by karina

anonymous asked:

I really wish that fanfic writers would stop writing readers as damsels in distress. A woman doesn't need a man to break free of an abusive relationship you know? You could have written the same story and let her be her own hero.

So I got this ask a while back and I actually thought about deleting it cause it kinda hurt me someone would get my series so wrong. 

Jensen is not Y/N’s knight in shinning armour in Living with Regrets which I assume you are refering too. He is one piece that added to her starting to make different choices. 

I got a bunch of backstory to Y/N’s past and to her past with Jensen that I haven’t yet shared with you, but Michael was not the only bad relationship she has been in. He was the worst but not the only one. 

I don’t see Jensen as the hero of the story. Not the only one anyway. If there is one true hero it is Becca. She is the person that put Y/N on the path to make healthy choices for herself. If it hadn’t been for Becca being born who knows what kind of life Y/N would have gone on to lead. 

I am sorry you saw her as someone that needed saving. To me the story was more her path to a happy life. Jensen was part of that life but he wasn’t her savior by any means. 

Living with Regrets