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Lady Inquisitor Wealhtheow Andromeda Final Ink.

Ok everyone my wrist took a beating here with this, but I’m still gonna type out a quick backstory on here for this lady for those of you who, you know, take the time to read such things.


Skin- Deep hazelnut

Hair-Pure White

Eyes- Ice Blue

Height- 6′7

Born on the Feral Wold of Grennz 7, classified by the Imperium merely as planet 378590-7, Lady Andromeda was born the middle daughter of 3 children.

Grennz 7′s human population had devolved over the passage of millennia since the planet’s loss of contact with Terra during Old Night, and was equated to be on the developmental level similar to that of the Cro-Magnon of primordial earth. The tribes of the world where heavily built and of tall stature, the better to deal with the harsh, near death world conditions of much of their planet.

Initially the planet was simply kept in orbital observance by the imperium through out much of the 32nd through 39th millenniums and used a labor and military recruitment world. However, towards the mid point of M40, a disaster struck the Grennz system when sudden warp storms tore through the region, obliterating most of the imperial observation platforms and depots, as well as inflicting the danger of a mass psyker awakening in the plant’s population.

It would be several hundred years before the Imperium was able to re-establish contact with the system, and in that time the tribes of Grennz 7 had fallen into a planet wide civil war, brought about by the sudden awakening of latent psykers within their population. Many of the superstitious tribes of the world worshiped a primitive ideal of the God emperor, seeing him as the god of knowledge, lighting and of warriors, and waged constant war against those tribes who began to succumb to the foul unrestrained taint of warp sorcery.

Andromeda’s family was not spared the horror of the conflicts, and  by the time imperial forces manged to make the surface of the planet, intent on preserving as much of the world’s population as possible due to their use as heavy labor workers and indoctrinated soldiers, her extended family had perished in the wars.

The final blow came when her own father, long attempting to hide his own sudden powers became possessed by a malicious warp entity and proceeded to slaughter her mother and two siblings in front of her. Andromeda’s life was saved by the intervention of the elite imperial stormtroopers under the command of Inquisitor Lord Orebarion, who gunned down her father’s warping body with a consecrated bolter until it was a red smear across the ground in front of her.

Taken along with many other tribesmen and women who had come into contact with the warp based powers of their people, Andromeda was incarcerated in a Inquisitorial holding facility for nigh on 2 years, to insure no lingering taint afflicted her. After this time, the young girl was released for penitent duty to the ordos. During her indentured servitude, she displayed a curious hard backed notion of faith in the imperial creed, and a near unquenchable hatred towards psykers and those who used the power of the warp.

The young woman also achieved a quick grasp of basic Gothic, as well as the life of a surf in service to the ordos. It wasn’t long before the very man who had saved her took notice of the woman’s potential. Inquisitor Orebarion had her released from her debt of servitude, and raised to Acolyte status in his retinue. 

For the next ten years Andromeda served her lord with a zeal that outmatched that of most other acolytes. Obtaining the title of inquisitor herself after she and her master successfully tracked down and eliminated a coven of heretic psykers within a notable highborn collage located on sprawling hive world.

On the death of her Lord, Andromeda was given the title of Lady and Orebarion’s place within the Ordo Malleus. 

Some years later, She was gifted with an Agis of Terminator armor by the Mechanicus artificer adepts of a liberated forge installation on the distant moon of Krellson 8. Due to her inherent strength and sizable built, Andromeda had herself surgically implanted with cybernetic augments and import channels through her nervous system which allowed her to sync and wear the massive warplate as easily as an average human would wear any other armor.

Her hammer, a venerable Nemesis Daemon hammer, once carried by her master Orebarion is named Doom Slayer. Her armor also houses a small reliquary that contains the skulls of her mother and two siblings.

