reading this rn this is very good!!

When Harry and Louis broke up, the last thing on Harry’s mind was the non-refundable surprise trip he had booked for them across Europe. Harry was supposed to be moving on, not sightseeing with his ex. In hindsight, touring the continent with Louis was probably a bad idea. So naturally, that’s exactly what Harry did.

Or, the breakup travel fic featuring romantic sunsets, awkward bed sharing, and second chances against a backdrop of some of Europe’s most iconic cities.

✨ Wait For Me To Come Home by beautifully_cyan 

AU: Soulmates are found through photographs. When you take normal pictures with people who aren’t your soulmate, the picture is in full of color. When you take one with your soulmate, it’s black and white. Harry find’s out his “soulmate” has lied to him and realizes their photo was edited to be black and white. And that’s when Louis comes along..

✨ A Firm Believer and a Warm Receiver by objectlesson (10k) ABO

a few months ago, Louis had his first heat. It was no big deal, aside from it being awkward and weird and all the other things it was supposed to be. He figured he would present as an omega, so he wasn’t exactly surprised or anything.

But then, last week, Harry had his first heat, too.

Or, the omega/omega sleepover fic no one asked for but y'all really, really need.

✨ Oblivious by Speechless (19k)

“You say it’s nothing serious after you’ve been obsessing over it for months,” Liam observes, pausing their videogame. “But now you barely talk about it-”
“You guys fucking ignore me whenever I try!” Louis shouts, bumping his shoulder against Liam’s and hurting himself in the process.
“You’re postponing sex, when it’s obvious that Luke’s up for it at this point.” Liam ignores him. “For some reason you’ve left Harry in the dark about it-”
“What?!” Louis snaps, banging his controller against the coffee table. “I have not!”
“And no matter how blatant it is, no matter how fucking ridiculous you both get when it comes to it-”
“Shut your hole.” Louis urges, pinching his thigh, as soon as Harry enters the room. “Shush.”

* Where Louis gets a little crush on Luke and for some reason Harry starts acting weird *

 ✨ Miss you by  @notasawrap (5k) ABO

“Sometimes,” Louis says in a low voice, after it has been very quiet and they have become still again, avoiding biting his lower lip, “I feel like you don’t want me around,” he trembles slightly. “As if I’m not enough.”

 Louis hates the sudden wave of insecurity (it’s not like it’s the first time he feels that way, but it’s not the best time actually), how vulnerable he sounds. He hates to have brought the subject afloat and how weak he seems, but it is the truth and he is really tired of keeping it to himself.

 Harry doesn’t say anything immediately, but his grip tightens around Louis’ waist and his body tenses.

 or Lately Harry has been busy at work and Louis just want his alpha to take care of him. 

✨ Always Fearless in Love by @angelichl (7k)

Harry Styles is the international popstar who refuses to remove his lipstick just minutes before a live performance.

Louis Tomlinson is the tragic intern stuck with the job of wiping it off.

Chaos ensues.

Lunary Love by @angelichl (6k)

Louis overhears his neighbor crying in the shower, and decides to check up on him to make sure he’s okay.

Sweet Creature by rosesatellites (5k)

Louis wakes up with Harry, they make love while the rain creates a soft sound in the background.

・:*:・ Please if you give a read to these fics, leave a nice comment and/or a kudo, I’m sure it’ll be appreciated! Thank you! ・:*:・

Don’t hesitate to ask me fic recs!

anonymous asked:

Prompts 3,10,13 with Harry Styles

  • Prompt 10: The doors to hell are open for your arrival
  • Prompt 13: Why did you fucking lie to me?!

Originally posted by stylesinthewild

My phone has been bleeping non stop for the past hour! It’s only 12 in the morning and I’ve had little sleep due to my phone going off every second.

I hated the fact that it was old and didn’t work properly and my new phone wasn’t coming for another day or two.

So I open my phone, giving into the twitter fans of Harry’s and sure enough there’s a few nice pictures of Harry kissing a girl from this party he went to tonight.

Why am I so stupid?! Red flags should’ve warned me when he literally stated that I shouldn’t wait up for him!


5 hours later and the news only worsened, fans started posting Harry with dozens of other girls in the span of 11 months. A loud bang echoed through the empty house after I throw my phone at the bathroom wall.

My phone’s screen shattering and tiles cracking. I couldn’t care less. My boyfriend’s been cheating on me for 11 months with multiple girls!

The audacity of this man!

“Hey baby.” My boyfriend, Harry Styles, greets.

“Don’t you dare ‘hey baby’ me again!” I exclaim coldly.

“What have I done?”

“YOU FUCKING CHEATED ON ME!” I screech, Harry lowers his head. “Why? Have I done something that upset you for 11 months?” He stayed silent, “Fucking say something.” He still says nothing. “Harry?”

“I was drunk!” Harry yells.

“Every time? Some of those times you were in a park, hand holding and being all cute. No where near alcohol!” One question that started burning through my mind slips out. “Do you no longer love me?”

Harry stares, he stares right into my eyes and shakes his head slightly. “So your way of telling me is by sleeping with and dating women? For 11 months?!” Anger boils inside me, “The doors to hell are open for your arrival.” Normally I’d say it as a joke but now I meant it, he’s an ass and he deserves to know it.

“So what, you’re breaking up with me for a mistake?”

“Mistake? Is that what you’re calling an 11 month affair with half a dozen women? A mistake?”

I pull myself away from the chair I am sitting on and start collecting my belongings. “Harry please leave and let me collect my things in peace.” Harry nods and I hear the front door close behind him.


A few stray tears escape my eyes before I’m packing with a clouded vision and echoes of my sobs. How could he do this to me? After a 3 year relationship and a 12 year friendship, I meant nothing to him!?

Knowing that Louis’s in town I quickly shove my last box into the car and drive to Louis’. “Y/N?” Louis asks.

“Harry’s been cheating on me. Mind if I stay here?” I ask the man before me.

“Of course.” Louis says and gestures for me to come in. “How long?”

“11 months, I found out today by the fans.” I reply.

“Peppermint tea?”

“You remembered?” Dumbfounded that my second best friend remembers my comfort drink.

“How could I forget, I helped you through the last break up.” I laugh a little by the memory of Louis helping me get over my douche of an ex.

“I thought Harry was the one. He made me feel special but to turn around and do what he did …”

I trailed off just as Louis’ phone goes off. He shows me the caller ID and it almost gave me a heart attack. “Harry, don’t bother.” Louis says into the phone but I snatch it away.

“Why did you fucking lie to me?!” I demand.

“So I didn’t hurt you.” Harry replies, I scoff and hand up the phone and hand it back to Louis.

“Room with me until you find another place. I’m sure it’ll be okay.” Louis says as I start sobbing into his shoulder. I sure hope everything will be okay.

3000 seguidores!!! 🎊🎉

Wn despues de tanto tiempo, tantos capitulos y comentarios de ustedes, llegue por fin a 3000 seguidores en tumblr 😭

Gracias a todos los que se han dado el tiempo de leer, comentar, recomendar, o simplemente dar like a los caps para leerlos despues y nunca los leen 😂 gracias por darme la oportunidad de contarles esta pequeñita historia escrita con tanto cariño 🤗

Espero se queden hasta el final en dos semanas mas si ❤️

Los amo ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

To be honest I was waiting for Liam to pull Louis back from hugging one of the contestants and saying “Louis really man stop trying to flirt with everyone, it’s not cool what would Harry think”

I’ve officially lost my mind