by korean minoz

Unexpected Meeting

Chapter 2

Summary: You couldn’t imagine that you would see your favorite actor on your holiday trip and on top of it don’t recognize him.

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Who: Lee Min Ho x Reader

Word count: ~ 1,1K

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While washing your hands you thought about the situation. Opening the door you saw this handsome, non-gentlemanly boy who calls himself an actor. He looked at you and blocked your way.

One thought was running through your brain, ‘I think I might have hurt his pride.’

He looked at you with a not really amused gaze.

Y/N: What do you want? Have I said something wrong? Let me go through.

You saw how he was thinking about what to do next. After one minute of staring, he let you through. Finally you can go back to your best friend, in the economy class.

However before passing him, he was pushing you with his shoulder. Now you had a bad feeling ‘cause if you turn around and confront him with your bad mouth, it would be a disaster. Causing your tongue to stay still and ignoring the push, you went your way without looking back.

After arriving at your place you were thinking about the last minutes. Blue noticed it.

Blue: Hey, what’s going on. You were pondering for a while.

You told her the whole story and she was brooding over this mysterious, handsome and non-gentlemanly boy. She knows, you’re really bad with faces and names, although you know some actors.

Y/N: Maybe I see some poster of him and can show you. I think, I never forget his face again. When I think about him. It’s making me furious.

Blue: Oh, it has to be a very handsome boy, making you so furious about him.

Y/N: Can we talk about somthing else?

Blue smiled at you, but knew it would be the best to change the topic and ask you again later. ‘Although she was right, this Asian is someone who makes you loose your mind and no boy has ever accomplished such a situation.’


The airplane was landing in Tokyo, Haneda airport and you both were too excited to remember the incident in the airplane. Going down the stairs and feeling the Japanese breeze, you felt like you were in a other world.

‘Spring Time and Japan, there is nothing that can trouble our upcoming time in this beautiful nation.’

Arriving in the hall of the airport where you can get your luggage, you were waiting in hopes your bags will be arriving quickly, so your adventure can start.

As luck would have it, you saw him again. Him. This handsome, non-gentlemanly Asian. Yet he was covering is face with a mask but since this incident, you would recognize him everywhere, because he was such a annoying person.

Y/N: Blue. Turn around, but slowly. The man with his face covered, do you know who he is? It’s the guy I met in the business class

Blue: O. M. G. Do you know who he is?

Y/N: Mhh, I thought I have told you that I have no clue, that’s why I asked you.

Blue: You talked with Lee Min Ho. The actor of The Heirs, City Hunter and Boys over Flower.

Y/N: It doesn’t ring a bell.

Blue: Come on Y/N. I know you watched mostly all of his dramas and movies.

Y/N: Let me think for a while.

Looking at him, followed by his manager, some paparazzi and fans, you had really no clue who it might be.


It became a habit when you were brooding very hard, that you have to do something with your hands. So you put them in your pockets of your bomber jacket.

You felt something. Something like a banknote. You were happy that you find some money in your pocket again, like everytime, but to all disappointment it was only a paper. Before throwing it into the trash can, you unfolded it, ‘cause every time you were finding a note, there will be a funny story written. However this time, it wasn’t your writing. Realizing it, you were curious and read it.

Hey cheeky girl.

Cause you don’t know me, I’m a bit interested in you. I have a fan meeting at 7 pm tomorrow. Want to show up?

When you show this paper at the entrance, you will get to the VIPs. Hope to see you.


P.S.: You can bring someone along, if you want.

You read it over and over again and then showed it to Blue. Blue was shocked in the first moment, but then she was happy and was jumping around that we can go to the fanmeeting of Lee Min Ho.

You were like a frozen ice. You couldn’t believe it. ‘Why would someone do that? And when was the paper wandering in your pocket? It doesn’t get in your mind.’ You got your luggage still paralyzed from this little paper. You hated it, that such an note can get you so much out of control. Blue still happy about this paper was leading the way, not realizing that you are shocked and paralyzed at the same time, saying nothing.

You were happy that a celebrity is asking you to come to a fanmeeting, but at the same moment you realized, who Lee Min Ho is. One of your favorite actors.


Seven months ago

Watching City Hunter a fourth time with Blue.

You told her how cool, handsome Lee Min Hoo is and that you wanted to meet him. Blue was not so confident about it, but you thought, hope is all you have. On the other side you know, how bad you are with faces and names, but you recognized Lee Min Hoo in every picture, so you thought it wouldn’t be a problem for you.

Blue were doubting that you would recognize a celebrity on the street cause they wear casual looks, sunglasses, masks and other things to cover their identity. You already had problems with your teachers and you saw them everyday in school, but on the street? You would be stuck without Blue.

You remembered your conversation from seven months ago. Laughing out loud, you were watched by a lot of people which passed you, but you were not making fuss about it.

Blue: Hey, Y/N. What’s up? I want to laugh, too.

Y/N: Do you remember our chat from seven months ago that I don’t recognize my favorite actors and singers on the street. I thought about that and had to laugh.

Now you were laughing both about your silliness.


Arriving at your Hotel you unpacked everything and wanted to go out to eat. Blue and you were thinking about Ramen.

After 10 minutes you found a shop near your hotel. You ordered two bowls and couldn’t imagine it but they were awesome. You never tasted such nice and wonderful Ramen.

Fulling your stomach, you were thinking about what you will be doing tomorrow. You were clueless. Blue was suggesting to go shopping tomorrow before the fanmeeting will start. You have to buy some wonderful and sexy dresses to let Lee Min Ho never forget about you.

I hoped you liked the second chapter and that you will look forward to the next part. I’m still a newcomer in writing fanfic😅, so please leave some comments.