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Hi everyone this is my first Follow forever, i should done this a long time ago, but i was too lazy , anyways i just hit a milestone, and i couldn’t be more happy , It’s been amazing this years i been able to meet people here, and i feel i’m more in touch with my shawol family ,Thank you everyone for making this years so wonderful , i feel so good been here , i just do ,THANK YOU



























OMG so i reached my 1st goal of 500 followers and  that’s like….. mind blowing for me. my next goal is 1k!  thank you so much to everyone who follows me, i see you guys doing your thing. this blog has been around for a while but im so happy where i am right now! as a little thank you thank you, i’ll do a follower forever! excuse my poor editing skills lmao, but credit to the stickers goes to this  line page. 

the ones in BOLD are my mutuals, and the ones with a  ♥️ next to them are my faves. i dont talk to many of you, but i sure would like too!

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hi! its time for my third follow forever! i follow the best people ever and you all make my day so much brighter^^ also, mutuals, i love you guys so much,, you’re all so sweet and nice thanks for being my friend<333

thank you for being great!




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fluffyber fyjjong geebom goomiho gwiboon-ah happyshawol herewegobebe insignificantchoiminho j-ngkey jamong-is-fine jcngkey jink-ee jinki-and-his-bitches jinki-bunny jinkiminkiki jinklypuff jjongprince jjongrose jjongs-key jong-bum jonghyungry jonghyunnie-ssi jonghyunnyhoney juneswhisper 


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The other day, my blog hit 700 followers! I know, it's not a 
giant deal, but due to the fact that ehhh, I'm bored, I haven't done this yet, and that I want to show some of my favorite
blogs on here, I decided to finally do some work and make myfirst follow
First though, I figured I'd put some cheesy foreword or something:
Before I joined tumblr last October, I was just kind of... I don't
know -bored with everything I guess? I didn't have too many
friends with the same interests or anything, so I only felt really comfortable and happy with one or two of them... But when I
joined tumblr, I learned that really, I wasn't that odd, and I
even made some really good friends on here! Also, I've
learned so much from everyone on here about understanding other people and stuff like that. So, as I much as I may say
that I hate tumblr or how it's a waste of time, I'm still happy I ended up joining and getting to know some of you. Also, even though I don't know anything about a lot of you, I seem to
have memorized a lot of your URLs, so... I guess that
just shows how much I enjoy all of your all's posts!
Well, enough of that nasty, cliche crap.
Italics - Ultimate Faves
Bold - Friend
1in1k-today 5hawol allhailthepenguinking asiaobsessedjess 
baekkummie blingmints boomboompowpew closetblinger
dubuhyunnie dubuluvr dubuwaffle dream-guuurl effelunt
fandomruck flamingmin frostyjjong fuckingjjonghyun
gaarawantcookie hotjapanesebutts ilovemyblueworld
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soojunqa spawnofsataem squishybummie symptoms-ee tae-baby
taekey taemeow taemajesty taepyoo taetastic taetasticc taohunmania
the-artist-alliance the-lesser-penises-of-shinee themilliontherin
tostaeda turn-over-onew-leaf unbiaseddotcom
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hi guys! so i recently reached 500 followers, and i just wanted to say thank you so much, i honestly can’t believe i have this many. i started out last year with like 18, so this is a really big and wonderful surprise. i appreciate each and every one of you! to show my gratitude, and also to thank my personal favorite blogs, i decided to do my first follow forever in order to celebrate! thanks for following me, and of course, thank you for loving park bom ♥. 

key: mutuals, favorite blog or person,  ♥ indicates extra favorite/friend, (so sorry if i accidentally missed any mutuals!!) 

