by katie


The zombie thing is a bitch. Your world shrivels down to a dot. You know this. All you think about is how to get your next meal, and keeping your secret. And no one can really…know you. But then one day I see this. Beautiful woman. She’s the only thing in color. Odd cause she’s so pale.
ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ And then suddenly there’s  h o p e  again.

In this strange alternate universe where Karina isn’t here anymore, I anchor our 4x8. I’m not even our fastest leg, usually. And I’m always scared out of my mind before the gun goes off because, as anchor, I’m left to battle it out with the best runners around.

The only reason I can overcome that fear is because of the three other talented, hilarious, dreamers who are counting on me to do my best. Plus, this guy right here, who’s been my biggest fan since day 1 - he’s a tall, goofy dweeb with bad jokes and big plans for us.

Give it all for the team. Live and die for the team.