by kc

My new lifestyle
  • Me: I'll start living a new lifestyle
  • Friend: Yeah... What? Love and Peace?
  • Me: Nope! Mare Barrow lifestyle
  • Friend: WTF is "Mare Barrow lifestyle"?
  • Me: It's from a book. The principal sentence is "Who’s in charge? I need to know who to ignore.”
  • Friend: *Waits a moment* *Takes a deep breath* Well, I don't know her but I'm in this too.

anonymous asked:

Hopefully after Caroline helps and klaus figure a way to destroy the hallow and reunite with his family . They can figure out how to be together

This deadass made me emotional, and you barely said anything. Idk, just the thought, and I’m a goner. Phewww, I’m trash for those two, truly.

Well... Not a surprise
  • Mare: *to Cameron* Me or Farley?
  • Cam: Farley
  • Mare: Me or Shade?
  • Cam: Shade
  • Mare: REALLY?! Ok, me or Maven?
  • Cam: Cal
  • Mare: What?! Cal isn't an option! How could you don't choose me?
  • Cam: Because I don't like neither of you, but I do like Cal, so I choose him.
  • Cal: *smiling*
  • Mare: Stop smiling or I'll break your teeth!