by josephine

You Understand, Right? (Part 5): And Broken Hearts

Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader

Length: 1665+ words

TW: Nothing in this chapter!

A/N: I’ve been considering writing a sister chapter to this one in Y/N’s perspective, but I’m not sure if I have time. Plus, you guys are getting so many fics from me this month lol… We’ll see. I’m pretty swamped with other stuff so I make no promises… Hahaha get it?… Yea, I’m lame.  

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Dean didn’t follow her, too shocked at her words. He sat down on the edge of his bed thinking about what in the world would make her say such things. He just stared at the floor of his room. Her words ringing inside his brain as he tried to make sense of it. Of everything.

“I understand, Dean.”

“You and Sam need each other… But you don’t need me.”

“I’ve lost count of the promises you’ve broken.”

“What the hell?” he mumbled, massaging his temple. “What is she talking about?”

Dean remembered making only two promises to her in his lifetime. He promised to take care of her, and be there for her. This was the promise he made with everyone he ever cared about. Anyone who knew Dean knew that he would always be there for them when they needed help.

He knew from a young age not to make promises he couldn’t make. John lectured him for hours after he once promised a kid that they would save his mom. They lost the mom to the werewolf. His dad was livid- not only because they lost another life, but because he had given this kid hope. Ever since then, Dean didn’t make promises he couldn’t keep. And he was sure that Y/N knew he would never break a promise if he could help it. Not that she’s ever asked him to make any promises. There were only two cases where she had asked him to promise her something.

“Dean, look! I got a part in the play!” Y/N said excitedly, showing him the piece of paper with her name on it.

“Yea?” He peered over, flashing her a proud grin. “Good job, squirt!”

“You’re gonna come see it, right?”

“Of course!” He ruffled her hair before going back to his homework.


“Promise,” he said, not even looking up from his math problem.

Dean swallowed thickly as he realized that he didn’t show up to her play, choosing to attend Sam’s spelling bee instead.

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theearlgrey  asked:

Hiya. If its possible could you do the DA:I companions and advisors reacting to an Inquisitor who had family die during the Chantry explosion in Kirkwall?

Varric will feel like he’s partially to blame for it… he was there, after all. He should have known what Anders was planning. He’ll offer his shoulder anytime they need it.

Cassandra will do her best to try and cheer them up whenever the Inquisitor would remember their family. That’ll usually include badmouthing Anders, and probably hitting something, but she’ll do her best.

Sera can understand, she didn’t have a mom or dad, but she can understand loss. She’ll try and make them feel better when the sadness overtook them. She’ll play some pranks and try to get a smile on that glum face.

Cole would feel the hurt, reach out and pull the strings to untangle the pain. He would ask questions if he was more human. “what were they like?” He had heard from Varric that sometimes talking it out helps get the feelings sorted out. He hopes he’s doing it right.

Leliana is probably the most sympathetic of all. She had friends at that chantry. To see a mage destroy it just because the grand cleric didn’t anything to stop the already crumbling city from falling apart? It boiled her blood, so she gave her all when it came to comforting the heartbroken Inquisitor.

Cullen will act similarly. He hated Anders, what he did was incredibly stupid. He’ll comfort the Inquisitor the best way he can. He’ll suggest walking the battlements, or going with him to train troops. It’s what he does when the world gets too heavy for him, so he hopes it works for them, too.

Vivienne will talk to the Inquisitor about the good times they had with their family before Anders. She’d remind them that they were free of this war Plagued world, hopefully with the maker.

Solas will lend a warm shoulder to cry on when the feelings from before hit the Inquisitor hard. He’d offer kind words, and ask if they didn’t want to be alone that night. Anything to see them smile again. Anything.

Josephine will offer to do favors for the Inquisitor in mourning. She’ll show up to their quarters with comforting gifts she’d think they’d like, like food and clothes and soap and whatnot. She may not be able to understand fully what they are going though, but she’ll do all she can to help them.

Dorian will do his best to help them laugh, and forget for even a few minutes. He’ll pish-posh about something ridiculous he had seen/heard (mainly about solas) making his best attempt at distracting them from how they’re feeling. He understand well how hard it is to shake off despair.

Blackwall (with their consent) would hold them close, embrace them and rub their back, allowing them to cry into his chest. He’s not so good with words as some others may be. He’s much more felt, and he’s hoping that holding them, soothing them, will do something to help their healing.

Likewise with Bull. He understands loss, and despite not having an actual family like the Inquisitor, he has lost many friends that were as close to family as their parents were to them. He’d hold them until they’ve stopped crying, asking the Inquisitor if they wanted to be alone, or wanted a warm night sleep in his arms. He wouldn’t try anything, except for comfort.

anonymous asked:

Martha Jones and Jo Grant for the character asks?

Martha Jones answered here

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life 

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality: it has to be her unwavering loyalty to and love for the Doctor, she stuck up for her, and coming in second is her escape artist tendencies, what a babe

worst quality: she definitely didn’t think too highly of herself, she thought she was dumb and she wasn’t remotely, it’s just that she hung out with a stuffy arrogant alien genius

ship them with: Three (queerplatonic, mostly), literally any given member of UNIT bc UNIT Dating Controversy, Sarah Jane

brotp them with: Three (queerplatonic), the Brig, the soldier boys, the Master, Sarah Jane

needs to stay away from: anyone who thinks she’s stupid or lame she’s wonderful and Three would punch anyone who said she sucked bye

misc. thoughts: seriously Jo Grant is just a precious sunshine darling who deserves to be protected, and she went on to become a protesting travelling hippie political activist, what an icon