by joyfuls

it’s not fair by albino_yeti

Relationship: Keith/Lance
Rating: General
Word Count: 3018
Main tags: Angst, Angst with a Happy Ending, Love Confessions, Pining, Mutual Pining, references to past abuse, Trust Issues, Anxiety, Anxiety Attacks

Summary:  Keith falls for Lance, but his brain won’t let him do shit about it.

“Love is patient.”

“Love is understanding.”

“Love is joyful.”

“Love is trust.”

“Love is kind.”

“Love is everything.”

That’s what people like to tell you. That love never hurts. That love never fades. That love is only ever a positive, and can never be bad.

But they’re wrong. They’re so fucking wrong.

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Disney is a marvelous lullaby for the suffering and unfortunate, the oppressed and deprived. For those who are shackled by hours of work and regulated moments of rest, by a mathematical precision of time, whose lives are graphed by cent and dollar[,] … those who are forever at the mercy of a pitiless procession of laws, not of their own making, laws that divide up the soul, feelings, thoughts[.] … Disney’s films are a revolt against partitioning and legislating, against spiritual stagnation and greyness. But the revolt is lyrical. The revolt is a daydream. Fruitless and lacking consequences. These aren’t those daydreams which, accumulating, give birth to action and realize the dream. They are the [ones] you escape to, like other worlds where everything is different, where you’re free … just as nature itself seemed to [be] in the joyful ages of its coming into being, when she herself invented curiosities worthy of Disney[.]
—  Sergei Eisenstein

Viktor had always thought that home was where one lived, where one’s house was. He had thought that it was the place where you went to lay down your head after a tiring day, where you kept all your belongings. Home was just a place and didn’t really hold any other meaning other than that. 

But then he began to realize how wrong he was the moment he met Yuuri Katsuki. 

It wasn’t until he came along that he could finally identify the warm feeling that he got in his chest when he was surrounded by the people he loved. It wasn’t until he appeared that Viktor could finally see why he got so joyful whenever he spoke to those he held close or went out in the evenings with the people who genuinely made him happy. It wasn’t until he was curled up around Yuuri underneath the early morning sun, staring down at the man who had changed his life with that one night, that he realized what home finally meant. 

Home wasn’t where you stored your things, where you lived or slept. 

Home was where you felt comfortable and warm, it was where you were surrounded by the people that you called your family. 

Viktor had only found home trice in his life and the first time was when he had joined the national figure skating team. That was when he stumbled across Yurio, Mila, Georgi and Yakov. Even if all of them didn’t see eye to eye, he felt like he truly belonged there and that he had found his true passion, what he knew that he really wanted to do. 

The second time was when he held Makkachin in his arms for the first time. The way he had blinked up at Viktor with wide brown eyes and panting happily before nuzzling against his neck. That felt like home more than anything else as he cradled Makkachin close and vowed to never let go. 

The third time was when he found Yuuri Katsuki which lead him onto a journey he had never expected. He had been accepted into his family, had made friends with his friends and went through so much that it made him dizzy. There was laughter, tears, victories and a love that blossomed out something so pure and raw. The moment that Yuuri smiled at him, that brilliant and soft smile that filled Viktor with a warmth that he had never felt, he knew that he had finally found home, his home was complete. 

In the early mornings and late nights, when him and Yuuri are settling for another night’s sleep, Yuuri would always ask if he was alright. 

Viktor would smile and press a sweet kiss against a softly laughing Yuuri’s forehead. 

“I’m more than alright, I’m home.”

And he was. 

I just feel really happy and joyful today, even though it was a pretty average day, all things considered. I think the warm weather and the fresh air, being ahead on my homework, and getting great data from my survey all contributed, but it’s just nice feeling so buoyant and cheerful. :)

cw: death, depression, sex

i’m truly struggling to find anything concrete to look forward to that is enough to distract me from this

on february 1st i woke up feeling joyful and hopeful about finally choosing to be with women

i was finally ready to seek out women actively

ten days later my life changed irrevocably

and now: now, i cannot think about kissing anyone who isn’t him because then he will no longer be the last person i kissed

and sex? ha! are you kidding? even masturbation is fraught now for the first time in over a decade

famchester  asked:

fuck ive sent you like three asks already but i seriously cannot express how much you mean to me. like i just really fucking love your work. and you. your writing makes me feel all like idk joyful ig. and i stalk ur work whenever im down bc it makes me feel better. i dont want anything to happen to you bc you mean a lot to me. honestly. youre like a puppy that must be protected at all costs lmao. no but fr. ily

Okay, but this is the sweetest damn message. Thank you so much, friend! XOXO

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Hi Emma!!! So I was reading your translation about mafumafu cooking some jellies and DAWWWW HE'S SO CUTE THERE LIKE A HAPPY CHILD THAT GOT AN ICE CREAM AWWWWW \\(≥o≤)//

Hi anon!! :D I know right!!!! Isn’t he so cute when he’s happy like that?? The joyful giggles over something like making edible Slimes… it warms my heart and brings a smile to my face :’) :’) :’)


happy birthday, tosh! @ekubou