by katy


My favorite tweets from today pt. 2 (sad that I have to make another one of these in the first place. First it was the bathrooms and now this.)

A Lesson in Influence

Caption: “Can you believe we’re getting ot3 supereigncorp in season 3? Amaze.”

Caption: “The tension during the sdcc interviews is literally ridiculous. Melissa better sleep with one eye open.”

Caption: “Odette legit thinks that Melissa’s answer is the dumbest thing on this planet”

Reality, 2 seconds later:

Manipulating footage to fit an emotion is what tumblr creators do best, and it’s why non-canon ships sail so well. We can do a lot with a little.

But don’t rely on it in reading real people’s real emotions, because tumblr creators can and will manipulate the way it looks in order to fit their agenda. 

Sometimes that agenda is positive and fun, sometimes it’s negative, malicious. Opinions of which is which will vary. 

But if you want the truth of an interaction, look at the footage yourself, clear of the expectations people put in your mind for what is happening, because your perception of reality is more easily influenced than you think.

Lena brings the Reign on Supergirl Writers
  • SG Writers Room: Okay, so we're agreed that we're writing off Sanvers for no valid reason whatsoever and want to somehow focus on Mon El more even though he won't be there, but the LGBT backlash is going to be big, so what can do to queerbait them and keep them around instead?
  • Katie, bursting through the ceiling: How about you not queerbait like decent human beings and let Lena love a woman?
  • SG Writers: For the last time Katie, we're not making Supercorp happen! I thought the song we wrote and paid Jeremy to sing at SDCC made that quite clear.
  • Katie: ...I wasn't talking about Supercorp, asshats. Let Lena get together with Reign.
  • SG Writers: *laughs* Well, I must say...that's a nice change of pace from the Supercorp ringer you've been putting us through, but you can't just volunteer Odet-
  • Odette, bursting through the door: WOULD YOU LET HER FINISH?!?!