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When you’re that bad bitch who deals with harassers, haters and rude people all day everyday but you still coming back because you don’t give a fuck about those people. Katie Cassidy did that😊.

Imma just rub that in the face of her delusional antis.


I think the older I get, the more I listen to my gut and my instincts. I had to sort of let go, and I do think that’s what people want to see when it comes to a performance. It’s like when you’re watching a trapeze artist and they’re swinging from one bar to the other and there’s that moment of them in the air when they let go before they catch the next bar. That’s the moment that people want to see. It’s the same with acting: Those are those incredible moments that hopefully get captured.

Some RQ Characters as Classroom Stereotypes
  • Maven: that kid that chews gum with his mouth open so that he can keep smiling at the girls but really, it's just annoying
  • Evangeline: that person that tells you to "stop breathing so loudly"
  • Cameron: the person that everybody asks, "are you on your period?" constantly.

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136: “You had a nightmare, tell me what it was about so I can fix it.”

I kinda really like this one!! Hopefully so do you <3 On FF 

Also, If you want me to do one!

Let Me Fix It

Caroline was turning, and rolling and squirming, and that Klaus could deal with, but he couldn’t deal with a whimpering, distressed one. Hugging her tight he kissed her damp forehead and whispered gently, “Love, you’re having a nightmare. It’s just a nightmare. Caroline, sweetheart, wake up.”, still kissing her hair between his soft words.

Mewling she slowly opened her eyes. Hugging him back with all her strength, she choked, “K-Klaus…you’re here.”

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For drabble challenge... 118 pretty please!

118: “Your favorite superhero can’t be a villain.”

Wow holy shit, this sucks, I’m so sorry lol I hope you still like it though *cries* On FF

Also, If you want me to do one! 

Important Discussions

“The Joker.” he said smugly.

“Klaus, I asked you who was your favorite superhero, not your favorite supervillain.”

“Of all the movies and tv shows you’ve made me watch,” Klaus said purposefully staring at Caroline, “he was the only one I enjoyed and could understand.”

“Your favorite superhero can’t be a villain! And of course you connected with the psychopath…” Caroline sighed, throwing her hands up in defeat.

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New idea for a witches curse: You can only speak in phrases a dumb white guy would say.

Hi = ‘hey beautiful, why dont you smile more? someone could fall in love with your smile ;)’

how are you = “how are you doing? were you missing me? ;;)" 

lets hang out = “lets steal a walmart shopping cart and ride it down a hill like its a sled for a video”


If there’s such a thing as peace, I will find it!

The Hero of Jiraiya’s Novel, Naruto 

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drabble challenge: 103 for Klaroline

103: “Sharing is caring. Now give me your fries.”

Short and sweet…i think lol On FF.

Also, If you want me to do one!

What’s Yours Is Mine, What’s Mine Is Mine!

“Sweetheart, stop looking at me like a hungry lioness.”

Covering his hand with hers and looking deeply into his eyes, Caroline declared, “Klaus, I love you and I care about you, which is why I’m saying this, if you touch my fries again I will have to cut off your hands.”

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why do people still have a hard time grasping like… even if it’s fictional, it has impact in the real world. step out of your fandom comfort zone and see how “ships” and supporting certain media influences things in the real world. i have seen and read so many cases with abusive people using abusive ships to groom unsuspecting ppl. normalizing adult/child ships gives pedophiles a fallback for their unhealthy attraction to minors. i’m not spewing fiction! this shit happens!