by kc

auston said that being able to help out those kids is the same feeling raising a cup can feel like and u know that he means it 100%. he’s at sickkids more often than any other athlete in toronto and he’s not even from here, with minimal publicity or warning at all. and that’s the type of person that is the face of the leafs. we’re really so fucking lucky he’s ours.

  • <p> <b>ramsay:</b> *hurts sansa*<p/><b>jon:</b> *kill bill sirens*<p/><b>littlefinger:</b> *loves sansa*<p/><b>jon:</b> *kill bill sirens*<p/><b>tyrion:</b> *jokes about sansa*<p/><b>jon:</b> *kill bill sirens*<p/><b>theon:</b> *asks about sansa*<p/><b>jon:</b> *kill bill sirens*<p/><b>any dude:</b> *mentions sansa*<p/><b>jon:</b> *kill bill sirens*<p/></p>

head canon: King Dice CHOSE to work in the Devil’s Casino ( no contract needed, guess he liked working at casinos - he’s a god damn dice for fucks sake what do you expect)       he looks up to the devil and brags about being the devil’s right hand man ( he even included it in his theme song)   

the devil and him also like doing evil but goofy ass stuff to other people like pranks and stuff uwu