2ne1n, 2ne1x, 89ner

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Hey um can you rec me some jjong biased blogs?? (or maybe just shinee in general bc my dash has a lot of exo and i want more shinee on it) ^^

sure bb^^^

jonghyunar jonghyungry jong-bum jonghyuniverse jonqhyun flightmate jjongbling jjongsta jjongosaurusrex jacksonsbigwang jonghyuneritis fleckle flamingpuppy frostyjjong the-artist-alliance sleepyheaded k-poppy dinobummie dinoholic tokkibummie tokkipup mrkimm jjongosaurus jjongrose jjongs-key blingerish bitchjonghyun dinoholic dino-hyung jjongplant koreanttaelighted

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key-goon keyvictim jjongie-pongie jjongs-key kwibom kimkibottom kwibom​ kibum-san kiboombastic keynesis key-is-my-wife-k keys-yeobo keykoro forkkkey keytomybum herewegobebe bumkis bumblekey delikey gwiboon-ah goomiho happyshawol hosijak jcngkey keybangskeychubumkeygasmickibum-shikibvmskimkibooblordkey

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mintyramen leetaes leetaememe  taemisu taerection taemeow jongkittae taemajesty taetastic jinkmin sluttyramen shawollet taesace aegyv leestaemin taeminsdicksuckinglips taeminmyass kkochmeu taebabys taeminniedream shineewantsthed doushitae jongmint lee-taemington leenamja bronzebun taemsuga

SORRY if i got your bias wrong/forgot you, and you can also check out my blogroll bb

so recently, I’ve hit a target number of followers and!!! it’s also almost my 2nd year on tumblr (it will be this coming july? august? november? I’m sorry I can’t remember when my blog was established omfg I’m ashamed of myself byE) but yeah! I decided to make one of these huehuehuehue

I have a lot to thank all of you for, and a follow forever is definitely not enough, but I just wanted to tell you all how much I love you!! To be able to see all these lovely people who brighten up my life and dash, to have people to comfort me when I’m upset or stressed, to have my loveliest friends who listen to me rant and screech about korean men with new hairstyles, to know that there will always be people for me to rely on and just to have a huge family here to return to, it’s truly a blessing! :-) I’m just so happy to have been able to cross paths with all of you here and thank you so much for following me, tolerating my rubbish and swearing in the tags and always always being there for me no matter what. All of you deserve a giant hug and cuddle from me!! (not that you will want it) I am always grateful to you all!!

I’m sorry this is so massive, I just don’t know when I’ll hit another milestone and being in a ff feels fab and I want all of you to feel fab so I tried to squeeze everyone in but if I missed you out I’m sorry I haven’t done anything like this before :-( and it was only until I decided to do a ff that I realised how many cool people I follow omfg

to the lovely people that i have talked to for a short while, I haven’t forgotten you guys!!! idk what happened but let’s start talking again okay? ily all so much hehe

and for the swaggie people who followed my new got7 sideblog (flyingmarks), thank you so much!! it really means a lot to me :’)

*just a small sidenote that my previous url was dorklikeabuffalo! {so you don’t think a creep is tagging you}

Bold are for my bffs, unnies and sisters! (I tried the hover for a message thingy idk if it works oops) Italics are for my senpais huehue I have a lot bc how do they even

the bunch of urls at the bottom are the blogs I follow on both my main blog and sideblog {bc I wanted got7 on my dash but they got too much for me and I just had to create a sideblog hence the overlap} and they are all my senpais huehuehue

edit credits to my bae and fave deskie (who tumblrs with me) regina hehehehe ilysm look forward to your chocolate milk soon <3


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it’s been a while since I last made a special post for both my followers as well as friends and the people I admire. The reason why I have decided to talk to everyone is because I am going on a long-term hiatus. Despite the fact I have put a lot of work and feelings into this blog, I feel it is the best thing since I will begin my university experience in October (yay, I’m gonna be a vet ♡ ) and I want to entirely focus on my studies.

However, I will probably go online about once a week to message my friends and put some posts on queues for all of the following blogs

  • seoulene = my personal blog that means a lot to me
  • tuaned = my got7 blog which can still be considered a toddler
  • functiongirls- = f(x) blog I co-run and highly recommend to follow

Also, it was like a week ago when I reached over 3,400 followers. How ??? When ??? Those are the questions I keep asking myself. I am really thankful for enjoying my blog (and maybe sometimes its owner haha) and I am sorry to everyone who has been with me from the beginning.