Well there we go. The first commission I have asked for Rhea. And I am still so speechless how beautiful this turned out. @kf1n3: thank you for doing this for me. Thank you to already agree on a second one for me. I love your style. And I can’t tell you with any words how much this thing means to me. This is 1000% Rhea, even more than the Rhea in game. You actually “developed” her for me, I described you how I imagined her and she actually turned out way better than I imagined her. *hehe* Please never stop drawing. And for anyone around here: go and follow this lovely sweet being with her more than lovely OCs (I mean really look at the boys!) and if you can afford it commission her. Really. Send her your love. She deserves it so much.

Well and after she sent me the sketch I was that much in love that I even wrote a few lines for the scene. I am no writer at all and no native english speaker, so sorry upfront, this is far away from good. Nevertheless for anyone who might want to know what exactly is shown up there ;)

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Sleep Walking
The Feral Lady
Sleep Walking

Something very little because I’ve been too tired to post any content of worth lately. Here’s a short Solavellan thing about Lavellan not being able to sleep because Mr. Dread Wolf always haunts her dreams, and she wonders, she knows, she’s in his dreams too…

Also this is mostly for my beautiful gf @kawaiideathcult because I’ve been dreaming about her lately and i miss her, and I’m wondering if she dreams about me too. 

(also album art is not mine, as usual.)

  • Bonding over a mutual love of learning and snark to cover the rising feeling that neither of them have any idea what they’re doing
  • Dorian feeding her lines when she’s trying to flirt with her love interest
  • Bookclub in the library where they unironically love the hell out of Swords and Shields. They give Cole dramatic readings.
  • A mage who’s never had to fight before learning from Dorian because “you might as well learn from the best. And that’s me. I’m the best.”
  • The Inquisitor defending Dorian from anyone who even looks like they’re going to talk smack about him
  • A rogue or warrior planning combos to take advantage of the literal firepower Dorian can bring to bear
  • Judging other people together
  • The Inquisitor slowly realises how lonely Dorian is
  • Sitting in the dusty, forgotten library next to the kitchens together, because it’s warm and food is close at hand, even if the spiderwebs make Dorian sneeze
  • The Inquisitor noticing that there is something going on with Bull and Dorian and dragging them both everywhere because he deserves to be happy, dammit
  • Dorian being completely hopeless at relationships because flirting is easy and risk-free but putting himself out there and asking for more is terrifying and risky
  • Bull waking up at 2am to find the Inquisitor has locked the door so they can have an If You Ever Hurt Him conversation
  • (he will never speak of what transpired, but he came out of his rooms white as a sheet)
  • The Inquisitor coming home to Skyhold after a day wading through Fallow Mire or baking in the Hissing Wastes to find Dorian waiting at the gates with her favourite drink and all the juicy gossip
  • Dorian abruptly refusing to enthuse about magic with Solas anymore after he breaks up with a Lavellan Inquisitor
  • The Inquisitor pretending to be exasperated by Dorian’s seemingly endless list of complaints he has about the south in general and whatever place they happen to be specifically
  • (she’s really not)
  • Both of them flirting shamelessly because it’s fun
  • Dorian always listening attentively when the Inquisitor finds something magically unique, because she “always finds the strangest things”
  • The Inquisitor feeling so happy she could sing when she sees how Dorian has been adopted by the Chargers (if she’s an elf, Dorian claims she definitely made that Ghoul’s Beard grow with her humming. He might even be right)
  • Dorian and the Inquisitor having each other’s backs … even when he goes back to Tevinter
  • (If those talking crystals had minutes, they would both be paupers)

Somebody (I can’t remember who) was curious to see Solas flirting with Vivienne like courtiers. It turns out, it is amazing.

Also, when Sera asks Solas, “Are you the baddie?” soda went right through my nose. I love this playthrough.

Things that I LOVE about Dragon Age Inquisition fandom:

- Basically, we all agree that Cullen’d be a GREAT DAD. So, Commander of Our Hearts, take this bunch of children!

- The badass ladies Inquisitors can be totally feminine and enchanting, wearing pretty clothes, flowers crowns and smiles. We are warriors, but also women.

- Dorian is our best friend.

- We are open minded: we love mages, but Ser Barris and Knight - Captain Rylen too (plus, Lysette).

