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hello! did u guys get my ask with the link to the video of jimin's speech in korean in são paulo? i'm not trying to rush you into translating or anything, but sometimes tumblr doesn't send my asks... have a good day ^^

We did receive it~ Sorry it took a while to get back to you. I was caught up with final exams. Christie translated it today though^^ [orig video]

Brazil! Everyone, I don’t know if you’ll be able to understand this, but I’ll say this in Korean. While doing our tour, I feel that having you all on the opposite side of the stage made this a very joyful and fun time. I think this was a very memorable concert and I’d like to say thank you all for sharing this with me and I love you! I love you (he says this in Brazilian Portuguese).
[T/N: The middle part of the second to last sentence might be slightly off cause it’s hard to hear him.]

Trans cr: Christie @ allforbts
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Sidon and his s/o wedding day? :3

Dude, super cute picture!

-Mod Pinks

Wedding day (Sidon)

  • Much like in the case of Mipha and Link’s wedding (if they ever did have the chance to have one), the wedding is full of colorful banners and brightness.
    • The only difference is that s/o might bring in their own culture’s wedding traditions, resulting in a wedding that represents the union of both
  • Sidon grins from ear to ear when he sees his partner coming down the aisle
    • And yes, there are some tears in his eyes
  • The second they are declared a couple, the air is filled with flower petals as the people throw them into the air to cheer
  • The festivities that night are long and joyful, and everyone is dancing and so very happy. 
  • A very happy fun night for the couple lies ahead

I feel super joyful about being blessed with Islam. This deen is such a beautiful escape from this dunya and has allowed us to feel a tranquility not felt elsewhere. All thanks and praise is to Allāh alone. ❤


happy birthday, tosh! @ekubou