Thank you so much for making my days brighter. As a part of the k-pop fandom I have met so many amazing people I would have never had the chance to meet if it wasn’t for this blog.

Here’s to everyone I follow and talked to:


*aka the best people I have ever met; just want you to know all of you are really precious to me ♡

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aka the blogs I really admire and which are a great source of inspiration ♡

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I just wanted to say thank you for those (almost) 2 years and I hope only good things happen to you ♡


Maria ♡


Hey coconut buns, I’m back with my 7th (??) follow forever because I just reached a super big milestone!! (much excitement) it has been a very long and fun year, between shinee’s comebacks, making new friends, and getting into new groups. I’m very grateful to be spending my first year with you sweeties, and i hope for an even happier future on this site.

Since this is a follow forever, I must thank my followers. Whether you are new to my blog or have been here since the beginning, this would’ve never been possible without you. Reading the messages you send me, and the tags you use when reblogging my posts really makes all of this worth it. Thank you for believing in me as a blogger and foremost as a person.

BOLD - Mutuals

ITALICS - Senpais (and wow your content is beautiful~)

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If I forgot someone please tell me (also if I biased you incorrectly) for all the cuties who follow me, you can look at my blogroll

It has been some time since my last follow forever and I will soon reach my 3k of cutie-patootie followers I have decided to create yet another post to express my feelings towards you guys. Despite the fact I am quite lousy at talking to you and even if I do I am the cheesiest person out there but I would like to say thank you to both all the people I have met here so far (you know who you are, ilu) and the people I have not yet talked to but their presence makes my dash (and usually mood a lot better).

Since I run an extremely multifandom blog, the list includes a variety of blogs. Feel free to follow and talk to any of them because they are all amazing!

A - D

acciomyungsoo  ahyoungies aigyu alwaysoshi amigonew antisulli anyja astrospace athaenas awesomaticrobotronic biteubi blondho bomminator borntobeast btobsmelody bumblekey celo-mar chodingdino choisullis cmblaq dewusional dohdoro dubuwaffle

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I am 100% sure I forgot about someone so here’s my blogroll for all the fantastic blogs I follow.



you guys i reached 2k followers and omg idek what to say, i love you all so much, and i’m so grateful for each and everyone of you. so i think it’s time to make a follow forever!! these are some of my favourite blogs (i love a lot of blogs) and if i’m forgetting anyone please forgive me ;; thank you all so much, specially to those who still stick around after my blog changed so much ♥

Bolded: mutuals

#: -girlgroup - -spica - 2ne1fanboying

A-F: ace-of-huns - accium - adrenatae - ahyounga - alex-vause-chapman - asofreakywife - bae-sica - banatree - bbangtheorybohyng - byhyeri - c4utopia - captainsojin - chenpanzee - choijungguk - choisooyoungvevo - daisyandpanda - dangerousfate - dastalli - dontyoufret-illfindmyway - dubuyu - ehyri - eonnified - eunjipeach - everyday-unnieday - fanymeow - femaleidol - femaleidols - femaleidolsnet - fuckinston - fuckyeah-sojin - futurehusbandofparkbom - fyeahgsd

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whyamiafool’s third follow forever
Seeing that this has been in my draft for ages, I thought it would be a good time to post it already. I was originally going to post it when I hit 300 followers but I have 299 now so, that’s good enough for me. ╮(─▽─)╭
No but seriously, why do you people even follow me? I don’t get it. Either way I’m very grateful that you all do; thank you so much!

To all of my followers and the people I follow:
Thank you for making me smile,
Thank you for being here,
Thank YOU!