- We all agree with Cullen: Orlesians suck (Michel De Chevin is the exception who confirmes the rule).

- Josephine is our Disney Princess.

- Cassandra is a precious cinnamon roll warrior princess.

- What the hell is happen to Leliana?!

- The inventory in the game is always too little for all our crap things.

- The bigger are the Qunari Inquisitors, the softer they are.

-The smaller are the Elven Inquisitors, the badasser they are.

- Mods are good. Generally. At least, our Inquisitors won’t make Vivienne disapproving after seeing our canonical haristyles and/or pajamas.

- Stroud is a dead moustache.

- Our fan artists are amazing.

- Our fan writers are amazing.

- Probably, if the Fear Demon in the Fade could try to scare us, he would say “No more Dragon Age for you!”.

She met him in the night
Growling with her jaws open wide
Kissed him like a hunter she cried, “Oh! How the Dread Wolf took me!”
Clawed her way through his chest
Ripped out his lungs. He’ll never breathe again.

Oh, the Shepherdess never cried wolf for he was one of her sheep.

Thanks to @the-feral-lady I was able to craft a new outfit for my Lavellan based on my Dread Wolf mask/concept for Solas with some inspiring music alongside it. (I like both literal and symbolic representations of the Dread Wolf, lol. The post I am referring to for the mask idea I made a few months ago is here.)

My vision of my Lavellan is always one partially intimidatng and imposing and yet also kind and gentle. Here I was able to showcase her might and strength, I feel. Also, since my Lavellan is considered, in many ways, the “Dread Wolf’s heart” I thought red was fitting. c’:

I love this song, thank you for tagging me in it @the-feral-lady! T___T ~♥♥ I don’t deserve such kindness. If you haven’t heard the song yet made by her then check it out here called Wolf Hunt.

My wintersend gift for Omoidaseru. It was a pleasure drawing this! And fun trying out an art/fic exchange out for the first time!

Prompt: Introspective on Vivienne’s friendship with the Inquisitor; also Vivienne’s rise to power. Basically, all about Vivienne being a badass and letting everyone know it.

Wintersend 2017 Collection -

cullen romance in a nutshell

> cullen and inquiz talking srs things after haven.

cullen: *is cute*

inquisitor: *accidentally spills feelings* 

cullen: *looks the other way* *hums awkwardly* *pretends not to notice*


> inquiz having enough of dat booty chase.

inquisitor: I was wondering if we could talk? Alone?

cullen: Alone?

cullen: *sweats nervously*

cullen: *prepares speech*

cullen: *spritzes mouth*

cullen: *arranges hair perfectly*

cullen: *clears throat*

cullen: IT’S A NICE DAY.

I commissioned @mauvaise-reputation for artwork with my dear Ellana and Blackwall, and I can’t stop flailing and getting giddy whenever I see it! They both just look so content, and it makes me so happy to have artwork which I can look at of them just being happy.

If you get the chance, I’d highly recommend commissioning @mauvaise-reputation​. Anna’s art is amazing, and she was absolutely wonderful to work with. :)

One of Cullen’s favorite intimate things to do is undress the Inquisitor. Not necessarily for the end result of seeing her naked, although that’s nice too, but because he enjoys the intimacy, the ritual, of it. He enjoys stripping away layers and layers of metal or leather or cloth, untying straps and unclasping buckles, and watching the woman he loves slowly emerge from under the mantle of the Inquisitor. He loves the way a soft sigh leaves her body as the heaviness of it all falls to the ground, the way her usually rigid posture lessens just a little as she allows herself to lean against him. 

He loves pressing little kisses in unexpected places as he undresses her–the curve of her naked shoulder, the palm of her hand, in the bend of her knee, against the small of her back. Little reminders that more than just armor and death and blood can touch her skin, that she’s still soft and delicate to him–that it’s okay for her to be those things. 

He enjoys the ritual of taking care of her, of doing these little things for her, the woman who has taken care of and saved him so many time before. Who continues to save not just him, but the entire world. 

It’s his way of saying he loves her, without ever speaking.