by juna

Wow, before I could even introduce my new Poke-partner, she evolves against my will (Ok technically it’s my fault cuz I just kept playing and playing without drawing xDDD..and pressing B for some reason did not work)

Anyway here’s something I chalked up quickly as a sort of character study.

Say hello to Juna the Dartrix <3 She’s got a quick temper. As a Rowlett, when teased by my other Pokemon, she didn’t exactly take it well and would sometimes lash out. But she was a precious little birb and very very affectionate…and I spoiled her way too much.

Now that she’s a Dartrix, I’m a little concerned. Apparently it’s during this stage that Dartrix go through some sort of Pokemon puberty. She’s still a sweetie, brave and kind to most, but if you mess with her hair..well expect a bunch of quills to get to stuck on your clothes. She’s just a tad shy and can be a bit air-headed, but she knows how to be courageous when she has to be. She does have a strong sense of justice (and a strong sense of fashion). Sometimes she even gives fashion lessons to Pokemon and humans alike, which weirds me out sometimes.

Physically, her larger leaf is wavier and has a slight notch on it which bugs her to no end, and her bow tie looks more like a ribbon thanks to two tiny leaf primordia/leaflets at the center.

Trivia: It took me a whole hour just to figure out what to name her. I had to ask a friend for help.

K, mut for real onks suomella mitään hienoi (t)urbaanilegendoi?? Kun joillain USA:lla ja japanil on kaikki mothmanit, slendermanit, mitkä lienee jänisdildot ja japanil kuolleita muijia vessoissa ja juna-asemilla jotka tappaa sut jos et oo saanu kokeesta hyvää numeroa?
Kuvittelen et suomen turbaanilegendat on semmosta settii mis kävelet Puotilan metroaseman päästä päähän kolme kertaa ja kolmannella kerralla juot kossu pullon ykkösel alas niin seuraavalla metrolla tulee kusen hajuinen Väinämöinen ruoskimaan sua vihdalla perseelle ja voit häätää sen heittämällä salmiakkia sen silmille.


My cats all wearing their new Marvel superhero themes collars! (You can’t see any of Juna’s because his fur ate everything but the charm but oh well lol.) Anyway! The Incredible Hulk for Loki, Deadpool for Pluto (the most drama queen photo which I find hilarious), Iron Man for Juna, Black Widow for Kali and Hawkeye for Dion. You can read my reasons for the the choices HERE if you’re curious. ♥

I think my fav of all these pics is the Loki one because his eyes are EXACTLY Hulk!green and it looks like he’s about to Hulk out or something I love it. XD;