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Emilie Livingston for Stance. Shot at Cirque School.

My love for Cary Grant knows no bounds. None. None at all whatsoever. 

[His] experience on stage as a stilt walker, acrobat, juggler, and mime taught him “phenomenal physical grace and exquisite comic timing” and the value of teamwork, skills which would benefit him in Hollywood.[8]

Okay, yup. Forever. Love. The End.

Here he is with Katharine Hepburn on the set of ‘Holiday’ (1938)

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A friend tweeted this at me today. It’s stunning. Enjoy!

PS. Russian bar is so dope.

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Branca and Tom were training on corde lisse for 95% of the showcase rehearsals on two separate routines - Branca with a solo routine and Tom with his corde lisse partner, Stepka, who performed together in the last showcase as well. Sadly, Stepka had an injury the last week before the show; over-working herself, I’m sure, as we all do. Thankfully, Branca was able to step in at the last minute, allowing Tom’s hard work not to go to waste. Two brave souls here, threw together quite a captivating routine, you would never have known it!

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We are neck deep in rehearsals right now — our shows are this weekend!!! — so our posts and mentalities are a bit, uh, only thinking about that and nothing else this week, eh?
Just wanted to share some instagrams I took from rehearsals, make-up tests, costume possibilities, et al. Followers in the showcase, got anymore we can share?? Send ‘em our way! Show me whatchu got! 

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Cirque du Soleil at the Oscars!


Aerial Straps performed by Ivan Zubkevych