Bold = mutuals
✿ = I love you/please notice me/I wish we could talk (more)

absolutehun // baekhyun-ah // ✿ baekhyunn-bits // baekhny // bakafirefly // ✿ banhsoo // blackbirdo1 // brbcrawlingtokorea // chai-soo // chentokki // closetblinger // closetmvp // cumbaek // ✿ cumgodkai // cutietae // ✿  damnitsehun // ✿ darkanoir // ✿ dazzlingkai // death-by-jongin // doderpface // ✿  doresque // eggsooo // exobabes // exodus-princess // exo-healing-unicorn-lay // exo-is-a-bias // exo-love-in-my-shineeworld // exoturnback 

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Despite having this blog for two years, it wasn’t until this year that I started talking to other people on here and making gifs and stuff. Also, a few months ago I reached a follower count I never thought would happen so thank you to everyone who follows me! I’ve met a lot of great people and really appreciate all the friends I’ve made on here. Below are the blogs that I love and who really make my dash nice to scroll through, whether it’s because they post amazing gifs/edits or just because they post groups/artists that I love. I really can't imagine not following you. Hope you all have a happy new year!

bolded and italicized are friends/people I’ve talked to a couple of times ♥♥♥

the ones with a ⭐ next to them were my fiestar secret santa buddies i had w/ my sideblog! ♥♥♥

# - G

@89ner / @alengthoftime / @ailee-is-queen / @ajustc / @anjaels / @b2st-nes / @bap-ftw / @bap-bts / @bapquality@bang-tan / @blockbapfap / @bomrilla / @boms-wings / @byeolji / @big-bangtans / @bigbnags / @browneyedglrls / @choiseunghnngh / @cheonjaes / @choikw / @clouds-of-bangtan / @cowboyseunghyun / @daeseungie / @daesungstrash / @definitelyincredible / @eunjiyas  / @edanzgarden / @eirianerisdar / @excelsix / @everything-korea / @femaleidols@girlsdaytv / @gyngchv / @gzbae / @gzbrin /

H - M

@hattiehargrove / @haruharubw / @haruppi / @hoesoks / @hunting-seungri / @hyosong / @ibmariji / @ilhoon / @j1nwoo / @jiminstrash / @jilocked / @jitaewon / @jitokkies / @jongupinmybed / @joshuahonq / @jungshans / @kaithereal / @kdramabbvip / @kimvampgyu / @knj / @koreanghetto / @kwibom / @kwon-jyong / @lhoe / @l-tm / @lilyfever  / @lalicemanobans / @letstalkaboutseungrispecs / @lim-kims / @mamamoo- / @minoswhore @mintyoongi / @memoriestomelodies / @monoka /

N - S

@nalizzy / @ohparkjimin / @officialyanghyunsuk / @oujiin / @ot9s / @parkbomsass / @parkijmin / @pdmin / @qaerin / @rapm-nster / @rookies- / @sanapai / @seoulbeast / @seungriseyno / @seugnri / @seungris / @seungribae / @seungrichan / @seungrifeels@seungripls / @seungri-yay / @sexy-tabi / @shamlessfangirlok / @seungsuka / @sexyboyvi / @sojines@strongbaeri / @sugatv / @suluism / @sunmiah /

T - Z

@taendelion / @taesthetic / @toit / @topmp4 / @wangjackseons / @witchwoohee / @wntersoldierr / @wooyoung / @wonhosoks / @wow-pandastic-baby/ @wu-fan / @xxxloveee / @yesung / @yghigh / @vousmiivoyez / @yg-drag / @yixingtv / @yooaboo / @yuu-jin / @yoongizus / @younqjae /


whyamiafool’s 2nd follow forever
When I was making my first follow forever, I never thought I would be making one this fast but yet here I am. After making the first one I promised myself I would be making another one when I was satisfied with my blog. It took me a while and I had my ups and downs but now I can say that I am proud of whyamiafool with confidence.
This is also another thank you to all of you; the blogs that I follow and ofcourse the wonderful people that follow me. Thank you once again for your support, for making me happy and for being here!

