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Happy Thanksgiving, ‘Murica. Let’s enjoy a moment with a president we can respect- Josiah Bartlet.

anchoredsims  asked:

Josiah, what is your favorite extracurricular activities? ;)

Sterling ;) But I’m sure that’s not what you meant! I’m not the jock my brothers are. I’m much quieter & more reserved. I prefer to read or draw. I do surf sometimes. My favorite thing to do is painting though. I don’t know, I love it though. I can get lost when I paint & before I realize it, hours have passed. My dad Jude has always done art on the side & I enjoyed watching him when I was a kid. There’s nothing like watching a brush cross a canvas to create something beautiful. Gah.. I’m rambling now. I hope that’s what you were asking for though :3

Thanks for asking!!!

Lights On (split audio)
Shawn Mendes
Lights On (split audio)

darlin’ i wanna see every inch of you

left ear is the live version, right ear is the studio version!

USE HEADPHONES FOR BEST RESULTS (ps i’m a bitch so only the edit is mine)

sex draculas
Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy
sex draculas

yahoo answers user vicki asks: could someone pretty please write a vampire story please? start in a dark forest at midnight and there is a girl named elena who gets hypnotized and bitten by a vampire named josiah. i want eye contact hypnosis please!

mbmbam episode 228: sex draculas, aka, the boys write erotic vampire fiction


i was going through some old work from a few years ago and found this cover i did for the adventure time comics when i was in school!  (almost 4 years ago now, and this was before there was actually a lemongrab castle that was actually a big lemongrab) I don’t think it was ever used but I had a lot of fun making it