To start I would like to thank a special someone; baekhyunn-bits
I know we don’t talk a lot but when we do, it means so much to me. I do feel the need to apologize; I haven’t been talking to you lately and I’m sorry. I know I keep apologizing to you but I really mean it. There are times that I need space or feel like I’m annoying so I tend not to talk to anyone. Please don’t take it personally; you’re a wonderful person and you deserve so much more. Honestly, thank you for making me laugh, thank you for your effort and thank you for being here bae. It really means alot to me!

Secondly, to all of my followers and the people I follow:
Thank you for making me smile,
Thank you for being here,
Thank YOU!

baconips // baekhyun-ah // baekhyunn-bits // bakafirefly // banhsoo // buttkeyk // closetblinger // closetmvp // cumbaek // cutietae // darkanoir // dazzlingkai // death-by-jongin // doresque // eggsooo // everyone-loves-jinki // exobabes // exo-healing-unicorn-lay // exo-is-a-bias // exo-love-in-my-shineeworld // exolutely // exoturnback

fantaesies  // herewegobebe // intaexicated // jinki-and-his-bitches // jinkispineapple // jjagiyah // jjongrose // jjongmintk // jongtaes // jonginmotion // jonginsoo

kaibility // kaimint // kairamelo // keybummed // key-goon // keypur // keyvictim // kkaepsong-yehet-ohorat // krellysworld  // kwibom // leetaes // luhangoestohollywood // mintokkies // mintytaemin // mminseok // mrkimm // noxarcanax

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I feel like I miss like a million people, so if I did; I’m sorry!


OMG I reached 2k followers how is that even possible (well maybe some time ago, but i’m so lazy; also sorry for the crappy graphic)?? ?! ouo Well I obviously decided to do another follow forever :) 

Tumblr has been a great experience to me uwu (yet so addictive ouo) thanks to all this beautiful people:

bold - senpais ouo

♥ - my chingus! uwu

#, 1-9



all-about-dorks, amigonew, aquablur, asian-hoe, ask-puppyjjong, awesomaticrobotronicattackofthejjongasaur, blingerous, blue-e-e, bumiesworld, buttkeyk, chibibummie ♥, choikey


daenso ♥, darlingkey, delikey ♥, derponew ♥, dinobummie, dinoholic, dubuwaffle, forevershiningshinee


gluehasnolife, goomiho, herewegobebe ♥, hipthrust, iced-taem, isarangtae


jinki-bunny ♥, jinkispineapple, jjong-wifejjongie-pongie ♥, jjongler, jjongsta, jonghyunar, jonghyunismyhusband, jonghyuniverse ♥, jonghyuns-flat-ass ♥, jonginmyroom ♥, jongkeys-love-childjongmint, k-poppy, key-goon, keybummer, keybunnie, keydrianna ♥, keymotions, keyopda, keyvictim, kibum-eomma, kibvmmie, kimeunhwa, kimjongloser, kimkeylocket, kimkibottom ♥, kingblinger, kingleejinki, kwibom, laemint, lastkim, littlecutae, littleshinee, lordkey


minearebigger, mingmints, minhogay, minhomakesme, minhosnoona, minjinki, minjupmintaeyuu, mintyramen, monminho ♥, myfriendisafangirl ♥, nickie-chan, ohmilkey, on-ho 


perfectlilshits, petitchu, prettaer, princekibum


sarah-in-kpopland, sarantae, scythelliot ♥, seokkey ♥, shawolsswing ♥, shineeislove, shineemoon, shineepineeshinee, shineesque, shineewantsthed, shiningseason ♥, shorthyun, silverjonghyun, supemacky, taelliseu, taemalice, taemchou, taemeow, taeminmyass, taemisu, taemout, taeramisu, taetans, thefireismine, theshadowlights, tmntyn ♥, tokkeys, tokki-teeth, tokkipup ♥, tskyes, twominshipperforever


whatsernaomi, wtfjonghyun, xxshiningheartxx, yourgaysenpai

Thank you guys :) 

I’m sorry if I forgot someone! Anyway you can check my blogroll here ;)

Hi everyone! I’ve recently hit 500 followers for my blog!

Wow, I honestly have no idea what to say because I didn’t think I would get this many followers. Even though I’ve been going through a rough time with my life, just seeing people enjoying my edits or even keeping up with my blog in general also talking with some you guys really makes me happy like I really want to cry because you guys are really amazing! All in all. for the ones who’ve been with me since the beginning or the ones who followed me recently, thank you so much for being with me! (Also my inbox is open if any of you want to talk with me, I would love to get to know my followers more!) 

Of course, without these amazing blogs that I’m listing here, I would not enjoy Tumblr as much. Without further ado, here’s my very first follow forever (sorry if I misspell urls or forgot to mention some because of my terrible memory):

(Bold are mutuals)

0kamii | alenkosbioticbooty | amixmizuno | asahinabrothers | a-sakuras | blackqull | caerberus | datamarluxia | datsaofangirldoe | delaynez | escarletes | estearisa | femaleidol | femaleidols | fudayk | fulllbusters | fuyus | gainsboroug | glitterberry | hanae-ichihara | hikaritsu | hyruliah | judarw | juhzou | justnosense | kairisheart | kairyn | kaizoku-niiichan | karukocchi | keiko-chan | kibikinoakatsuki kiyaasarin | kommaru | komories | kurokucchi | kurummi | kuurashita | kwibom | limitforms | luuchans | magistera | mikkaelas | mizuneru | mmatsuokah | mnotoneprincess | mokacheer | morgianafanaliss | namikazes | nannaseharunaruseis | nhiai93 pinklightstick | pkthunders | preciousghoul | redthreadoflove | refleja | semezukas | sexpai | shukiyamaz | skyphoi | ssousuke | the-whitebambi | watashi-akuma | xercis | yosics | youkas | yukihisas | zetsueen


Well hello! Okay I know i do follow forevers once a month but its actually because I get bored easily and when any of my friends do a follow forever (*cough* salma *cough*) I get inspired and I wanna do my own as well and because you all are so aw and i’m so ew. I told Salma I wanted to do another one and she was like “you did one a month ago” well i don’t care OTL. Also I reached a incredible amount of followers so quickly and this is my way to thank you all, you are all cuties.

Okay so first of all a huge shout out to these people for making my life better and for being my best friends (there might or might not have something written if u hover over the links):

the one that showed me chad future • the one that likes jongup a lot • the one that has a boner for jonghyun • the ajhumma dinosaur unnie one • the one that draws good • the one from brazil who likes rap monster • the one i’m married to • the one that speaks japanese and calls me noona • the one i see every saturday with swag hair •

OKAY so I’d also like to give a massive shout out to these following blogs who make my dash a happy place:

Bold - senpai

(no particular order because I’m lazy)

keychubum • kwibom nipplesxoxo • herewegobebe • jjongs-key • key-goon • keybunnie • keybummer • oncloud-onew • tmntyn • jongkittaetaeminsdicksuckinglips • minjup • feathersfloat • wookey-s / shineesque • dinobummie • alenkoed • johaboyeo • keyolo • kimjonghyunsucks • jonghyunar • jong-bum • theshineelover • shawolastic • k-poppy • fantaesies • perfectlilshits • shinees-back • miracleminho-shi • goomiho • thaenes • taeflakes • jonghyuns-flat-ass • z-co • kittybummie flamingpuppy • tokkichiataemajesty • keyvictim • keyonces • bumkis squishybummie • frostyjonghyun • kaimik • blindingsmile • need-i-remind-you • minsugahs • kingleejinki • bonamanana • jonghyuneritis • pbminho • baby-mino • minhotimes • naekibum • qriseu • lovermin •

OKAY I’m sorry if I forgot anyone, and I’m sorry I do this too much and I know this is getting boring I promise I’ll try to stop. Anyway, thank you all so much for following me and supporting me and all that, I love all of you a lot and I hope you have a wonderful day/night/morning/life.

love always, somni :)